How do you go from good to excellent in CrossFit practice?

Before you constantly beat your personal records whether with dumbbells or in bench press. Today you feel like you are stagnating and you are less motivated. Maybe it’s because you’re overtrained, or maybe it’s because you’re not training enough and you’re spending too much time matching your socks to your running shorts.

But in reality it’s probably because you need to shred fx testo┬áhave a periodic individual approach to your workout. This is called periodization. It’s time to move on to the next step and focus on a new approach to fitness .


No matter who you are, what matters is your Crossfit program

The ultimate goal of the CrossFit is to reach the general physical preparation point. If you follow a CrossFit program, you will reach this point by doing all your workouts. But to go from good to excellent and improve yourself with every workout, you need to do more than just train regularly. You need to set goals for specific times of the year that will bring you closer to your ultimate goals.

Know thyself

You must know yourself before you can make any real progress in anything. Who knows you better than yourself?

It is an expression often used by Greeks and Egyptians, it is even an inscription in Latin on the door of the Oracle in Matrix. Wow.

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It is an introspective proverb. You must know yourself before you can make any real progress in anything.

Who knows you better than yourself? You must know how good you are and how bad you are. Make a list of things you are less good at and focus on. If your list simply says “Everything,” put a good slap and get to work.

A challenging program that everyone can follow

Let’s start with a basic approach that will allow you to understand the principle of a CrossFit training. The classic WOD (training of the day) is a good starting point. The weights of this training are very moderate. This means that the weights you must use must correspond to 65% of the maximum load you can lift for a repetition for each movement. For example Diane training (21-15-9 raised ground [225/155] & pumps head down) you need to do a max rehearsal of raised ground with at least 160 pounds for men and 110 pounds for women .

Imagine how powerful you would be if you could do this workout in a matter of minutes. Remember that this is an endurance, strength training and conditioning training and not just a strength training. There is a difference.

If you want to make continuous progress, you must program cycles in your workout.

Each Crossfit training is aimed at precise stimulation. Five sets of squats with a heavy load with 3 minutes rest between sets will stimulate your body in a very different way from a 2 km run.

Program cycles in your workout (periodization)

Now is the time to really get into the top gear. Think of your workout as a video game, and the hero is you. As he gains experience, your character advances in the game, but has higher levels of: Strength, endurance cardio, mobility, gymnastics and endurance strength. These levels range from 0 to 100.

The goal is to earn points in each of these areas and get as close to 100 as possible. If you focus on all these skills at once, you will add a few points in all areas. But if you apply yourself to working only one of these skills, you can earn 20 points in no time. Then all you have to do is move on to another aptitude.

You gain more and faster if you focus on one skill at a time, whereas if you have a more general approach you will grab only a few points here and there.

If you want to make continuous progress, you must program cycles in your workout. You must therefore reserve 4 to 8 weeks for each aptitude. Let’s say you take 6 weeks to strengthen your strength with exercises like squats, developed lying down raised earth and strict presses. After 6 weeks where you will have set new personal benchmarks for all these exercises, you will only have to go on.

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