How to lose 60 pounds in 1 year?

Which person with a high overweight does not dream of a drastic weight loss? If speed never rhymes with efficiency, it is quite possible to consider a loss of about 60 kilos over a period of one year.

Whether a man or a woman, a simple rebalancing of food and the regular practice of a sport can sometimes be enough to lose weight to find the line and feel better.

How to lose 60 pounds in 1 year

Set a slimming goal

Every plan must begin with a reasonable and achievable goal . Losing 60 kilos in one year is equivalent to losing about 5 kilos a month: an excellent average to stabilize once your fitness weight is reached.

People who have sufficient motivation Keto Slim Rx to maintain their plan will probably not need extra help. On the other hand, if you are afraid of flinching, or simply do not know where to start, it may be useful to turn to methods that have already been proven, such as the Dukan diet, or the Weight program. Watchers , a true community that can give you the support you need to go all the way.

Choose an appropriate diet

Losing weight begins by becoming aware of his bad eating habits to begin a daily rebalancing of the contents of his plate. Get rid of nibbling reflexes , empty your cupboards of all processed foods and opt for fresh fruits and vegetables in unlimited quantities.

You can start your diet with a detox cure by eating only soups or fruit salads without added sugar for 2 to 3 days. It’s a great way to cleanse your body and get off to a good start.

Then you will need to lower your daily calorie intake for the body to tap into the stored fat . To stay in shape and help the muscles take over the fat, do not hesitate to enrich your protein diet.

Start the sport mode!

Playing sports is not an option when you want to lose weight, especially when you’re overweight . Exercising at least three times a week will help you lose weight and keep your skin firm. First opt ​​for gentle activities for the joints because overweight can become problematic in the practice of certain sports activities.

Swimming is great for losing the first few pounds. You can then consider cardio training , such as jogging, which will make you work Keto Slim Rx on your endurance. Training your cardio will help you increase your metabolism to burn more calories even at rest . Finally, the most important is to choose the diet and the sport that suits you and that you like so as not to lose your motivation .

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