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The correct way to do a resistance band workout

The correct way to do a resistance band workout

You may think that you are limited to the testosup xtreme same few exercises to do resistance band training. But you are wrong, here we have 26 movements that you can do along with your workouts every time it provokes you.

It’s late at night, and you’re in a place where you do not know anything or anyone. But you know what you have to do: Lift! Fortunately, the hotel you’re in has a gym – or, at least, the website said it had it. But when you enter what is supposed to be the gym, what you see is a treadmill and spinning bike. Well, that’s all.

But that does not have to prevent you from training. And it’s because of these kinds of situations that resistance bands were created. So why did not you take your resistance band? Maybe because you were convinced that no band was going to achieve the task of giving you a challenging and satisfying workout. But trust me. You just need to know how to use them.

The correct way to do a resistance band workout

1 – Your 5-star portable gym

Most of the things you do with a dumbbell or a barbell can be done with a resistance band. Is a deadlift with a resistance band going to give you the same strength boost as a barbell loaded on the platform? Of course not. But that is not necessarily a negative thing. In fact, I would argue that the main benefit of resistance bands is how they provide a different stimulus to your muscles during range of motion.

I’m a fan of exercises that do not require you to wrap the band around anything other than your feet or your torso. But of course, if you have a patio with a railing, you have an excellent point to practice oars and flyes with your resistance bands. Along with some dips with chairs or desk, and push up declined or tilted from any elevated surface, you have everything you need to do a difficult body workout.

Just do not be surprised if you want to keep a couple of these movements with bands in your program after you return from the world of metals. Here I leave you several of my favorite movements with resistance band.

Push: These work mainly the chest, the shoulders and the triceps. Its variations include push ups with resistance bands, floor presses with bands, overhead presses and pressa-a-squats.

Pull: The focus is on the upper and middle part of the back, also on the biceps and forearms. Variations include bentover paddles, alternating bentover paddles, Romanian deadlifts in combo with paddles, semi kneeling pull downs, face pulls, semi-kneeling face pulls.

-Hinge: These exercises will work mainly your hamstrings, glutes and back, group known as the posterior chain. Its variations include Romanian deadlifts, oars, good mornings, sumo-type Roman deadlifts, and single-leg deadlifts.

-Squats: These exercises will mainly work your legs, thighs and butt. Variations of this include squats, press squats, reverse lunges and knee deadlifts.

-Others: These will work the beach muscles such as the shoulders, biceps and torso, but also the smaller muscles such as the rear deltoids and the rotator cuff. Examples of this exercise include variations of curl, variations of front lifts, pull aparts with resistance bands, pull aparts 3D, pull down abs, and X treks with resistance bands.

Meditation as a guide to be present

Meditation as a guide to be present

We all understand what the concept primal factor of “present” is, in the same way that we understand what is “past” and what is “future”, but not all of us are capable of living mentally in the present.

What is the present moment?

Many people think that they are in the present moment because there is no option to be in another moment of the time line and yes, it is true that your body lives here, but your mind does not have to do it.

There are many cases throughout the day in which it seems that we are in the present but it is not so. On many occasions we have thought in the past, reviewing again and again situations that have occurred and that we do not finish understanding, for example. Reviewing what someone has told us and asking us why he said it, if he understood us well or if we have misunderstood him. Or reviewing our answers.

How many times have you had a moment of tension with someone and have you returned to that moment for the next days or even months, to analyze exactly what you said and think different things that you could have answered or mentioned? This is something that has happened to any of us and that, unfortunately, makes our mind escape from now, escape from what is important.

Perhaps until now you have not been able to grasp the transcendence of living with the mind really in the present. What is wrong with thinking about other things while doing routine actions every day? Let us give an example where the repercussion that this can have is clearly seen.

Imagine that you leave work and get in your car to go home. You have about 30 minutes of travel and take the opportunity to evaluate how your day has been in the office and work, what has been left pending for the next day. You also think about the next day and how to structure the tasks that you have pending, what is the best time to make the calls you need to make, the moment you stop to eat and what you will eat … Suddenly you park in the door of your house.

Think of the way … Do you remember any of the places you’ve been through? Surely not, because you have been driving in automatic to your home, with the danger that entails. Instead of having your senses put on the road you have had them divided, initially in the part of the day that has already happened and then in the next day.
This is an example, perhaps something extreme, in which the lack of attention to the present moment not only affects your mental and emotional self, but it can very seriously affect your physical self, but as a didactic example it has a lot of value. With this we can make an analogy of life, since we spend a large part of it driving in automatic, without being mentally present in the now.

The present is a moment to be enjoyed. We must accept it as it comes and taste it like that, find happiness in it.

What can we do to stay in the now?

One of the best methods to focus attention on the now is meditation. It gives us the ability to be present here and now getting our experiences to be amplified. Increase the value of what we experience and the meaning of what we consider important.

Meditation consists in suppressing the activity of the mind. This does not really mean to leave the mind blank, which is what many people understand by meditating, but it involves silencing the outside noise and avoiding consciously reacting. Meditation does not consist in stop thinking, but in letting flow.

The way we have to let flow is to control our thoughts. It is something that initially seems very complex, since we usually believe that thoughts are something that we can not control, that they are there and that we can not do anything to modify them.

If I tell you right now that you do not think of a white bear, I could assure you with a percentage very close to 100% certainty that is just what you’re thinking about, in a white bear.

Say enough to that repetitive thinking with the STOP technique

Say enough to that repetitive thinking with the STOP technique
With all the years I’ve been thinking testro t3 in this way, how can I change? Do you think it’s possible?

This question is often asked to me or I hear it as a reflection in some of my sessions.

And my answer is almost always the same: “Yes you can, although it is not easy because it requires training, perseverance and will; The latter you already have because otherwise you would not be here. We are not pole vaulters, so do not expect immediate results, first one step, then the next and until you arrive. Remember also that it requires training on your part. ” Throughout the process I teach different techniques of emotional regulation, either through the body, the mind or effective communication. I do not always teach the same, since it depends on what the client requires, I teach one or the other. There are very effective techniques but, like everything else, you need to know them, know when to apply them and training; yes, repeat it again and again.

Let me also explain how it is possible that based on training we can modify habits, behaviors and thinking.

We can change. The cerebral plasticity

It is not that the brain is plastic, or that it can change shape, obviously. Although at first you may find it difficult, the structures of our brain (which governs our thoughts and behaviors) have the ability to change, this is called “brain plasticity.” This plasticity allows you to modify your structures and functions depending on our mental experiences, which include perceiving, planning or executing actions and imagining.

We can have rigid or flexible behavior depending on how we train it.

Let me explain how thoughts and behaviors are fixed in our brain, for this I will use a metaphor that I read in his day in Elsa Punset’s book A backpack for the universe. Elsa Punset took this theory from the neuroscientist Álvaro Pascual – Leone; I loved it and I kept it in my memory forever.

The theory said: imagine that your brain is a snowy mountain in winter, this mountain has elements that are already fixed as rocks, trees, etc. These would be our genes, they come as standard. Now imagine that you take a sledge and start down the mountain. The first time you do it you will go down the easy way depending on the characteristics of the mountain and how you drive. If you spend the whole day going down, you will create a few paths that you will like to go down through; They will be very marked by the footprints of the sled and each time it will cost you more to leave these roads to mark you new. This is how our brain works, based on repeating things more or less in the same way, you do them automatically. This leads us to create both good and bad habits; The same goes for the thoughts. Once marked these habits or thoughts that do not help you, it is difficult to leave them because they are fast and well marked paths by which the sleigh goes alone. To change them you will have to block the impulse to follow them in order to consciously and deliberately open up new ones.

So brain plasticity has a bad side and a good side. The bad thing is that it is difficult to unlearn when we have consolidated it, the good thing is that we can change if we learn to undo paths and create new ones. How? Being aware of that habit, that thought that interrupts you, stop you, moving you in another direction learning more productive thoughts. By repeating you will have marked new paths with your sleigh.

Stop thinking. STOP technique

It is a very simple technique but, like all of them, it requires training. You will see that as you go practicing it will cost you less to stop that repetitive thought. Look at the video to see the technique.

Older age is NOT synonymous with obesity or lack of toning

Older age is NOT synonymous with obesity or lack of toning

I could honestly tell you that, over the years, a testosup xtreme large number of functions of the organism are being lost or, better said, they are becoming weaker and weaker.

prepares the body so that when reaching this physiological state you have an active life with healthy nutrition, then the problems associated with old age such as heart disease, obesity, lack of mobility, osteoporosis, among others, could be totally avoided

It is very likely that you have asked yourself at some time what is happening to bodybuilders after they reach an advanced age or when they are over 40 years of age. Can they maintain a defined body in fibers and without the presence of fat? Do they start to get fat and have strangely amorphous bodies? With sincerity, the organism for more exercises that make will tend to change its texture and its form according to the physiological age of the person.

When you reach advanced age, the fat begins to be administered in different ways around the muscles which, in parallel, lose tone and elasticity. That vigorous and strong appearance will diminish to a lesser or greater extent.
However, there are much more serious problems which include very important injuries or illnesses. An exercise scheme developed with professional support and without imposing demands on it, it is very likely that it will not involve any pathological consequences during old age. However you must be careful, the body will surely pass you the bill if you have abused certain strange substances as well as non-natural training.


Will the advancing age be synonymous with a fat and amorphous body?

For a person whom all his life has trained, his body through the years of training could guarantee him a super habit, to the point that his lifestyle will revolve around fulfilling certain routines which will allow him to maintain a thin body, formed and even full of youth.

If you have never considered doing exercises, but you have come to the golden years with flashes of old age and you have an unpleasant and fat figure, let me tell you that it is not too late for you either. You can begin to make a habit of training adapted to your specific conditions to improve your body step by step. Without much trouble.

Counterproductive exercises.

As with any sport today, bodybuilding has a fairly high level of scientific study. In this sense, the most ideal trainings are given by what is called the triangle of good behavior, which is nothing more than the combination in its proper measure of muscle training (basic work of physical bodybuilding), aerobic exercises as well as also the elongation.

If you neglect any of these three factors or misbehave, it could be a bit dangerous for the body. For the young athletes as well as the amateurs, perhaps it will not be dangerous neither today nor tomorrow, but surely it will be in the future when it reaches the third age.

Assertions Of Jorge Bristo (Bodybuilder Specialized In Musculature)

A living example was the physicist-bodybuilder born in Argentina who was the world champion for the year 1964 (now deceased), Jorge Brisco, who was a physical education teacher, a specialist in musculature and president of the International Federation of Sports Coaches. that most of the problems raised in old age originated mainly during adolescence and youth.


Any of the teachings about the world of bodybuilding that during the youth does not respect the postural attitudes, the thoracic development, an adequate load of weight, the cartilages of growth, among others, could generate serious problems in the base of the body that is the column vertebral, as well as they could generate different types of hernias. An unconscious way of training your own body in the long run could cause some joint problems to appear which are generated as a result of poorly performed exercises or excessive weights when training on machines.

What happens is that in youth or adolescence, the structure of the bones are not yet in full development, also, any structural defect which can be generated in the body later will be very difficult to correct. That is why we must ensure that we enter at an advanced age with the best conditions to be able to reach a defined body free of dancing skins and poorly distributed fat.

4 tips to improve body image

4 tips to improve body image

Sport is essential in our life, thanks to it we can have a healthier life, changing our body and taking care of it as it deserves.

The exercise has become in recent years zyplex something essential in the routine of a person, today we are going to give you several tips that will come very well to increase body image. What is the most important thing when doing sports? How can we improve our performance when exercising? How to gain muscle mass after 50? all are questions that we ask ourselves every day and which we search the internet in search of the best answers, because we write this article with all that intention to try to clear some doubts and help you to have a little more clear mind.

1. Start inside.

Discerning the difference between reality and our own thoughts can be a challenge. Our minds are powerful entities that can convince us to believe almost anything, no matter how far the truth is. Affirmations are a great tool to change the way we think about ourselves. Choose some statements that affirm that you love your appearance (even if you do not fully believe it yet).

2. Drop and avoid perfection.

The media does not necessarily help promote a healthy body image. In fact, much of what we see in the photos is photoshoped, retouched and manipulated. This is quickly learned from the experience when you go to any photo shoot. From dehydration, tanning, diet manipulation and specific lighting. You quickly realize that this image is not reachable for more than a day, but when people see the same image on a magazine cover, it does not come with the disclaimer. Understanding that perfection is a myth is a great step towards achieving a positive body image. Putting aside unrealistic ideals, we can really value and embrace the uniqueness of our own body and focus on our individual strengths.

3. Reformulate your perspective.

You have to look at the bigger picture, which will help you change your perspective. If you are healthy, you have a roof over your head and you have the ability to read this article, you are already in a great place. However, when we are stuck in our own thoughts, it can be difficult to see this. Try to write three things every day for which you are grateful each day. It can also help change your point of view by giving praise, not only to others, but to yourself. Transform your internal dialogue of self-criticism into self-love.

4. Celebrate small victories.

Whether it’s a strong workout, an accomplishment at work, a new job or just doing one arm flex, celebrating those moments and do not be afraid to be proud of yourself. You have not defined yourself by your body, what you chose to define yourself is what is in your mind. Remind yourself how amazing you really are.


Foam rollers: essential physical therapy or core max ultra just another contraption?
If you belong to one of the most exclusive gyms, you will surely find foam rollers. In my experience, most users tend to be personal trainers with their clients, although recently its use has become increasingly important among the hardcore crowd.

While the popularity of foam rollers has increased tremendously in recent years, they remain a mystery among many athletes. Here we look at the theories and possible uses of foam rollers to help you decide if they could be useful.
What are the foam rollers for?
Foaming foam is an effective self-myofascial technique designed to break down muscle knots and scar tissue, promote muscle fiber activation and improve mobility. Foam rolls can allow athletes to enjoy many of the benefits of massage without the cost of seeing a therapist.

RumbleRoller Although they can not replicate the comments of a masseuse, the foam rollers provide an effective means of deep tissue massage. This is especially true for RumbleRoller (on the right), which has extra-high bumps designed to stimulate the deeper layers of muscle tissue and improve access to soft tissues near bony prominences, such as the spine, scapula and spine. basin

How are foam rollers used?
There are many schools of thought on the best ways to use foam rollers. They can be implemented before training to help athletes achieve greater mobility and performance, or after training to improve recovery. Outside these contexts, they can be used at any time to relieve significant soft tissue stiffness and restore reduced mobility caused by pain.

What kind of results can we expect when rolling the foam?
Moss rollers generally report decreased pain, improved mobility, and improved recovery after intense training. When used before training, foam rolling seems to improve range of motion, especially when performing movements such as squats where many people struggle to achieve the ideal movement. The low performance of such movements may not only increase the risk of injury; It can also slow down muscle gains.

Are there reviews of foam roll work?
Critics often cite the lack of research (discussed below) that supports claims that foam rolls have the ability to break down muscle adhesions and fascial tissue. Many claim that the fascial tissue is impervious to manual therapy of any kind, and that one would need to use a medieval grid to really deform the soft tissues the way the foam rollers say it is possible.

Others claim that foam rollers act as a stressor in the body, which can cause an inflammatory response. Some even believe that they can actually reduce force, while others argue that they are just a waste of time that could be better spent elsewhere.

These criticisms contradict the almost universal acceptance of foam rollers by gyms, personal trainers and athletes. Although we do not understand the precise mechanics of its use, it remains that for millions of people around the world, foam rollers continue to be considered an essential tool for training and recovery.

The chemist mimics the female sex hormone

The chemist mimics the female sex hormone

Research (2) has shown that men with testosup xtreme higher levels of BPA (known as a disruptive chemical of one type) in their system are statistically more likely to have a lower perm number. Not surprisingly, BPA is a major compound used in food packaging; anything from plastic bottles to bags and food boxes. The chemical mimics estrogen, a female sex hormone, and interferes with the way the body treats hormones. Experts estimate that BPA is detectable in more than 90% of people. It is one of the most widely manufactured chemicals in the world, with more than 2.2 million tons produced each year. Earlier this year, Denmark became the first EU country to ban the use of chemicals in food and beverage containers for children under three years of age. Canada and three US states UU They have also imposed prohibitions. BPA is just one of the hundreds of industrial chemicals present in food and packaging in general; No doubt, other chemicals will have a similar effect.

Pesticides: a large amount of research has been conducted in this area and, in many cases, research (3) indicates that greater exposure to pesticides and solvents is significantly associated with sperm thresholds well below the male fertility limit. This study focused on physical contact with pesticides and solvents instead of digestion. Interestingly, studies that have examined the effects of pesticides through food on digestion / absorption have similar evidence. A recent study (4) on fruit in the United Kingdom showed that more than 37 chemicals tested interfered with the action of testosterone, essential for reproduction and male health. Marginal note: Although manufacturers and food producers abide by the law, the law does not require pesticides to be evaluated for their effects on hormones.

GM culture: In one of the very few long-term nutritional studies (5) carried out so far with an approved GM product, appeared during a period of 20 weeks the fertility of mice fed GM corn was severely impaired, with fewer offspring than mice fed non-GM equivalent material. In a multigenerational test, mice fed with genetically modified corn had fewer offspring in the third and fourth generation, and this difference was statistically significant. Mice fed corn without GM grew faster. In a series of carefully controlled trials, it was also found that there was a statistically significant decrease in litter weight in third and fourth litter mice in the GM-fed group compared to the control group. .
The importance of this issue and the conflicts associated with it require much more in-depth and conclusive research, but once decisive evidence has been established, it must be followed, regardless of cost. Pushing these fundamental issues under the carpet at the governmental and political level will not solve the problem and will certainly not go away on its own. Please, highlight this problem and raise awareness. I’ll let Mr. P give an example of products that can help increase fertility below.

Should you avoid gluten?

Should you avoid gluten?

Is gluten as bad as everyone says?
Lately, there has been a lot of bad titan blast press for gluten in the health and fitness community. But is it really a scourge for your health and your figure as everyone thinks? Or is it just another diet mode designed to make us spend more than usual on groceries and avoid eating in restaurants?
What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat and similar grains such as rye, barley, bulgur wheat and oats. It is present in high proportions in whole grain products, giving them their elasticity and smooth texture. Gluten can usually be found in foods such as pasta, noodles, bread, cakes, pies, cookies and cereals.

Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a serious autoimmune disease in which the consumption of gluten-based products causes an adverse reaction. This can cause abdominal discomfort, diarrhea and short-term pain and malabsorption of nutrients, low growth rates and an increased risk of long-term premature death. The only treatment for celiac disease is a gluten-free diet.
It is estimated that less than 1% of people in the world suffer from this disease, although the increase in celiac disease screening has led to an increase in the number of people diagnosed.

Gluten sensitivity

The rate and self-diagnosis of gluten sensitivity are increasing. Also known as gluten intolerance, this condition can cause symptoms such as swelling, pain, lethargy and joint pain. Although these symptoms overlap with those observed in celiac disease, they are milder in gluten intolerant individuals. Gluten sensitivity would affect approximately 6% of the population in the United States.

What are the causes of the side effects related to gluten?

A healthy intestinal tract will absorb the nutrients and allow the optimal absorption of nutrients like the proteins in the body. In patients with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, their gastrointestinal problems are related to the fact that gluten, being indigestible to them, can cause an inflammatory reaction.

This damages the intestinal villi which, over time, can cause the direct passage of undigested proteins through the wall and into the bloodstream, where a rapid response of the immune system is induced to try to fight it.

So, how do you know if you’re gluten intolerant? The only reliable measure is to analyze blood and stool to detect the presence of specific antibodies. If you experience symptoms such as those listed below after ingesting gluten-based products (but not otherwise), consult your doctor.

The common symptoms of gluten sensitivity:

• Nutritional deficiencies
• joint pain
• Muscle pain
• Abdominal pain
• Diarrhea
• Swelling and gas
• Headache
• Tired

If you have these symptoms, it is a good idea to try to eliminate gluten from the diet for a few weeks to see if it is relieved. But what happens if none of these symptoms occurs? This is where we come to difficult terrain.

The anti-gluten train
Recently, many personalities in the health and exercise industry have criticized gluten, claiming that it can cause problems for almost everyone and recommend that it be avoided, regardless of whether it has the symptoms described here. -Dessus. Gluten has been accused of increasing cortisol and insulin levels, which predisposes the body to fat intake and causes accelerated aging and decreased thyroid function, among other things.

Know the most important training variables for muscle growth

Know the most important training variables for muscle growth

Knowing the appropriate multi-joint vital force enduromax exercises to include in your training is a good start, but to optimize hypertrophy, there are other variables to consider. Here is a brief summary:


The intensity of the training is not about the “hard” way of exercising; it is related to the weight that is being raised compared to that of a single maximum repetition for that movement. The conversion of that percentage to the number of repetitions, the scientists of the exercise have determined that to obtain the maximum of the growth of the muscle, you choose a weight in which you can do 6-12 repetitions with good form, reach muscle failure within that target range. If a weight is too easy or too large, it adjusts accordingly in your next series.

Within this range, there are some ways to manipulate your training to instigate more than just one mechanism for muscle growth. “To build muscle, I like to start with a range of 6-8 repetitions, and then do a dropset by quickly reducing weight by 50 percent and reach a second point of muscle failure,” says the trainer-training staff and spokesperson RSP Kieon Dorsey. “It gives me the best of both worlds, having the stimulus of the strength of a heavy set, and then with the muscles already fatigued, the formation of a superior muscular pump with the dropset. I will do this for 4-5 series. ”

The volume

A higher volume, multiple protocols together showed to be consistently higher in simple sets with respect to muscle building, ie, due to their ability to raise testosterone levels. Often, this requires that you follow a shared routine in which you can make more games in total for each part of the body to follow a whole-body routine in which less space is carried out for each muscle group.

Train the failure

Training the failure means that you do repetitions to a point where you can not complete one more repetition of the good form. This technique has been shown to create an anabolic stimulus to train below this threshold.

Rest periods

This variable between series seems to have little effect on growth, but do the rest intervals for about 60-90 seconds between moderate series, this maximizes the hypertrophic response. Spending too much time has actually been shown to be counter-productive for muscle gains, since it reduces accumulated metabolic stress in general, a marker of hypertrophy.

4 Train the target muscle at different angles

Since a large volume of protocol growth further increases the muscle (it is relative, of course, because you can do more too), it is important to add exercises that work different muscle movements that you already do.

For example, if you do a bench press on a flat bench, followed by dumbbell presses on a flat bench, the pectorals are worked at almost identical angles. The best options to include in your training would be inclined to or reject the presses.

In the same way, the day of biceps, do standing bar with curls followed by curls of barbell while standing repeats almost the same biomechanical movement. The Preacher with curls, however, focuses on the short head at a higher level, while the sloping bench curls focus on the upper part. Even the supination of the wrists of twist with palms upwards from a neutral with initial position grip adds a bit of variety.

“Adopting a multi-angle approach to your training is essential to maintain not only a balanced physique, but also to build the maximum size,” says Bartlett. “A simple adjustment like changing the grip, the angle of inclination, or the position will make significant changes in the way the muscles are recruited during an elevator, and therefore affect overall growth.”

5 Challenge yourself in the gym

During the first month of training, you probably have noticed a bit of progress that the novelty of the training has created great gains. Over time, however, your muscles stop responding to the same exercises.

This is where many weightlifters begin to lose their form. The program that has given rise to initial muscle gains begin to be less effective, since the body adapts quickly enough to the stimulus that arises. The fact is, that you need to continue increasing the degree of overload continues to see continuous improvements. Often, this means that you have to increase your weight as you get stronger, but it can also mean handling other training variables such as reps and rest.

Physical Games And Fitness Of Lee Haney

Cable Crossovers

Once Lee Haney was out of competition mass cut pro for about eight weeks, he added crossovers after the dives as another isolation movement. I did not really feel that I needed it in the off-season, but as I got closer to the show, I added this as another way to point to the pectorals and pump more blood to the area so it would look that full.

For this movement, Lee Haney performed three sets of fifteen repetitions each. “There was no need to train very heavy here, so I never went down to less than fifteen repetitions.

Physical Games And Fitness Of Lee Haney.

For the second year, Lee Haney and his team are receiving the Lee Haney Physique and Fitness Games in Atlanta, Georgia. Although he is a former Mr. Olympia winner, the event is much more than a bodybuilding show. They wanted an inclusive atmosphere that presented many different disciplines of fitness.

Lee Haney said: “We have a lot of power and energy this year, we have an NPC National Qualifier for bodybuilding, bikini and figure, there will be strongman, and arm wrestling along with an expo. Our goals are to make everyone feel invited and let them know that they can be part of our fitness culture. We enjoy and appreciate all aspects of fitness. ”

We also recommend that you read. . . 5 Powerful Spartan Workouts Made from the Comfort of your Home.

When asked what he personally was excited to see at his event this year, he did not hesitate to respond.


“I really like the Classic Physique division. It gives an opportunity to all those individuals who want to compete but can not try it in open bodybuilding. There were some men of those guys who tried Physique, but they were too big and the judges had a hard time sorting where to put them.

With this new division, it is another great option for athletes to be part of our sport and the judges have a clear criterion on how to judge their physique. I am very excited to see him this year. ”

This event that Lee Haney performed also served as a fundraiser for “Haney’s Harvest House,” an organization he founded to help young mentors and men to succeed in adulthood.

A Routine to Train Made by Lee Haney.

This training routine was left by the eight-time champion of Mr. Olympia Lee Haney, where he describes only a little of the training that said champion carried out.

Day Monday: Chest, Biceps And Triceps.

Press with flat bar or dumbbells: Perform four series of six and eight repetitions.

Press with inclined bar or dumbbell: Perform four series of six and eight repetitions.

Barbell or dumbbell curl: Perform four series of six and eight repetitions.

Curl preacher or inclined curl with dumbbells: Perform three or four series of six and eight repetitions.

Flexion with cable: Perform three or four series of six and eight repetitions.

French Press / extensions with bar lying down: Perform three or four series of six and eight repetitions.
The final repetition of each of the series should be a challenge in you, if you are going to increase the weight in each of the series, then you should have the support of a training partner to help you do an additional repetition or forced or to make a trap to reach the last repetition.

It is not good to cheat on preacher curls or dumbbell curls, because you can hyper extend the elbow joint or tear the biceps. It is good that you only get to what is known as a positive failure.

On Tuesday you must rest to give chance to your muscles that grow optimally. (Free Tuesday)

Wednesday is to train the legs:

Leg Extensions: Perform three sets of twelve repetitions each.

Leg Press: Perform three or four repetitions of eight to ten repetitions each.

Sentadillas: Perform four series of six to eight repetitions each.

Deadlift with stiff legs: Perform three or four repetitions of six to eight repetitions each.

Leg Curl lying down: Perform three sets of six to eight repetitions each.
The pyramidal weight as always runs and should immediately stretch between series; not only in the quadriceps, but also in the tendons and the inner area of ​​the thighs. Only do leg curls every two or three leg training. Keep in mind that deadlifts with stiff legs may be more valuable to increase muscle mass.

“Do not forget that challenging yourself can lead you to do things you’ve never done”

Remember that Safety is First: