Lose weight with the TRX?

By adopting a training program in the form of hiit or circuit training, the TRX allows you to lose weight in addition to muscle . Suspension training requires a lot of work on the part of the stabilizing and cladding muscles , which ultimately leads to progressive bodybuilding of the entire body.

Tracking a circuit training meanwhile, will have a fat burner effect, and therefore weight loss.

Lose weight

Why the TRX is it effective to lose weight

To melt fats, exercises performed with the Total Resistance Exercices suspension system or TRX must follow the Hiit method . The High Intensity Interval Training or fractional training at high intensity is indeed very effective to lose extra pounds.

It is based on an alternation of Slimlook Forskolin sequences of rest and sequences of very intense effort. Intensive, cardio training sequences are brief as are recovery times. From 60 seconds to 4 minutes, it is during the low intensity moments that lipolysis or fat burning effect occurs.

Thus, a whole session of training for 30 minutes ¾ hour, quarter of an hour, burns as much fat as one hour of physical activities.

TRX to lose weight: how does it work?

The operation of the TRX is based on the use of two adjustable straps to hang on a door by a special fixing, or on the ceiling. Working on body weight, this gym accessory inspired by the American military training universe, allows for many effective exercises to lose weight.

In suspension, now the straps by the hands or the feet hooked to them, its use consists in making movements of bodybuilding . To vary in intensity, simply change position or anchor point.

Abs, pecs, arms, glutes, legs … the TRX is also a complete sport that can be practiced by both men and women. Sports beginner or not, the results are visible between 4 to 12 weeks, according to the intensity and the regularity of the trainings.

Examples of movements with the TRX to get muscles and lose weight

Knowing that the sequences of hiit with the TRX are formidable to eliminate the belly fat – these making constantly work the muscles of the abdomen: oblique, transverse and right muscles not to lose the balance – it is in the choice of the type of movements that you will work sometimes the upper body, sometimes the bottom. Here is for example a workout to have a muscular back .

Primarily straining the muscles of the shoulders and biceps, the movement begins feet apart at the width of the shoulders. Taking the grips of the fitness equipment by the hands , palms inward, lean your body back until your arms reach out.

The trunk, pelvis and legs aligned, sheath the glutes and abdominals to maintain the position. Then pulling on the straps with the strength of your arms , you must feel your shoulder blades getting closer. Keep your body contracted to resume the starting posture and start again.

The TRX is a fitness equipment is a perfect training tool to improve its shape and physical performance . In combination with proper nutrition, it is a safe path to a toned, slender body. If it is accessible to all, pregnant women will nevertheless seek the approval of their doctor before setting up.

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