5 Crossfit routines (WOD) to improve your fitness

Description of the Crossfit program

The following Crossfit special workouts Dsn code black side effects  are designed to develop general fitness. Each of them contains at least four exercises, and is performed by series or circuits.


Rest as long as necessary between each circuit. Each workout has a number of sets to reach. Try to improve your fitness over time by gradually increasing the number of sets to reach by taking a minimum of rest.

You will suffer from rhabdomyolysis

Rhabdomyolysis refers to a state of health that can be dangerous that occurs when the muscle tissue is damaged and that substances contained in the muscle cells escape into the bloodstream. When damage to muscle cells is important, these substances released into the body can cause considerable damage that can be fatal to the athlete. It is however quite rare, and quite difficult to arrive at this point. The athlete must push his limits and continue to train again and again in spite of excruciating pain. Just like vomiting, which can occur during or after high intensity workouts, you do not risk anything if you listen to your body. But,

CrossFit is expensive

The cost of joining a CrossFit club varies by region and often depends on the number of times you want to go to your gym. On average, people who practice CrossFit can spend 50 to 150 euros per month. “It may sound like a lot, but it’s like registering in a high-end gym or a special training camp,” says coach Mark Nutting. “Although this price is relatively high compared to a registration in a traditional gym where you just have access to the facilities. “Some club owners will negotiate with you and offer you a free trial week before signing up for a longer period. Once you have learned to perform the movements safely,

And you what do you think ?

Have you ever heard of these myths about CrossFit? You still think that some of them are true? Do you know of others? Have you ever tried the CrossFit or do you practice this sport regularly? What do you think ? Are you a fan or hate? Post a comment and give us your opinion!

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