9 myths on the CrossFit analyzed

Athletes who practice CrossFit training are good at all

High-level CrossFit athletes are certainly Activatrol Testosterone accomplished athletes, but they are unlikely to succeed in beating another high-level athlete from another sport. Because the specific skills required by a particular sport are different, a general sportsman can not be good in anything other than a general sport for that reason, the CrossFit Games welcome all kinds of sportsmen. The CrossFit is a nice sport, but it is not a good practice for other sports.


You will get hurt if you practice the CrossFit

You can actually hurt yourself by practicing CrossFit, but not by practicing any other sport. CrossFit programs with high intensity and injuries of some athletes during competitions feed this myth. A 2007 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research of 132 CrossFit athletes showed that 97 of them (73.5%) had already been injured while training. Nine of them had to resort to surgery to heal their wounds. The researchers determined that the injury rate was similar to that found in Olympic-level weightlifters and gymnasts. Making the most difficult moves again and again is a bad idea. You have to stop when you sacrifice your good position, this is called technical problems . You are more likely to get hurt when you persist while you do not have a good position to make your move. Practice safely and know when to stop working with a qualified CrossFit coach.

Practicing CrossFit training is the best way to get fit

Getting fit to do what? That is the question to be asked. Practicing CrossFit can definitely improve your cardiovascular system, but is this the best activity to do when it comes to improving your endurance and running time? Absolutely not. Is this a good sport for my 75-year-old grandmother, certainly not. It is rare for a CrossFit instructor to know how to periodize (in other words, create a schedule of scheduled training sessions for athlete preparation at a competition), a program that will add to the physical demands of another sport. To stay in shape, you have to create a personalized physical activity program with a professional according to your specific objectives.

The CrossFit approach is not based on anything

CrossFit’s ability to improve cardiovascular health, body composition and strength of your body has its benefits, as is a classic workout. The high intensity and short duration that characterizes this type of drive offer important advantages when you want to get back into shape. A CrossFit study conducted in 2013 by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research on 23 males and 20 females sought to determine improvements in the general shape, body composition (percentage of body fat) and Their VO2 max (a way to measure the health of the cardiovascular system). As is the case with other power and high intensity drive programs,

All CrossFit instructors and coaches are qualified

To become a certified CrossFit Instructor, you need only a weekend of training … No previous experience or diploma is required. Some CrossFit instructors however have additional qualifications. To make you coach safely, make sure that the person who trains you is qualified and has a good experience. You get trained by a real professional will allow you to be sure that you will make the right movements with a good position.

All CrossFit rooms offer the same services

CrossFit rooms are simply affiliated with the CrossFit movement. These affiliates all have different methodologies. The different styles of coaching vary according to the level of experience of coaches as well as their understanding of the human body. Each CrossFit club uses a general training program that compiles all the exercises and each coach draws the exercises necessary for each individual program. Overall, the best CrossFit coaches never stop learning and always find new techniques and methods to become a better coach.

The Crossfit is a sect

Although CrossFit is clearly not a cult, it does have some of the attributes. The CrossFit has its own vocabulary, such as the “WOD” (Workout Of The Day), “thrusters” (a CrossFit exercise). In addition, some CrossFit practitioners despise all other forms of training and believe that the CrossFit is the only way to get stronger. All teachers and coaches should continue to train, listen to other points of view, challenge and challenge the status quo and adapt their work as they expand their knowledge base.

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