Start of diet and weight gain: is this normal?

Are you starting a slimming diet? Are you surprised to see weight gain despite your diet ? There is nothing too worrying, it is a phenomenon that is normal for some people. Here are the explanations.

Diet and weight gain
To lose weight quickly and well, a slimquick keto private diet is often the most popular way . However, at the beginning of a drastic diet, the body is totally cut off from its habits.

He then begins to store everything that is consumed by putting himself in “reserve” mode . During the first days, it is therefore very likely that the diet is the opposite of what it is supposed to prove, and weight gain can be noted. As the diet is carefully followed, weight loss will be observed.

The effects of diet on nutrition
Drastic diets still have effects on nutrition. The risks of deficiencies are intensely high . Highly unbalanced diets that only recommend the consumption of protein or fiber are highly unbalanced and can be very bad for health.

This type of cure should be followed for a very short time, at most for 5 days to avoid serious deficiencies for the body. In order to lose weight properly, a balanced diet must be followed that meets the needs of the organization.

How to lose weight naturally
If you want to lose weight quickly, a good sport activity is the answer to your needs. Registering for a gym will be very beneficial and you will see results from the first week.

If you lack motivation for an intense and tiring sport, diet is the ideal solution for you . However, it will be necessary to follow a healthy and balanced menu so that your nutritional needs are well respected: proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, it will be necessary to take a little bit of everything to lose weight easily and quickly.

Some tips and tricks for a successful diet
To lose weight effectively, you must follow basic rules. The first is to avoid nibbling between meals . To succeed this step, it will be necessary to avoid skipping meals, especially breakfast, so that the body retains all the nutrients that will help it to spend the day.

It is also necessary to remove soft drinks , alcohol and beer from its diet, because these are drinks that cause weight gain. It will focus on lean meat and vegetables.

As for the fruits, they will also have to be eaten in moderation since they contain a certain dose of carbohydrate and fructose which are not advised too much during a diet. 2 to 3 fruits a day will be sufficient.

There are many adequate solutions to lose weight, but these few lines are the main rules to respect for not gaining weight during the first days.

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