What sports do you have during pregnancy when you have sciatica?

Baby grows up and sciatica problems too! A bad for a good. However, know that it is possible to relieve sciatica during pregnancy, through the practice of physical activity, such as daily stretching exercises, or swimming.

This will help soothe back pains, which usually are not due to the nerve, but to the vertebrae blocked by the pelvic tension and the tight ligaments of the uterus.

Pregnancy and sciatica what to do?
Aside from physiotherapy and / or osteopathy sessions, there are other solutions to relieve back pain when you are pregnant , such as practicing sports, which will bring you many benefits.

In addition, be aware that by practicing nutrix slim keto physical activity, you strengthen the muscle tone of your back , it will be less fragile and therefore you will relieve your vertebrae.

In addition, you are strongly recommended to swim, focusing on the practice of backstroke . And if you’re not a fanatic of swimming, you can opt for water aerobics.

The aquagym is used to strengthen the muscles, through gym exercises in the water , which are much easier and easier to perform in the room. And with the great advantage of strengthening the respiratory capacity, and therefore to prepare you best for childbirth.

Exercises for sciatica
By getting in the habit of stretching yourself regularly, you will reduce the symptoms of sciatica . Here is the detailed explanation of a typical exercise, simple to do at home.

If you suffer from a left leg ache (feeling of tightness or blockage):

Sit on the floor, then stretch your right leg (not painful) and bend the other.
Pass your left foot over your right knee so that your foot is at your knee (right side).
Using your arm, hold your foot in this position, then try to (gently) take your left knee toward the ground (right).
Above all do not force, at this stage you will feel a sensation of pain in the buttock and back of the thigh, it is the muscles that pull.
Also, do not hesitate to practice the exercise of the back round several times during the day in times of crisis, which can be done standing or on all fours.

Finally, to maintain your health, it is essential to adopt good daily habits, which will thus reduce the negative effects on your body:

Do not carry heavy loads.
If you have to bend down, lower yourself with your back straight while bending your knees.
Sitting on a chair or chair, always keep your back straight and avoid crossing your legs.
Finally, at rest and lying down, do not hesitate to lift your feet.
Good habits, which will facilitate your last months!

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