Older age is NOT synonymous with obesity or lack of toning

Older age is NOT synonymous with obesity or lack of toning

I could honestly tell you that, over the years, a testosup xtreme large number of functions of the organism are being lost or, better said, they are becoming weaker and weaker.

prepares the body so that when reaching this physiological state you have an active life with healthy nutrition, then the problems associated with old age such as heart disease, obesity, lack of mobility, osteoporosis, among others, could be totally avoided

It is very likely that you have asked yourself at some time what is happening to bodybuilders after they reach an advanced age or when they are over 40 years of age. Can they maintain a defined body in fibers and without the presence of fat? Do they start to get fat and have strangely amorphous bodies? With sincerity, the organism for more exercises that make will tend to change its texture and its form according to the physiological age of the person.

When you reach advanced age, the fat begins to be administered in different ways around the muscles which, in parallel, lose tone and elasticity. That vigorous and strong appearance will diminish to a lesser or greater extent.
However, there are much more serious problems which include very important injuries or illnesses. An exercise scheme developed with professional support and without imposing demands on it, it is very likely that it will not involve any pathological consequences during old age. However you must be careful, the body will surely pass you the bill if you have abused certain strange substances as well as non-natural training.


Will the advancing age be synonymous with a fat and amorphous body?

For a person whom all his life has trained, his body through the years of training could guarantee him a super habit, to the point that his lifestyle will revolve around fulfilling certain routines which will allow him to maintain a thin body, formed and even full of youth.

If you have never considered doing exercises, but you have come to the golden years with flashes of old age and you have an unpleasant and fat figure, let me tell you that it is not too late for you either. You can begin to make a habit of training adapted to your specific conditions to improve your body step by step. Without much trouble.

Counterproductive exercises.

As with any sport today, bodybuilding has a fairly high level of scientific study. In this sense, the most ideal trainings are given by what is called the triangle of good behavior, which is nothing more than the combination in its proper measure of muscle training (basic work of physical bodybuilding), aerobic exercises as well as also the elongation.

If you neglect any of these three factors or misbehave, it could be a bit dangerous for the body. For the young athletes as well as the amateurs, perhaps it will not be dangerous neither today nor tomorrow, but surely it will be in the future when it reaches the third age.

Assertions Of Jorge Bristo (Bodybuilder Specialized In Musculature)

A living example was the physicist-bodybuilder born in Argentina who was the world champion for the year 1964 (now deceased), Jorge Brisco, who was a physical education teacher, a specialist in musculature and president of the International Federation of Sports Coaches. that most of the problems raised in old age originated mainly during adolescence and youth.


Any of the teachings about the world of bodybuilding that during the youth does not respect the postural attitudes, the thoracic development, an adequate load of weight, the cartilages of growth, among others, could generate serious problems in the base of the body that is the column vertebral, as well as they could generate different types of hernias. An unconscious way of training your own body in the long run could cause some joint problems to appear which are generated as a result of poorly performed exercises or excessive weights when training on machines.

What happens is that in youth or adolescence, the structure of the bones are not yet in full development, also, any structural defect which can be generated in the body later will be very difficult to correct. That is why we must ensure that we enter at an advanced age with the best conditions to be able to reach a defined body free of dancing skins and poorly distributed fat.

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