Aerodance to lose weight?

But what is this brand new sport so trendy? Aerodance, recommended in the Bootcamps method, is in fact a subtle alliance between aerobics and, of course, dance. A very dynamic discipline, that goes without saying, and which gathers innumerable positive opinions.

An original sport that is good for the silhouette as well as the moral! This deserves a good spotlight on this increasingly popular fitness discipline .

 The slimming benefits of aerodance

Imagine going to your gym with the promise of burning a lot of calories while having fun! That’s what you’ll find in an aerodance course. If you are a beginner, the clubs offer courses of your level, do not hesitate!

Before that, by searching a few moments on the internet, you will find video courses very well done that will allow you to familiarize yourself with this discipline.

 In concrete terms, what is an aerodance session?

Whether you are beginner or more advanced, you will have a choreography to perform. Steps carefully chosen and staged to allow you to work your coordination, your balance and your dynamism while fully soliciting your muscles: mainly the abdominal strap , legs and thighs.

The course lasts an average of 45 minutes. 45 minutes during which you will burn about 500 calories or more.

A really effective sport to lose weight?

Workout, the surefire weapon against unwanted curves? Yes but … Your body needs a proper diet to work well. This is even more true in full slimming program. Attention therefore to daily calorie intake, protein intake and vitamins . Eat a variety, eat healthy and you can make the most of aerodance. You will use the full potential to  build the silhouette of your dreams.

There is no magic formula for erasing extra pounds. Sport is the best way to achieve your goals but what you put on your plate is just as essential. If you manage to find the perfect balance, then aerodance will help you lose weight!

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