Daily sports program to build muscles

You have set a goal to succeed in your muscle mass to improve your physical appearance ? You are in the right place because this article is for you and also for beginners who want to know how to succeed in their bodybuilding.

Building muscles effectively requires daily effort.
Indeed, it is a challenge whose success depends on both a constant motivation and endurance without fault. Rest, training and nutrition are the three important parameters of bodybuilding practice. You will need to go to the gym daily and adopt a diet of adequate mass to see the effects of your training as soon as possible.

Daily exercise program for effective bodybuilding.
The most effective physical activities are those that combine intense activities involving all muscle groups of the body. The ideal circuit training includes to start 75% of bodybuilding and 25% of cardio for a daily total of 1h30 of sport. It’s a complete training. We will start with the joint heating for the pelvis , the shoulders and the back, and the stretches of the psoas and the back. Then we will alternate between activities and rest.

The circuit includes 12 activities of 30 seconds each with 30 seconds of inter-exercise rest. Pumps on knees then inverted crunch; burpee, costal chisel, double crunch and ventral sheathing on elbows followed by jumping jack, mountain climber, crunch-abs cross and raised buttocks, to finish with natura farms keto jumped slots and costal sheathing on elbow . In 12 minutes then, we loop the loop. Then we take the series 1 to 5 times. We start with one lap and finish with 5 laps. The inter-series rest period is 4 minutes.

Depending on the progress you have made, you will progressively increase the number of sets to 5 sets by reducing the inter-series recovery time to 2 minutes, which makes a maximum session of 68 minutes without the warm-ups that can be reproduced 4 times a week. The end of the session is devoted to a global series of stretches .

To diversify the movements, we will change the course at each session . You can refer to the coach for any request to receive advice including your diet and lifestyle.

What a dietary program to succeed in gaining muscle.
You will have to eat a lot and drink enough water . Constantly adjusting your diet to your calorie needs is the key to good nutrition for muscle gain. Your diet program must be high calorie and high protein. Protein helps build muscle fibers and will be valuable at the time of taking stock to determine if you have achieved a good ratio of muscles taken or if your efforts have simply resulted in a fat and glycogen intake.

In addition to the protein you need fatty foods and carbohydrates. For the latter, opt for low glycemic starchy foods to avoid high blood sugar levels and the risk of diabetes.

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