Coconut oil, a treasure for the skin

With its sweet and sweet fragrance, Bella Rose RX real reviews this oil possesses many virtues. It nourishes the skin and the hair without greasing, has purifying properties and even delays skin aging …

It is extracted from the coconut fruit, which grows in warm and humid regions such as Asia, the Pacific islands, Central America and New Caledonia. “But beware, not all coconut oils are equal,” warns Paul-Benoît Chevallier, an engineer biologist. Thus, in some formulas, we find coconut oil, derived from dried coconut. Less expensive, it also contains fewer active ingredients. The coco is full of benefits: a good content of vitamins A (antiradical) and E (antioxidant), many saturated fatty acids having a very good affinity with the skin and the hair. The best oil is obtained by cold pressing of fresh coconut pulp. It is extra virgin, unmodified, organic preferably. It can be used all over the body to soften, sanitize, Nourish, and on the face to preserve the youthfulness of the skin. Solid below 22 ° C, it liquefies by passing the bottle under hot water. It can be found in organic stores or at the supermarket.


In purifying care

Concentrated in lauric acid (fatty acid) and non comedogenic, it cleanses the oily skin and limits the proliferation of the buttons, thanks to an antibacterial action. In the evening, apply a few drops of oil by massaging, on the face previously cleaned.

In lip balm

In our countries, coconut oil is most often solid: it is then a butter very easy to apply on the mouth. The texture melts at the contact of the lips and forms a glutinous emollient film and very comfortable.

By removing make-up

its oily texture is able to overcome all the makeup, including the most resistant (waterproof, high holding). It does not sting the eyes and strengthens the lashes. Take a few drops in the palm of your hand and massage the face to remove any impurities. Rinse with lukewarm water or a lotion.

In anti-aging oil

Rich in vitamins E (antioxidant) and A (restorative and anti-free radical), coconut oil is valuable to limit the harmful effects of free radicals in the skin while preserving the elasticity of the tissues. It can replace the day care or supplement it, depending on the needs of skin nutrition.


In hair care

In total affinity with the proteins of the hair, it nourishes and perfectly hydrates normal, dry or frizzy hair,

Without weighing them down because it penetrates quickly. It can also be applied as a detangler, just on the lengths, to facilitate brushing.

After sun

After exposure, it repairs skin heated and dehydrated by UV rays. It can also be applied to appease

Light sunburn, as well as redness.

Beauty recipe: an oil after sun with coconut to soothe her skin

By hydrating off-road

Rich in saturated fatty acids (lauric and myristic acid), it restores the hydro-lipid barrier of the skin. It therefore replaces

Daily body milk. Its softening action can also do wonders on dried cuticles.

In anti-spouse care

She is dreadful for these little animals she suffocates. It is applied to the whole of the hair, like a poultice. A bathing cap (or charlotte) is put on and left to act all night. Rinse with warm water in the morning before making one or two shampoos.


1 Virgin 1st Pressure

A pure coconut oil. Its slightly amber recyclable bottle protects it from light and does not alter its quality. It is equipped with a reducer, for a more precise dosage.

Organic virgin coconut oil, Centifolia, 7,95 € per 100 ml.

2 Organic

Composed exclusively of virgin coconut oil, it smells deliciously good exotic fruit, but all in lightness. Practical, its mini-format makes it possible to carry the bottle everywhere with oneself.

Vegetable oil coconut, Florame, 6,95 € the 50 ml.

3 100% natural

This extra-virgin coconut oil exists in mini-format to slip in its weekend bag and in large format to use on the skin, hair or in the kitchen.

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