Lymphatic drainage versus water retention?

Unsightly, the water retention makes us swell and sometimes panic the needle of the balance. To lose weight quickly, only one solution: eliminate it . But when eating better and moving more is not enough, special treatment is needed.

Particularly effective for removing excess fluid and fighting edema, lymphatic drainage is the ideal ally ! Zoom on the advantages of this beneficial massage.

The best massage to fight against water retention
Various factors can cause water retention: a diet too rich in salt, a lifestyle too sedentary, hormonal imbalance , hereditary laziness¬†keto drox of the bloodstream, a pregnancy in progress …

But all produce the same result: swelling of the tissues , filled with water, that the lymphatic system can not evacuate. This is where lymphatic drainage comes in. Very gentle, this manual treatment that follows the path of the lymph, has for vocation to stimulate it, to finally eliminate the waste .

All the advantages of lymphatic drainage
But that’s not all: by strengthening the immune system , lymphatic drainage would also have positive effects on general health. By effectively cleansing the body, it would help activate wound healing and reduce the risk of infection .

According to the ADLV, a French association broadcasting the teaching of Dr. Vodder, inventor of a famous lymphatic drainage technique , he also reportedly

effects on the muscles, notably by increasing blood circulation and regulating intestinal motility;
neurovegetative effects, notably by promoting relaxation and reducing pain.
How to enjoy a good lymphatic drainage?
To move your lymph and reduce your water retention , you can benefit from lymphatic drainage sessions either in the aesthetic center or with a health professional.

In the first case, the process can be expensive: count between 50.00 and 80.00 EUR per session . In the second case, drainage may be the subject of a medical prescription and may result in a refund : check with your doctor.

A session lasts between an hour and an hour and a half. Lying on a massage table and covered with a sheet, you undergo slow movements of pump on the path of the lymph. Several sessions are usually required, the number of which depends on the size of the problem.

The downside: if the cause of the problem does not disappear, the effects will not last forever …

Very useful for getting rid of excess keto drox fluid, lymphatic drainage also has many health benefits. A professional treatment to afford absolutely to find the line and comfort in case of water retention!

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