Transmission of Nerve Impulses

Transmission of Nerve Impulses

The transmission of a nerve impulse along a neuron from one end to the other occurs as a result of electrical changes across the membrane of the neuron. The membrane of an unstimulated neuron is polarized—that is, there is a difference in electrical charge between the outside and inside of the membrane. The inside is negative with respect to the outside.

Polarization is established by maintaining an excess of sodium ions (Na +) on the outside and an excess of potassium ions (K +) on the inside. A certain amount of Na + and K + is always leaking across the membrane through leakage channels, but Na +/K + pumps in the membrane actively restore the ions to the appropriate side.

The main contribution to the resting membrane potential (a polarized nerve) is the difference in permeability of the resting membrane to potassium ions versus sodium ions. The resting membrane is much more permeable to potassium ions than to sodium ions resulting in slightly more net potassium ion diffusion (from the inside of the neuron to the outside) than sodium ion diffusion (from the outside of the neuron to the inside) causing the slight difference in polarity right along the membrane of the axon.

Other ions, such as large, negatively charged proteins and nucleic acids, reside within the cell. It is these large, negatively charged ions that contribute to the overall negative charge on the inside of the cell membrane as compared to the outside.

In addition to crossing the membrane through leakage channels, ions may cross through gated channels. Gated channels open in response to neurotransmitters, changes in membrane potential, or other stimuli.

Resting potential. The resting potential describes the unstimulated, polarized state of a neuron (at about –70 millivolts).
Graded potential. A graded potential is a change in the resting potential of the plasma membrane in the response to a stimulus. A graded potential occurs when the stimulus causes Na + or K + gated channels to open. If Na + channels open, positive sodium ions enter, and the membrane depolarizes (becomes more positive). If the stimulus opens K + channels, then positive potassium ions exit across the membrane and the membranehyperpolarizes (becomes more negative). A graded potential is a local event that does not travel far from its origin. Graded potentials occur in cell bodies and dendrites. Light, heat, mechanical pressure, and chemicals, such as neurotransmitters, are examples of stimuli that may generate a graded potential (depending upon the neuron).
Figure 1.Events that characterize the transmission of a nerve impulse.

Action potential. Unlike a graded potential, an action potential is capable of traveling long distances. If a depolarizing graded potential is sufficiently large, Na + channels in the trigger zone open. In response, Na + on the outside of the membrane becomes depolarized (as in a graded potential). If the stimulus is strong enough—that is, if it is above a certain threshold level—additional Na + gates open, increasing the flow of Na + even more, causing an action potential, or complete depolarization (from –70 to about +30 millivolts). This in turn stimulates neighboring Na + gates, farther down the axon, to open. In this manner, the action potential travels down the length of the axon as opened Na + gates stimulate neighboring Na + gates to open. The action potential is an all‐or‐nothing event: When the stimulus fails to produce depolarization that exceeds the threshold value, no action potential results, but when threshold potential is exceeded, complete depolarization occurs.
Repolarization. In response to the inflow of Na +, K + channels open, this time allowing K + on the inside to rush out of the cell. The movement of K + out of the cell causes repolarization by restoring the original membrane polarization. Unlike the resting potential, however, in repolarization the K + are on the outside and the Na + are on the inside. Soon after the K + gates open, the Na + gates close.
Hyperpolarization. By the time the K + channels close, more K + have moved out of the cell than is actually necessary to establish the original polarized potential. Thus, the membrane becomes hyperpolarized (about –80 millivolts).
Refractory period. With the passage of the action potential, the cell membrane is in an unusual state of affairs. The membrane is polarized, but the Na + and K + are on the wrong sides of the membrane. During this refractory period, the axon will not respond to a new stimulus. To reestablish the original distribution of these ions, the Na + and K + are returned to their resting potential location by Na +/K + pumps in the cell membrane.

Is Getting A Headache After The Eclipse A Sign Of Something More Serious? 

Is Getting A Headache After The Eclipse A Sign Of Something More Serious? 

If you’ve just wrapped up your solar eclipse experience, it’s possible that you might have a little headache. Is getting a headache after eclipse a sign of somethin more serious? Star Sign Style reported that having physical symptoms before, during, and after an eclipse is totally normal. In fact, you might experience everything from headaches and fatigue to vivid dreams, sleepwalking, flu-like symptoms, and sensitivity to electronic devices.

If you followed a safe eclipse protocol — wearing NASA, ISO certified solar eclipse glasses, or other approved eclipse viewer — and now you have a headache, that’s totally normal after spending time staring into the sun. I felt a little nauseous after witnessing the eclipse, and even though I know this is normal as someone who suffers from migraines, I panicked a little and began to doubt my eclipse glasses — even though I tested them to make sure they weren’t knock offs.

“increased sun sensitivity may trigger a headache, so minimize exposure to sunlight and sun lamps and wear sunscreen,” the website Sinus Wars noted. “Too much exposure to the sun may predispose you to headaches. When you sit, work, or spend time in the sun, your head nerves and tissues change their mode, affecting the nerve endings causing pain on either sides or the front of the head.”

You might be thinking, I didn’t stare at the sun that long. While this is true, how often do you ever stare directly at the sun more more than a few seconds? Probably never. If you’re feeling unwell, it’s best todrink some water. Sun-sensitive people who venture outdoors between the peak hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. can get easily dehydrated, according to Sinus Wars.

Additionally, the Miami Headache Blog reported that flickering light from the sun can induce a headache. “The heat and light can become so intense that it can cause disruptions within the brain. If adequate measures are not taken in the form of protecting the eyes and shielding the head, the result can be a debilitating migraine.”

If you’ve never had a migraine, you’re probably just experiencing a regular headache, which while uncomfortable is not serious. If you’re not sure, the difference between a regular headache and a migraine, are pretty clear. Personally, the pain and nausea that come from a migraine make me feel like I want to throw up, and sometimes I do. Light feels like razors slicing my eyes, and even the slightest noise can make it feel like someone is repeatedly punching me in the back of the head. Kind of like this.

If this is what’s happening to you, you might need to see a doctor if the feeling doesn’t subside after taking over-the-counter medication, and lying down in a dark room with an ice pack on your head.

According to Cure Joy, head can also trigger tension headaches. If you spent several minutes with your face tilted upward toward the sun, which is not your normal posture, this could be what’s causing your “eclipse headache.”

“People prone to tension-type headaches, which are caused by stress, dehydration, skipping meals, or bright sunlight, may also be affected by summer heat, especially if any or several of these triggers are already present,” Cure Joy noted.

Additionally, theenergy of eclipse can itself make you feel ill. Star Sign Style wrote that feeling flu-like symptoms, including headaches, body aches, and fatigue, can be a result of the huge swath of cosmic energy you’ve just exposed yourself to. This is why it’s important to practice self care after an eclipse.

If you’re feeling a kind of pain you’ve never experienced before, or you viewed the eclipse without protective eyewear, and now feel ill — it’s best to err on the side of safety and check in with a doctor. You can even contact one via an app.


Healthy nervous system can equal good metabolism

What I am about to say, I am saying with compassion and a deep sense of being hopeful that we can change.  We are a country with many, many overweight and sick people. The hopefulness part is coming, but before we get to it, I will present the downright depressing and scary information first.

What do obesity, high blood sugar and high blood pressure have in common? They all contribute to slowing down metabolism, which is the body’s ability to function properly on a chemical level. Instead of fostering a vital life, these diseases are signs that health and vitality are going in a negative direction. Having all three of these diagnoses lands a person with another disease diagnosis called metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome has permeated our culture. This cluster of risk factors leads to cardiovascular disease, which can have debilitating and deadly effects.

For a variety of reasons, we as Americans are at high risk for developing metabolic syndrome. In fact, according to the National Institute of Health, it is likely that metabolic syndrome will overcome smoking as the leading cause of heart disease. Our sedentary lifestyles, dependence on pharmaceutical medications and processed food supply nearly lock us into developing these metabolic disturbances.

Fortunately, with a few simple changes in how we view obesity and its associated metabolic diseases, we can make empowering choices that benefit our health and free us from living sickly lives. Clearly, mainstream efforts of preaching to eat well and exercise are not doing the trick. So, let’s do something different and look at these risk factors through a different set of eyes — through the eyes of the nervous system.

Obesity and high fasting blood sugar

Want to make some money? Develop a fast and easy method of weight loss. Problem is, your patrons may temporarily lose weight, but unless the weight problem is addressed at a deeper level, the fat cells are bound to swell up again. When it comes to weight loss, as far as the nervous system goes there is no fast and easy way to lose weight and still be healthy. Various emotional stressors can flood the system with hormones, causing the nervous system to function improperly. Improper nervous system function can lead to a poor ability to assimilate nutrients, sugar and salt cravings, and a tendency to overeat (especially empty calories).

Furthermore, it is important to balance the parasympathetic nervous system with the sympathetic nervous system to optimize the body’s metabolism. The parasympathetic nervous system is the calming aspect of the autonomic nervous system and is also known as “rest and digest.” The sympathetic nervous system is also known as the “fight or flight” aspect of the autonomic nervous system and kicks in when there is a danger requiring immediate attention. When stress hormones (like cortisol) are released by chronically living in a state of fight or flight, insulin levels are negatively impacted, causing spikes in blood sugar. A combination of eating the wrong foods, along with the body’s inability to assimilate glucose properly, leads to weight gain.

High blood pressure

Science has a hard time directly linking stress to hypertension, though behaviors commonly associated with stress (excessive intake of alcohol, overeating and poor sleep) are linked to hypertension.

What about high cholesterol?

The standard Western medical model suggests that high cholesterol is another evil contributing to metabolic syndrome. However, at best this is a debatable subject. Studies show that dietary intake of cholesterol, especially from whole and unprocessed foods, has little impact on heart disease. So, today, eggs get a get-out-of-jail free card because (make sure you are sitting down for this one) cholesterol is not your enemy. Cholesterol is your friend as it forms the building blocks for necessary cell membranes, hormones and more.

A well-balanced nervous system provides a strong foundation for achieving optimal metabolic health. There are several options of intervention that can help regulate the nervous system:

Chiropractic care can optimize the nerve cell conduction between the brain, the spinal cord, and organs innervated from the spinal column.

Acupuncture is another way to improve nervous system function as it is able to induce strong relaxation response. Patients who receive acupuncture commonly report a sensation of calmness and peacefulness not obtained in any other way.

Aromatherapy, exercise, meditation, homeopathy, counseling and life coaching all can ameliorate the negative side effects of stress.

Effectively managing our nervous system leads to making healthier and more empowered choices for our health. One huge answer to the health care problem in our country is for us, the people, to take the responsibility of our health back. Do not let health insurance, the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry steal your power. Choose to take your life into your hands, get appropriate treatment that addresses the root of the problem and that resonates with you the most.


Speed Recovery Of Muscles

Speed Recovery

Having a day where no matter which way you move, you hurt? Whether you’re an occasional runner or gym fanatic, you should consider recovery an essential part of your healthy lifestyle. But instead of just dealing with the fatigue and soreness, try one of these science-backed tips to help your body feel better, faster.

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, your recovery days and easy workout days are just as important as the days you crush it. Take the time you need to rest, and reap the benefits later.

Speed Up Your Recovery

1. Get more sleep.

While the exact relationship between sleep and exercise is still unclear, multiple studies suggest sleep deprivation can have a significant negative effects on performance and recovery.  Sleep is also prime time for the body to undergo protein synthesis, so getting extra zzzs after a tough workout might make for stronger muscles and better endurance. 

 2. Listen to music.

Music can be great for helping us power through a tough workout (or at least distracting us from that “My legs are on fire!” feeling), but listening to relaxing tunes can also aid in exercise recovery.  Slow-tempo songs can help reduce blood pressure and pulse rate more quickly after exercise.

3. Consume protein before bed.

Barring a serious case of sleepwalking, we’re not usually giving our body nutrients while we sleep. Consuming a light, protein rich snack before bed allows our bodies to keep repairing muscles overnight.

4. Eat protein in the morning.

After a good night’s rest, the body could use some nutrients to recharge. Breakfast high in protein can give our muscles the necessary ingredients to start rebuilding and may reduce food cravings later in the day.

5. Drink chocolate milk.

Looking for a convenient post-workout snack on the go? Chug some chocolate milk. The protein it contains will kickstart muscle recovery, and those chocolaty carbs have been shown to decrease the amount of time it takes for the body to get ready for its next challenge. 

6. Try tart cherry juice.

Stiff as a board from yesterday’s spin class or lifting session? Tart cherry juice and supplements might help reduce the swelling that occurs when muscles are damaged, allowing our bodies to recover faster and—thank goodness—with less pain.

7. Drink lots of water.

Better recovery could be just a glass (or two, or three…) away. Exercising while dehydrated can cause greater damage to musclesand reduce the body’s ability to repair itself. Before reaching for Gatorade, however, know that H2O is enough for many individuals looking to replenish fluids.

8. Cut back on the booze.

Those of us who enjoy a few post-workout happy hours might want to be careful of too much of a good thing. Research suggests more than one or two drinks after working out could reduce the body’s ability to recover. 

9. Make foam rolling your friend.

Much of the soreness that goes along with exercise occurs when our muscles and fascia—connective tissue running throughout the body—become knotted. Rolling out muscles with foam or semi-rigid rollers—two forms of self-myofascial-relief—can help remove those knots and prevent muscle imbalances from forming. While not exactly noted for its comfort, the benefits are worth it. 

10. Get a massage.

Recovery backrubs, anyone? Like foam rolling, massage helps break up scar tissue and reduce stiffness associated with muscle repair. Scented candles and relaxing tunes optional.

11. Eat a little protein before your workout

Amino acids are the building blocks of tissue, and we consume protein to give our bodies enough to rebuild and maintain muscles damaged during workouts. Having a little protein before working out can trigger our bodies to start muscle synthesis (repairing and building more muscle) throughout and even after hitting the weights.

12. Eat something with protein post-workout, too.

Sensing a trend here when it comes to protein? While a protein-rich snack can get the body ready for a great workout, sipping on a protein soothie or eating a protein-filled meal can be ensure the body has enough fuel to keep on rebuilding throughout the day.

13. Take a daytime nap.

Research suggests taking a nap around two hours after a workout helps the body enter deep, restorative states of sleep.  And trust us, a quick power nap of about 20 minutes won’t ruin an upcoming night’s rest.

14. Rest your muscles.

While many advocate two days between workouts involving the same muscle group, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for recovery time. Factors like age and fitness level are important in determining how much rest we really need. If performance is decreasing from workout to workout, it might be time to schedule in a few extra rest days.

15. Try compression garments.

For many athletes, it’s important to quickly regain the energy (and willpower) to run, jump, or throw once again. Recent research suggests wearing compression garments can help decrease the time it takes for muscles to recover between intense bouts of exercise. 

16. Take a cold bath.

While it might be a scary prospect, research suggests taking a cold, full-body plunge after working out can significantly reduce soreness and inflammation for up to 24 hours after exercise. 

17. Try anti-inflammatories.

Consult a doctor first, but according to some studies, anti-inflammatory medications and spices (like turmeric and ginger) can speed muscle recovery.  However, if you’re trying to build muscle, NSAIDs (drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin), may hinder hypertrophy (muscle growth).  Translation: If your goal is bigger biceps, a little soreness maybe be part of the process.


9 myths on the CrossFit analyzed

Athletes who practice CrossFit training are good at all

High-level CrossFit athletes are certainly Activatrol Testosterone accomplished athletes, but they are unlikely to succeed in beating another high-level athlete from another sport. Because the specific skills required by a particular sport are different, a general sportsman can not be good in anything other than a general sport for that reason, the CrossFit Games welcome all kinds of sportsmen. The CrossFit is a nice sport, but it is not a good practice for other sports.


You will get hurt if you practice the CrossFit

You can actually hurt yourself by practicing CrossFit, but not by practicing any other sport. CrossFit programs with high intensity and injuries of some athletes during competitions feed this myth. A 2007 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research of 132 CrossFit athletes showed that 97 of them (73.5%) had already been injured while training. Nine of them had to resort to surgery to heal their wounds. The researchers determined that the injury rate was similar to that found in Olympic-level weightlifters and gymnasts. Making the most difficult moves again and again is a bad idea. You have to stop when you sacrifice your good position, this is called technical problems . You are more likely to get hurt when you persist while you do not have a good position to make your move. Practice safely and know when to stop working with a qualified CrossFit coach.

Practicing CrossFit training is the best way to get fit

Getting fit to do what? That is the question to be asked. Practicing CrossFit can definitely improve your cardiovascular system, but is this the best activity to do when it comes to improving your endurance and running time? Absolutely not. Is this a good sport for my 75-year-old grandmother, certainly not. It is rare for a CrossFit instructor to know how to periodize (in other words, create a schedule of scheduled training sessions for athlete preparation at a competition), a program that will add to the physical demands of another sport. To stay in shape, you have to create a personalized physical activity program with a professional according to your specific objectives.

The CrossFit approach is not based on anything

CrossFit’s ability to improve cardiovascular health, body composition and strength of your body has its benefits, as is a classic workout. The high intensity and short duration that characterizes this type of drive offer important advantages when you want to get back into shape. A CrossFit study conducted in 2013 by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research on 23 males and 20 females sought to determine improvements in the general shape, body composition (percentage of body fat) and Their VO2 max (a way to measure the health of the cardiovascular system). As is the case with other power and high intensity drive programs,

All CrossFit instructors and coaches are qualified

To become a certified CrossFit Instructor, you need only a weekend of training … No previous experience or diploma is required. Some CrossFit instructors however have additional qualifications. To make you coach safely, make sure that the person who trains you is qualified and has a good experience. You get trained by a real professional will allow you to be sure that you will make the right movements with a good position.

All CrossFit rooms offer the same services

CrossFit rooms are simply affiliated with the CrossFit movement. These affiliates all have different methodologies. The different styles of coaching vary according to the level of experience of coaches as well as their understanding of the human body. Each CrossFit club uses a general training program that compiles all the exercises and each coach draws the exercises necessary for each individual program. Overall, the best CrossFit coaches never stop learning and always find new techniques and methods to become a better coach.

The Crossfit is a sect

Although CrossFit is clearly not a cult, it does have some of the attributes. The CrossFit has its own vocabulary, such as the “WOD” (Workout Of The Day), “thrusters” (a CrossFit exercise). In addition, some CrossFit practitioners despise all other forms of training and believe that the CrossFit is the only way to get stronger. All teachers and coaches should continue to train, listen to other points of view, challenge and challenge the status quo and adapt their work as they expand their knowledge base.

How do you go from good to excellent in CrossFit practice?

Before you constantly beat your personal records whether with dumbbells or in bench press. Today you feel like you are stagnating and you are less motivated. Maybe it’s because you’re overtrained, or maybe it’s because you’re not training enough and you’re spending too much time matching your socks to your running shorts.

But in reality it’s probably because you need to shred fx testo have a periodic individual approach to your workout. This is called periodization. It’s time to move on to the next step and focus on a new approach to fitness .


No matter who you are, what matters is your Crossfit program

The ultimate goal of the CrossFit is to reach the general physical preparation point. If you follow a CrossFit program, you will reach this point by doing all your workouts. But to go from good to excellent and improve yourself with every workout, you need to do more than just train regularly. You need to set goals for specific times of the year that will bring you closer to your ultimate goals.

Know thyself

You must know yourself before you can make any real progress in anything. Who knows you better than yourself?

It is an expression often used by Greeks and Egyptians, it is even an inscription in Latin on the door of the Oracle in Matrix. Wow.

Read: 9 myths to know about Crossfit

It is an introspective proverb. You must know yourself before you can make any real progress in anything.

Who knows you better than yourself? You must know how good you are and how bad you are. Make a list of things you are less good at and focus on. If your list simply says “Everything,” put a good slap and get to work.

A challenging program that everyone can follow

Let’s start with a basic approach that will allow you to understand the principle of a CrossFit training. The classic WOD (training of the day) is a good starting point. The weights of this training are very moderate. This means that the weights you must use must correspond to 65% of the maximum load you can lift for a repetition for each movement. For example Diane training (21-15-9 raised ground [225/155] & pumps head down) you need to do a max rehearsal of raised ground with at least 160 pounds for men and 110 pounds for women .

Imagine how powerful you would be if you could do this workout in a matter of minutes. Remember that this is an endurance, strength training and conditioning training and not just a strength training. There is a difference.

If you want to make continuous progress, you must program cycles in your workout.

Each Crossfit training is aimed at precise stimulation. Five sets of squats with a heavy load with 3 minutes rest between sets will stimulate your body in a very different way from a 2 km run.

Program cycles in your workout (periodization)

Now is the time to really get into the top gear. Think of your workout as a video game, and the hero is you. As he gains experience, your character advances in the game, but has higher levels of: Strength, endurance cardio, mobility, gymnastics and endurance strength. These levels range from 0 to 100.

The goal is to earn points in each of these areas and get as close to 100 as possible. If you focus on all these skills at once, you will add a few points in all areas. But if you apply yourself to working only one of these skills, you can earn 20 points in no time. Then all you have to do is move on to another aptitude.

You gain more and faster if you focus on one skill at a time, whereas if you have a more general approach you will grab only a few points here and there.

If you want to make continuous progress, you must program cycles in your workout. You must therefore reserve 4 to 8 weeks for each aptitude. Let’s say you take 6 weeks to strengthen your strength with exercises like squats, developed lying down raised earth and strict presses. After 6 weeks where you will have set new personal benchmarks for all these exercises, you will only have to go on.

5 Crossfit routines (WOD) to improve your fitness

Description of the Crossfit program

The following Crossfit special workouts Dsn code black side effects  are designed to develop general fitness. Each of them contains at least four exercises, and is performed by series or circuits.


Rest as long as necessary between each circuit. Each workout has a number of sets to reach. Try to improve your fitness over time by gradually increasing the number of sets to reach by taking a minimum of rest.

You will suffer from rhabdomyolysis

Rhabdomyolysis refers to a state of health that can be dangerous that occurs when the muscle tissue is damaged and that substances contained in the muscle cells escape into the bloodstream. When damage to muscle cells is important, these substances released into the body can cause considerable damage that can be fatal to the athlete. It is however quite rare, and quite difficult to arrive at this point. The athlete must push his limits and continue to train again and again in spite of excruciating pain. Just like vomiting, which can occur during or after high intensity workouts, you do not risk anything if you listen to your body. But,

CrossFit is expensive

The cost of joining a CrossFit club varies by region and often depends on the number of times you want to go to your gym. On average, people who practice CrossFit can spend 50 to 150 euros per month. “It may sound like a lot, but it’s like registering in a high-end gym or a special training camp,” says coach Mark Nutting. “Although this price is relatively high compared to a registration in a traditional gym where you just have access to the facilities. “Some club owners will negotiate with you and offer you a free trial week before signing up for a longer period. Once you have learned to perform the movements safely,

And you what do you think ?

Have you ever heard of these myths about CrossFit? You still think that some of them are true? Do you know of others? Have you ever tried the CrossFit or do you practice this sport regularly? What do you think ? Are you a fan or hate? Post a comment and give us your opinion!

Burn-fat: compare them to better burn!

What are fat burners for  ? One tends to think that making a diet is ample enough. Certainly, diets are effective in losing weight because they reduce caloric intake. But we must be attentive to what we lose: is it water, muscle? What to focus on is fat loss by increasing the body’s ability to burn calories . Now the diet tends to diminish this capacity (the body secretes less thyroid hormones after 2 to 3 weeks of caloric restriction). The best way is to densify or even increase muscle mass while decreasing body fat with the practice of bodybuilding and using some supplements.

La minceur passe aussi par les brûleurs de graisse

There are different types of fat burners

1) Thermogenic action

Some supplements help increase energy and heat production (this is called thermogenesis).

Among these, they can also be classified into three sub-categories: pure thermogenics, indirect thermogenics, carnitine.

Among the former, capsaicin, does not activate the central nervous system but increases the body temperature. Tyrosine increases body temperature by stimulating T4 and Tyroid hormones. Green tea inhibits enzymes that lower thermogenesis.

Indirect thermogenics act on catecholamines, adrenaline, noradrenaline, “directly”. By stimulating the nervous system, the temperature is increased, especially synephrine, ephedrine and its derivatives (now prohibited). Caffeine works in the same way but more moderately. It results in the release of adrenocortical hormones resulting in increased heart rate and body temperature.

Carnitine acts purely mathematically by preferentially mobilizing fats as sugars, and as fats represent 9 kcal per gram compared to 4 kcal for sugars, the boiler burns harder (remember that calories are Energy unit but also heat). Carnitine to be fully active involves an increase in heart rate (+ 110-120 pulses / min) or an increase in body temperature unless associated with a specific dose of Choline. Indeed Choline allows the liver to manufacture specific carriers of carnitine. The optimal dose of L.Carnitine for a burn-fat effect is from 2000 to 2500mg.

Anti-storage action

The excess sugar or carbohydrates consumed and not used as energy is stored in the fat cells in the form of triglycerides. The body uses fat as a source of energy to regulate its temperature and in particular produce heat because it is the most important source of energy (9kcal per gram as seen previously).

To control this mechanism, the anti-storage component is used, characteristic of all the hypoglycemic ingredients that regulate blood glucose and the action of insulin (they act by improving the sensitivity of muscle and liver receptors to insulin) , Such as alpha lipoic acid (Revex 16), chromium picolinate (found in Redburn hardcore, Redburn ladies), berberine, gymnema sylvestris.



It is not repeated enough, but omega-3s and omega-9s also have a role to play in the body’s sensitivity to insulin (it prevents insulin resistance), Thus make it possible to avoid the storage of the “surplus” of glucose in fat mass. This is why it is important to consume enough of these good fatty acids.

Pure activation of mitochondria

Each cell has its own power plant (where energy is burned inside the cell, independent of the body boiler). Carnitine acts to transport fatty acids through the cell membrane and allows fat to burn at the very heart of the cell.

CLA blocks the storage of unused fatty acids by deactivating an enzyme that transforms fatty acids into triglycerides and improves mitochondrial performance.

Hormone regulators or activators

Anti-aromatase supplements avoid the conversion of testosterone into estrogens. Free testosterone first converts to dihydro testosterone, then a part to oestradiol, which causes fat and water retention. Blocking this conversion therefore decreases the storage of fat mass .

In women, the equivalent is resveratrol (present in redburn ladies) which is also a hormonal regulator, limits the rise of estrogens, it is also the case of coleus forskholii (and also of the DIM, a natural supplement Di- Indole Methane present in cabbages and cruciferous).

Growth hormone allows the use of calories from the diet to build bones and muscles and little fat mass. Then the trend is reversed with age, as the production of GH decreases from 30 years and becomes non-existent after 50 years. It is the anti-aging hormone and everything that stimulates it is welcome, such as amino acids L-Arginine and L-Ornithine (OKG), Glutamine, L-Glycine and L-Lysine and supplements inducing sleep phases Deep as GABA or melatonin. Precursors of GH and hormone stimulants  for testosterone are certainly one of the most useful anti-fat supplements in men by attacking metabolic fats (visceral fats).

Appetite restricters or appetite suppressants

Tryptophan is essential for the synthesis of serotonin and melatonin, which are the neurotransmitters of good humor and well-being. Recent scientific studies demonstrate the utility of serotonin in fat loss as a natural hunger and anti-craving cuts. Similarly, the fruit acids (Garcinia Cambogia), acting on the reduction of appetite, regulate the secretion of leptin, the hormone of satiety.

Tyrosine is converted from the amino acid L-Phenylalanine, which is a precursor of the hormone Cholecystokinin (CCK) produced by the hypothalamus to trigger satiety.


Whey promotes muscular gains?

It is known that protein supplementation during strength training increases hypertrophic gains. The complementary protein intake builds, repairs and makes positive the nitrogen balance. The key amino acid is leucine, and ingested proteins with a high leucine content would be more conducive to initiating protein synthesis. In a way, the quality of proteins would therefore have an impact on muscle mass.

Whey more favorable to hypertrophy

There is evidence that taking protein, in addition to diet during a training program increases hypertrophy. But other research has been done to try to define the mode of action of the proteins with regard to the dose, the moment of setting and the quality of these proteins . The meta-analyzes focused on the muscle hypertrophy measured after training and supplementation and not on the gain in strength and on the quality of the proteins that really weighs in the balance.

The muscle hypertrophy that occurs after training is the result of several processes causing changes in the content and activity of the cells. Exercise sensitizes the muscle to the accumulation of blood amino acids. Exercise therefore acts in synergy with the synthesis of muscle proteins (MPS) that occurs with proteins. The muscle fibers thus benefit from this addition of proteins to increase their size, provided that they combine a higher intake with the usual consumption, and a training of musculation and this whatever the age. The time of taking, before or after training, also does not seem essential to influence the strength or hypertrophy,

What is absolutely necessary to trigger the famous synthesis of proteins are the essential amino acids (the famous BCAA, leucine, isoleucine, valine) and it is known that among them leucine alone is the signaling molecule capable of putting En route the process by being the foundation of muscle building. As evidence for the need for another, the leucine threshold is higher in the elderly to induce protein synthesis and therefore a higher dosage (both leucine and protein) at rest or In combination with exercise. The best result was observed with whey proteins, the most naturally leucine-rich.

Other studies have shown the superiority of whey protein , with a high leucine content, for its effect on muscle mass increase (on average + 2.24 kg), in studies combining whey and bodybuilding, which classifies Whey in first position for its effect on body composition as part of a muscle gain as part of a weight loss or weight maintenance regimen . Whey is more supportive of hypertrophy than carbohydrates (which are meant to provide energy, not amino acids) and other proteins, although this difference is not very marked, as the gain in strength Occurs with all forms of protein.

However, the quality of proteins remains important, as is the leucine content, as whey drinkers gain more muscle . If one considers rice protein, it would take twice as much as whey to cause the same effects. The comparison of whey protein and pea protein was not conclusive because the doses were insufficient in both cases to cause this famous synthesis of proteins. As for the other types of proteins, mixed they gave responses quite similar to the whey, because of their extended amino acids, or enriched with some BCAA.

Adaptogens, why?

The stress of the re-entry has already exhausted you? The adaptogenic herbs can help you better manage …

The pace of modern life sometimes forces us to doping with vitamins or stimulants to cope and endure the stress that eventually depresses or exhaust us.

Adaptogenic plants useful in bodybuilding

Fortunately, we are not obliged to take drugs with Prozac because nature does well by putting at our disposal plants that allow us to adapt to all situations without side effects: they are called “adaptogens”.

What is an adaptogenic plant?

It allows to adapt to any kind of stress (physical, moral, cell) by increasing the capacities of the body. It is in Russia that plants have been discovered capable of reinforcing the resistance of certain men under extreme conditions of cold and work. Despite extremely difficult living conditions, they were less sick and were more resistant to aging.

But it happens that these plants go further, they are able to regulate body temperature, blood pressure, nervous system, weight and health, all up or down, according to the precise needs of the moment. Their modulating effect means that they do not have a determined action but rather specific to each individual to find the balance!

They can, in principle, boost energy, improve immunity and have metabolic action as a food or dietary supplement. This is the case for garlic, echinacea, kudzu, fenugreek, shitake.

Ginseng, rhodiole, eleutherococca, astragalus, schisandra … are among the best known and are found in some pre-workout food supplements .

Ginseng (panax ginseng) revitalizes physical or intellectual functions, combats all forms of fatigue, stress and even depression. When you’re struggling to keep pace, especially when you’re aging, it’s a valuable ally. There are white ginseng to balancing and adaptogenic properties of red ginseng the most stimulating and adaptogenic properties.

Eleutherococcus , also known as Russian ginseng, would stimulate the central nervous system and the adrenal glands. It helps the body adapt to stress, boosts immunity and regulates tension.

The rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) is the champion of adaptogens and the one that seems to best meet all the needs of the organism. It reduces stress and improves memory and above all allows a better recovery following a physical (including sexual) effort .

Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) is a Chinese plant that has remarkable anti-aging properties because of its ability to protect telomeres and optimize DNA replication), but it also boosts the general immune system (by increasing The production of lymphocytes much better than the echinacea), stimulating the vitality and would even be able to protect the liver from toxic attacks (alcohol, drugs …).

Schisandra chinensis is a Chinese tonic plant that acts on the major organs (kidneys, liver, nervous system and blood) and restores energy. On the mood side, it is effective against anxiety or mild depression. It also improves concentration and reflexes, which is valuable for athletes.


Tribulus is a plant known worldwide for millennia to fight fatigue. By its effect on the hormones, it would promote the muscular development and increase the strength, the physical endurance and also the libido.

The Cordyceps has been known in China for centuries, to increase longevity. It pushes the threshold of fatigue and increases energy and endurance. It boosts the immune system. It improves physical and mental performance   including sexual.

Maca has long been known in Peru to increase energy, combat chronic fatigue and increase physical performance. Playing on hormonal balance, it would also improve libido by its long-term tonic effects and its relative action on testicular testosterone concentration.

But you may have heard about these too (on which we must still be careful since their use in France is not yet widespread or unauthorized):

Tulsi (ocimum sanctum or ocimum gratissimum), more commonly known as sacred basil, has been used for more than 5,000 years. Originally from India, he conquered Asia and then Egypt before Europe. Thanks to its healing, nutritive properties, it has long been considered a royal herb by the Greeks and used as purifying for religious practices. It is an adaptogen that reduces stress and strengthens the immune system.

Ashwaganda (Withania somnifera) is also called Indian ginseng. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine as a tonic or an aphrodisiac. It is obviously anti-stress and regulates the thyroid by its reconstituting and adaptogenic properties. It promotes sleep and memory and combats the effects of age.

What’s the point ?

To regulate the functions of the body, in order to be less stressed, physically and morally. Stress usually has a crippling effect, but with these plants you will feel more energetic and effective.

When you find a dietary supplement enriched with plants of this type, do not frighten your exotic name, they are rather mundane and can only bring you benefits. The main ones remain the ginseng and the eleutherococcus who are the stars. However, we are also talking a lot about Rhodiola Rosea, which has a super action that is both psychostimulating, invigorating, energizing, regenerating … and anti-stress . It is part of recovery programs after physical exertion as it increases the endurance of the human body without being doping. Its anti-stress action comes mainly from its role on the release of serotonin (specifically on the release of DMT).

Taking a tough course

Adaptogenic plants have a tonic side that gives a boost. You will soon feel your body and mind are working better. You will use more essential nutrients in your cells. Even if you do not feel fatigue, be careful not to push your body into its entrenchments (to avoid overtraining).