Burn-fat: compare them to better burn!

What are fat burners for  ? One tends to think that making a diet is ample enough. Certainly, diets are effective in losing weight because they reduce caloric intake. But we must be attentive to what we lose: is it water, muscle? What to focus on is fat loss by increasing the body’s ability to burn calories . Now the diet tends to diminish this capacity (the body secretes less thyroid hormones after 2 to 3 weeks of caloric restriction). The best way is to densify or even increase muscle mass while decreasing body fat with the practice of bodybuilding and using some supplements.

La minceur passe aussi par les brûleurs de graisse

There are different types of fat burners

1) Thermogenic action

Some supplements help increase energy and heat production (this is called thermogenesis).

Among these, they can also be classified into three sub-categories: pure thermogenics, indirect thermogenics, carnitine.

Among the former, capsaicin, does not activate the central nervous system but increases the body temperature. Tyrosine increases body temperature by stimulating T4 and Tyroid hormones. Green tea inhibits enzymes that lower thermogenesis.

Indirect thermogenics act on catecholamines, adrenaline, noradrenaline, “directly”. By stimulating the nervous system, the temperature is increased, especially synephrine, ephedrine and its derivatives (now prohibited). Caffeine works in the same way but more moderately. It results in the release of adrenocortical hormones resulting in increased heart rate and body temperature.

Carnitine acts purely mathematically by preferentially mobilizing fats as sugars, and as fats represent 9 kcal per gram compared to 4 kcal for sugars, the boiler burns harder (remember that calories are Energy unit but also heat). Carnitine to be fully active involves an increase in heart rate (+ 110-120 pulses / min) or an increase in body temperature unless associated with a specific dose of Choline. Indeed Choline allows the liver to manufacture specific carriers of carnitine. The optimal dose of L.Carnitine for a burn-fat effect is from 2000 to 2500mg.

Anti-storage action

The excess sugar or carbohydrates consumed and not used as energy is stored in the fat cells in the form of triglycerides. The body uses fat as a source of energy to regulate its temperature and in particular produce heat because it is the most important source of energy (9kcal per gram as seen previously).

To control this mechanism, the anti-storage component is used, characteristic of all the hypoglycemic ingredients that regulate blood glucose and the action of insulin (they act by improving the sensitivity of muscle and liver receptors to insulin) , Such as alpha lipoic acid (Revex 16), chromium picolinate (found in Redburn hardcore, Redburn ladies), berberine, gymnema sylvestris.



It is not repeated enough, but omega-3s and omega-9s also have a role to play in the body’s sensitivity to insulin (it prevents insulin resistance), Thus make it possible to avoid the storage of the “surplus” of glucose in fat mass. This is why it is important to consume enough of these good fatty acids.

Pure activation of mitochondria

Each cell has its own power plant (where energy is burned inside the cell, independent of the body boiler). Carnitine acts to transport fatty acids through the cell membrane and allows fat to burn at the very heart of the cell.

CLA blocks the storage of unused fatty acids by deactivating an enzyme that transforms fatty acids into triglycerides and improves mitochondrial performance.

Hormone regulators or activators

Anti-aromatase supplements avoid the conversion of testosterone into estrogens. Free testosterone first converts to dihydro testosterone, then a part to oestradiol, which causes fat and water retention. Blocking this conversion therefore decreases the storage of fat mass .

In women, the equivalent is resveratrol (present in redburn ladies) which is also a hormonal regulator, limits the rise of estrogens, it is also the case of coleus forskholii (and also of the DIM, a natural supplement Di- Indole Methane present in cabbages and cruciferous).

Growth hormone allows the use of calories from the diet to build bones and muscles and little fat mass. Then the trend is reversed with age, as the production of GH decreases from 30 years and becomes non-existent after 50 years. It is the anti-aging hormone and everything that stimulates it is welcome, such as amino acids L-Arginine and L-Ornithine (OKG), Glutamine, L-Glycine and L-Lysine and supplements inducing sleep phases Deep as GABA or melatonin. Precursors of GH and hormone stimulants  for testosterone are certainly one of the most useful anti-fat supplements in men by attacking metabolic fats (visceral fats).

Appetite restricters or appetite suppressants

Tryptophan is essential for the synthesis of serotonin and melatonin, which are the neurotransmitters of good humor and well-being. Recent scientific studies demonstrate the utility of serotonin in fat loss as a natural hunger and anti-craving cuts. Similarly, the fruit acids (Garcinia Cambogia), acting on the reduction of appetite, regulate the secretion of leptin, the hormone of satiety.

Tyrosine is converted from the amino acid L-Phenylalanine, which is a precursor of the hormone Cholecystokinin (CCK) produced by the hypothalamus to trigger satiety.


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