The skipping rope: an ideal sport to strengthen the glutes

Tired of your buttocks a little too soft, the orange peel that gradually installs on your rear, your silhouette that thickens over time! And if to tone your glutes , you fall back to childhood?

Chick! With the jump rope, it’s quite possible. Only a few minutes each day and a rudimentary equipment (ie a simple skipping rope) are enough to obtain visible results in a few weeks. The skipping rope will become your new slimming ally.

The skipping rope: visible benefits on the buttocks and the whole body
The skipping rope is the ideal physical activity if you dream of harmoniously refine your silhouette, to strengthen your slimquick keto glutes , without gaining too much volume. This is to target efforts, because the challenge here is to firm, tone and shaping your muscles, so they remain lanky and they do not grow too much either.

The idea is not to look like a weightlifter.

Excellent for strengthening your back, but also the calves, thighs, shoulders, abs and to gain back, skipping rope is a very good cardiovascular exercise .

It develops heart rate, breathing capacity, endurance, body balance and promotes blood circulation, thus facilitating the loss of cellulite and making the skin firmer and smoother.

How to practice the skipping rope to strengthen your buttocks?
The first thing to know about this physical activity is that it is very intense at the cardio and therefore very short. Your training program should not exceed 15 minutes (5 minutes for a beginner) and you can vary the jumps to avoid a certain weariness.

By tucking your belly and contracting your abs , you have to jump with both feet together for every 1 minute. Take a 30-second recovery time, then start a one-minute session again if you want to change the exercise .

All jumps must be done on tiptoe so as to optimize the work of the glutes .

You can jump on 1 foot (twice the right foot then twice the left foot, and so on); hopping; by making slits; going up the knees; or by bringing back the heels to the buttocks. This last exercise is ideal to work well the targeted muscles.

In any case, it is important that the jump rhythm remains continuous and that the rotation frequency is the same throughout the training program .

An activity that makes you lose more calories
Sport full and very popular with top athletes (we all in mind the image of boxers jumping rope to get muscle ), skipping rope can also regulate weight. A 15 minute workout program is considered to lose up to 250 calories.

To renew at any time of the day, as slimquick keto¬†soon as you have a free moment. You will not be able to say “I do not have time to play sports”! Come on, no more fake excuses and we’ll do it!

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