Menu of dry at 1900 calories

Drying is an important phase for bodybuilding practitioners . Its success is based as much on the adequacy of exercises as on diet. Here is to help you a menu to adopt to sharpen your silhouette.

The typical menu at 1900 kcal
Here is how your meals will be divided during the day:

Breakfast : 60 gr of oatmeal + 120 gr of ham or chicken + 1 citrus fruit (mandarin, orange or clementine, ideally).

Snack : 20 gr of nuts, hazelnuts or almonds with protein supplement (1 pod).

Lunch : 1 small portion of vegetable vegetables + 210 gr of fish OR 180 gr of white meat + 150 g of vegetables seasoned with oliveĀ k2 slim keto oil + 155 g of rice OR potatoes OR pasta + 1 fresh fruit (apple or pear).

16 hours snack : 30 g oat flakes OR 60 g whole wheat to be consumed with protein supplement (20gr).

For dinner : as many green vegetables as you like + 40 gr of basmati rice OR 200 gr of white meat.

Evening snack (recommended but not mandatory): 150 gr of cottage cheese OR 1 packet of protein powder.

How to adapt the type menu to his profile?
On days when you have a bodybuilding session, it is better to opt for a menu with food supplements. Proteins are preferred before the session. Amino acids of the BCAA type are consumed during training and whey supplements are to be consumed after exercise.

If you prefer a menu with 1900 kcal without supplement, it is necessary to bet on the natural sources of proteins such as dried fruits and oleaginous plants. Note that these are options that also fit a vegan menu.

The fundamentals of a 1900 kcal menu for an intensive dryer
Remember that dry is the phase during which you eliminate the fat stored by your body to optimize muscle development. Your nutrition must be a good ratio so you do not miss any essential nutrients. If the daily amount of your meals equals 1900 calories, they should consist of 55% protein, 35% carbohydrates and 10% fat.

Instead of feeding you 3 times a day, bet on 5 to 6 takes between which you will observe a “break” d 3 to 4 hours. Hydration is another fundamental part of an effective dry menu, whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner. Count 50 ml of water per pound of body weight. You will need for example 3 liters of water if you weigh 60 KG.

Man or woman, it is quite possible to concoct a menu of dry express to 1900 calories. If you are taking dietary supplements, make sure they are free of chemicals.

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