How to lose 35 kg in 1 year?

Losing 35 pounds over a year is a realistic goal that can be achieved , that’s less than 3 pounds to lose each month. However, this is a very important weight loss that can leave you some traces on your body if you try unhealthy methods that could help you achieve this goal in less than a year.

If you want to lose those pounds sustainably, all you have to do is change your eating habits and play sports nearby.

How to lose 35 kg in 1 year

Change diet to lose weight permanently

You have to start by making the essential modifications to lose those pounds. Start by cleaning your cupboards as well as your refrigerator from nibbling . Get rid of processed high-calorie, trans fat and sodium foods that Keto Genesys give the body an insignificant nutritional value . All these processed foods will hurt you if you have to remove 35 kilograms.

Your fridge must be full of fish rich in omega-3 , lean meats, breads , yoghurt, fresh fruit and vegetables . Put whole grain wheat flour, whole grain cereals , brown sugar, dried fruitsin the pantry. You need to drink sparkling water and unsweetened iced tea instead of fruit juices and sodas that contain added sugar.

If you want to eat during the day, drink a glass of water to meet these cravings. Iced tea and water are non-calorie liquids that you can use to fill your belly.

Burn about 650 calories each day while playing sports

Just bet on calorie restriction by eating less to get thinner, it will not have as much health benefits as eating less while practicing sports.

Try cardiovascular training and resistance training (such as weight training) . To avoid monotony when you do physical activity and to help you lose 35 kilograms quickly, compose quite varied sports sessions. Your sessions should contain various activities to change from one day to the next. Once these exercises come into your daily routine, that’s fine.

It should be known that your caloric expenses will vary according to the practiced exercise, the weight of your body and your efforts. In general, you will need between 40 minutes and 1 hour of moderate to high intensity physical activity.

Because of your weight, it is often the case that the repeated impacts that are produced during cardio training exercises expose your joints to a few risks . So if your joints are fragile, consider doing activities that have a fable impact such as swimming , elliptical or recumbent. You can also take step classes adapted to your physical condition.

Do not lose sight of your goal, lose 35 pounds over 1 year

Slipping into your new lifestyle, do not lose sight of your goal. If you lose less weight than the previous week, do not be discouraged (the main thing is to achieve a loss of 35 kg in the twelfth month). So let your body adapt to your training program and your new diet.

It is important to regularly follow up with the doctor during your dieting. You can also have a home sports coach in order to be motivated to make efforts to lose weight. Your coach can advise you on a split training that will help you a lot.

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