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Perform an active recovery

Active recovery is another method that has demonstrated excellent functionality for those moments in which post-muscular pain tend to be intense. As the name implies, it is to accelerate the process of recovery vital x9 through activity, however, this does not mean that we must do the same exercise that caused this pain, but rather perform less intense exercises.

With this, what we achieve is that the increase in blood flow runs through the muscles previously worked, which will allow a greater oxygenation and at the same time the transport of the nutrients necessary for the repair.

When making an active recovery the most important thing is to start the circulatory system and not cause too much stress to the muscles, which could lead to micro-fractures of the fibers being more serious, thus delaying the recovery time.

Depending on the physical and intense activity performed previously, we must opt ​​for other lighter substitutes to achieve more results, for example:

If the legs were the muscles worked in the previous session, then the most advisable thing would be to perform a moderate cardio session of at least 30 minutes the day after the routine.
When the chest is the muscle affected by post-workout pain, then we can do some push-ups or push-ups, in which different muscles (besides the chest) are involved, such as the shoulders and arms, although these do not cause the same impact than a bench press, so they are excellent for initiating the active recovery process.
Other practices such as performing yoga, or carrying out some calisthenics routine (strength training with body weight) will help us to accelerate recovery, although of course, in the case of calisthenics it can only be effective when the levels of force are already high enough so that our body weight does not cause a major impact on the muscles.
4. Rest properly

There are many times when active recovery is not usually the best option for relieving stiffness, this happens mainly when you have a fairly basic level of training, and recovery times are usually much longer.

For people who are just taking their first steps in the world of fitness are widely recommended to take a good rest of 36 to 48 hours between each session of exercise, allowing better muscle recovery.

By doing this our body will have better opportunities to repair itself, which will guarantee us a better preparation for the next routine, without interrupting the training protocol of 3 times a week, a standard widely used in beginner routines.

5. Cold-heat contrast baths

Cold-heat contrast baths are quite common methods used by physiotherapists when treating sports injuries or other muscular problems related to the degeneration of tissues by age.

As the name implies, is to apply shocks of cold and heat between intervals, so that you can get some benefits such as:

Increased blood flow
Vasodilation (heat) and vasoconstriction (cold) of the blood vessels
Cleaning toxins accumulated in tissues
Decreased muscle rigidity
Analgesic effect on the treated areas
Mobilization and stimulation of the nervous system
Thanks to all these effects, as a result, a much quicker recovery of the muscles is achieved, while at the same time relieving pain and other discomfort caused by intense training.

6. Massages
The massages are excellent to eliminate the tension of the sore muscles. However, it is not recommended to perform any massage, but those in which techniques are usually used with greater focus for this problem; clear as long as you are an Olympic athlete.

In general, these therapies, known as Active Release Techniques, are not usually as effective for normal people, that is, for those who train only for hobbies or for health. While they will help you find immediate relief in your post-workout ailments, the reason why they are not considered effective is because the cost-benefit ratio is usually not so balanced, so it’s not worth it to spend large amounts of money. money for something can be relieved with a simple massage, either by relying on a partner or with the help of a foam roller.

7. Analgesics
In the last resort we can make the use of analgesic products, specifically some like Naproxen Sodium that provides surprising results with just one pill.

Now, if you are reluctant to use medications, you can opt for the use of natural remedies such as ginger tea or cherry juice, which also have analgesic properties, helping to eliminate pain caused by micro-tears due to exercise.

7 exercises that you can perform with the resistance band

7 exercises that you can perform with the resistance band
as well as a double routine that you can easily perform at home
It does not matter if you do not have time testo e force or money to go to a gym and start getting fit, there are many alternatives that you can use to add a little physical activity to your current lifestyle and start enjoying the excellent benefits that Sport brings health.

If previously we show you 4 different disciplines that you can practice to put that body in motion, today we have to talk about one more and that not many know despite its simplicity, but it is certainly very fun to do and above all, that It is also effective to do a full muscle workout.

It is the use of resistance bands, a material so conventional that you can find it in any supermarket or sports store and that despite this is so effective to gain muscle and lose fat. Unlike weight machines or free weights of dumbbells, resistance bands provide resistance through movement itself, and can recruit multiple muscle fibers with a single exercise.

But how to achieve this? It is precisely what we are going to teach you today: 7 exercises that you can perform with the resistance band, as well as a double routine that you can easily perform at home and without additional equipment for your comfort.

1. Rear shoulder opening
Currently, it is known that most people usually suffer from loss of mobility of the shoulders due to a decompensation between the muscles of the back and chest. In general, this deficiency is attributed to poor posture or excessive emphasis on pushing exercises such as push-ups and discarding the execution of traction exercises such as pull-ups or rowing. By performing the shoulder openings we can recover again that muscular balance and, therefore, the mobility of the shoulders.

Execution technique:

First, you must place the resistance band around a column or press it directly against the door and then take it with both hands on each end. Stand at a distance far enough so that your arms are fully extended.
Then take the band to the sides, so that your arms are separated at the maximum possible distance, going to the sides of the body and making a flexion of the elbows.

2. Squatting with hands up and turning
This exercise will allow us to work the muscles of the lower train, so that the legs and buttocks will be the most benefited groups, although we will also involve the resistance of the shoulders and the core area of ​​the body, especially the obliques.

Execution technique:

Place the resistance band under the feet, making sure that they are separated across the width of the shoulders. Take a band with both hands on each end.
Next, take the body to the bottom so that you take the position of a squat in the neutral part of it.
Once down, get up again in a sudden movement, but without separating your feet from the ground.
When you reach the top, you must raise your arms as high as possible and then make a small turn to either side.

3. Side steps
Although this exercise also focuses on the work of lower-body muscle groups, it is usually very effective in giving the body a much more complete movement, since commonly, people tend to forget about lateral exercises, focusing on movements back and forth, which may limit mobility.

In addition to this, it is also excellent for working the strength of the hip abductors.

Stand on the resistance band with your feet spread across the hips.
Now, take the bands with both hands, taking them up, crossing them and forming an “X” with the ends. The elbows should be positioned at the same height as the hips and be slightly flexed.

Dandelion root to lose weight?

To optimize the effects of a diet, one can use herbal medicine. And among the natural assets recognized for their slimming virtues, we find the extract of dandelion root.

But does he justify his good reputation? It seems that yes. Update on its many benefits.

Dandelion root, an ally to lose weight!
Dandelion root is an effective partner for total tone diet losing weight because it has a stimulating effect on the body. It pushes the body to spend more energy, and thus burn more fat faster.

But dandelion root is also a good diuretic: if your extra pounds are due to water retention, and if in addition, you miss your cellulite, it can be very useful for you!

Slimming through dandelion root: herbal tea or extract?
To easily benefit from all the benefits of dandelion root, you can for example get the extract: liquid, it is taken twice a day, diluted in a glass of water. Dandelion root is potent: make sure that you follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.

But the dandelion root extract is also consumed, more traditionally, in the form of infusions:

– dandelion root powder (purchased in herbal or organic stores)
– some water !

Your dandelion root tea is prepared cup after cup:

– Start by boiling just enough water for a cup.

– Then make a short decoction: pour the equivalent of a teaspoon of dandelion root powder into your cup, then add a little cold water. Leave on for 2 minutes.

– Pour the boiling water into the cup and let it infuse for 10 minutes.

– Drink daily up to two or three cups of this infusion.

Do not despise the dandelion! This “weed” is actually a precious help to lose weight. So we put on the extract of its root, in addition to a good diet!

Other benefits of dandelion root
The dandelion root does not present only slimming virtues. It is also an ally of choice to clean the entire body and eliminate toxins. Dandelion root also helps to effectively stimulate the liver and kidneys. In “detox” cure of spring, it is ideal!

The dandelion root is also rich in inulin, a vegetable fiber particularly favorable to the health of the intestinal flora. It thus makes it possible to obtain a better digestion.

The disadvantages of dandelion root? It is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, as well as people with kidney or heart disease. It may also not be appropriate for people with gallstones.

Cardio Twister, effective to lose weight?

To lose weight quickly, it is necessary to kara keto burn practice a regular physical activity. Although this is bad news for the lazy, this is the harsh reality of a successful diet.

To do this, you must give you all the means to achieve your slimming goal. If you’re a fan of theatrical sports, devices like Cardio Twister are definitely for you. This brand is indeed relatively known in the world of the gym, for its originality.

The opinions are controversial, however, since some people believe that its success is based only on a well-honed marketing.

This article aims to lift the veil on this mystery to enlighten you.

Cardio Twister, an effective device to lose weight
The Cardio Twister differs from the existing devices on the market in its design. Indeed, this machine combines both cardio work and bodybuilding. Resembling the elliptical bike in its operation, it allows more varied movements.

In addition, its use involves all the muscles of your body for complete remodeling of your silhouette. Your shoulders, hips, thighs and legs will all be sculpted to perfection.

The efforts you have to provide are such that you will burn about 300 kcal in just 30 minutes of use. In addition, you will have at your disposal a DVD that will guide you through the various exercises possible with this device. What to do then a training like a real professional.

Our tips for losing weight with Cardio Twister
As in any fitness, it is necessary to follow a well-defined program to achieve your slimming goals. The use of this device should not exceed 3 times a week. The reason for this limitation is to avoid that your muscles are saturated and no longer produce the desired effects. In addition, consider constantly changing your exercises for two reasons.

On the one hand, it will allow you to solicit your muscles one after the other for better results. On the other hand, it is a simple, but effective way to not get tired quickly. In addition, we would like to point out that your training should be accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet. To do this, choose fruit and vegetables rich in fiber and antioxidant.

This will improve your digestive system and eliminate the toxins present in your body. Finally, avoid anything that is too fat, salty and sweet being a great source of fat.

Precautions before use
Know that Cardio Twister is a device that requires a lot of investment from you. And on your entire body, your back will be the most sought. Being far from child’s play, it is essential that you have the green light of a medical opinion before mounting this machine.

This will save you a lot of complications, which are far from welcome given the high base price of this device.

The Cardio Twister is a machine combining cardio and bodybuilding, which makes it original. Using it is an effective way to quickly burn calories with a little seriousness.

However, it is always advisable to take medical advice before starting any program, the Cardio Twister is not a breeze.

3 infusions to have a flat stomach

How to lose belly or have a flat stomach? You tried the capsules, the physical exercise; but have you thought of drinking homemade herbal tea?
Nature is full of effective premier keto diet reviews solutions to burn your abdominal fat. Adopt a detox cure gently by focusing three infusions to have a flat stomach.

The decoction of lemon and ginger
Lemon is a very good diuretic and a very good kidney stimulant. Instead of acidifying the body, lemon helps regulate excess acidity and stimulates digestive activity. As part of a detox cure, to have a flat stomach, it is a fruit totally recommended. It stimulates kidney activity, which gives it a diuretic effect.

Drink lemon juice diluted in mineral water every morning. Start with half a lemon, then one, two, and so on up to six. Then redo the same way upside down until you get back to half a lemon a day.

The infusion of lemon can be combined with ginger for even more efficiency: In all the oriental countries, ginger is a medicinal plant known for its digestive virtues.

The lemon and ginger tea helps improve intestinal transit, burn fat and therefore give a slender belly. You can prepare the grated root in herbal tea: a teaspoon for half a liter of boiling water to infuse for ten minutes or in juice with water, honey and lemon.

Plums or prunes to drink in herbal tea
Everyone knows that prunes must be given to children to solve their problem smoothly. These fruits, which are dried with their kernel, are not reserved for little ones. They are excellent intestinal drainants that act directly on the intestines and facilitate their work.

Prune juices diluted in hot water are very effective, especially if taken on an empty stomach and at body temperature. They facilitate digestion and act directly on the abdominal volume.

Decoction of buckthorn and marshmallow
Buckthorn is ranked at the top of the hit parade of digestive plants. Buckthorn is very laxative and purifies the intestinal bowl of the toxins responsible for taking belly. Count half a teaspoon of buckthorn for a quarter of a liter of cold water. Boil for five minutes and let infuse for ten minutes. Sugar with honey according to your convenience and drink a cup at bedtime.
You can combine the action of buckthorn with that of marshmallow Marshmallow is emollient and calms intestinal irritations. premier diet keto Its properties facilitate digestion and increase all digestive metabolic activity, including intestinal.
With fifteen grams of leaves you can prepare half a liter of decoction. Let infuse for ten minutes, sweeten honey as needed and drink three cups a day. You will see the results after two weeks.

If you can not get these products hot water regularly, a decoction of thyme or simply green tea drunk regularly fasting can do the trick.

Lose weight thanks to a juice extractor

Easy and very pleasant to do, performing cures with a juice extractor is a slimming method that is particularly effective in achieving its weight loss goals.

A hundred leagues from the draconian diet possible, the consumption of juice prepared yourself will have multiple benefits forskolin keto complete on the body and on the line. How to best exploit this equipment that will become synonymous with thinning?

The Juice Extractor: A Gentle Method to Lose Weight
To follow a cure of juices prepared with the help of an extractor is a slimming program not requiring the least effort. During the entire course of this treatment, the individual will have to replace food that he deems superfluous or harmful to his line by a juice prepared using an extractor.

As such, it is best to avoid the juice of industrial origin but to favor those made-home. At the slightest sign of temptation around a chocolate bar or a piece of cold cuts, drinking a juice will relieve the feeling of hunger and fill the stomach quickly.

In terms of quantity, it is recommended to drink a maximum of 4 glasses daily. The key to the success of the cure will rest on the fact of intelligently mixing vegetables and fruits and not especially favoring naturally sweeter fruits.

Recipe ideas galore
Juices can be prepared using an extractor are innumerable. Some blends are nonetheless safe, such as celery-apple-carrot or pear-parsley-cucumber without forgetting ginger – Kale-lemon-apple cabbage.

In each juice must be at the same time a vegetable and a fruit with as seasoning a grass for example. There is more than one smoothie recipe to experiment with according to your tastes.

Still in this desire to lose weight, a juice can completely substitute for dinner on the condition that it has a quantity of 500 ml and that it is predominantly vegetable-based.

For people who can not mourn a solid food in the evening, the best compromise will be to accompany the juice with a salad of raw vegetables or steamed vegetables. In addition to its many health benefits, this treatment will have a significant impact on weight.

Some tips to make the best use of your juice extractor
Some common sense rules will make full use of the advantages of the juice extractor. In the first place, each juice prepared should preferably be consumed immediately after its extraction.

If it is not possible to drink it right away, it is advisable to add lemon juice to increase the storage capacity and to place the juice in a sealed bottle.

In the same way, vegetables and fruits of organic origin will have to be privileged as far as possible. Always in this perspective to make the most judicious use of this equipment, juices prepared using an extractor should be keto complete reviews as simple as possible by integrating a maximum of 3 to 4 vegetables and fruits by preparation and taking care to vary the pleasures while maintaining a predominance of vegetables in relation to fruits.

Easily and with many benefits for the body, the juice treatment carried out using an extractor will be a paid method to eliminate his extra pounds.

Lose weight by eating several times a day?

Feeding more often can lead to weight loss if the amount ingested in one day remains the same.

Sequencing food in several meals can be a great help to slim down because this program will maximize the metabolic aspects premier diet keto of the latter.

How to explain this phenomenon ?

Eating more often can make you lose weight
Instead of having to eat twice a day for lunch and dinner, it may be wise to change your eating habits until you have 5 meals a day and the equivalent proportions.

In order to lose your extra pounds, the first meal should be taken about half an hour after waking up. Therefore, the next 4 meals will be spaced approximately 3 to 4 hours apart.

The first challenge with this new diet will be to abandon the 3 traditional meals and adopt a completely different food cycle. To make 5 meals a day is to abandon the traditional composition of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Conversely, the advantage of adopting this cycle is that you no longer have to reserve a certain category of foods at a specific time of the day.

How to eat more often can help lose weight?
It is the increase of the metabolism which favors the “burning of the fats” and thus the loss of weight. In order for the metabolism to consume calories over time, providing it with regular caloric intake is the best solution.

The increase of the metabolism by the nutrition thus passes by the segmentation of these contributions through several successive meals during the day.

Eating often will also help slim down because after each meal, the mechanism of digestion is triggered and this phenomenon requires energy consumption resulting in particular by a caloric burn.

More frequently meals will take place and more important will be the caloric expenditure generated during the day.

What menu to follow during this slimming program?
First, by choosing to eat more often to lose weight, it will also be necessary to focus on eating appropriate foods.

In the composition of recipe, it will be wise to make a choice of ingredients such as celery or grapefruit, one of the characteristics of which is to require a greater expenditure of energy of the body as part of their digestion .

Logically, other foods should be avoided if possible or consumed occasionally such as white pasta, bananas or corn.

As an illustration, a typical day of this program could be composed as follows:
1st meal: a slice of wholemeal bread accompanied by a piece of low-fat cheese.
2nd meal: yoghurt without fat and fruit.
3rd meal: A slice of turkey with a portion of green beans and a fruit.
4th meal: A fruit, such as an orange or an apple, accompanied by dried fruits.
5th meal: Fish with a portion of wheat and a 100% natural fruit juice.

Requiring a certain adaptation in premier diet keto reviews his eating habits, to make 5 daily meals of reasonable and equivalent quantities is a very effective and easy method to implement to lose his extra pounds without having to suffer the least frustration or exposing himself at the risk of cravings.

TOP 10 sports to have tapered legs

We all dream of the same thing: have tapered legs and curved thighs. And to get there, it’s not that complicated. Often, the thighs are the first prey of weight gain and cellulite. Here are the top 10 sports that will allow you to have legs tapered.

The ideal is to walk thirty minutes a day. max pro 1000 For example, take the habit of walking to work if you can. Prefer the stairs to the elevator. And go as often as possible walking quickly for at least three quarters of an hour. Your legs will be thinner, lighter and this will help you fight cellulite.

Jogging is a sport that has exactly the same benefits as walking except that it also adds the cardio side that burns fat quickly.

Jumping rope
The skipping rope is used everywhere and all the time. Very complete, this sport allows you to build up quickly while burning fat and refining your legs.

The legs are the most solicited in this sport, which is why it is advisable to have tapered legs. Combined with muscle building, it will work wonders.

On the ocean in the summer or in the mountains in winter, surfing solicits all the muscles and its playfulness will make it an extremely pleasant sport to practice.

Ideal, swimming allows you to build muscles and massage to ensure excellent drainage to fight against cellulite. The best swims: the webbed swim and the crawl. In two sessions a week you will see the results quickly.

The aquabiking
Pedaling in the water helps fight against cellulite and muscles effectively. We try to do it between 45 minutes and one hour a week.

Volley ball
Volleyball like beach volleyball are explosive sports because a match is running and jumping. Ideal for the thighs, the refinement of the silhouette will be seen quickly after several trainings.

Must sport when you want to have beautiful legs, athletics is very complete since during a training, we chained the races, stretching and jumping. What to offer a complete panel for the body. By practicing it two or three times a week, you will quickly get beautiful tapered legs.

And yes, spikes and flexing greatly solicit the legs and besides, you see it well, the dancers have legs of dreams. Take a bar class or dance class and watch the wonderful effects it will have on your body.

In addition to a balanced diet, sport will max pro 1000 weight loss help you reach your goal. However, do not forget to grant you rest sessions during the week so as not to overwork your body.

The flat belly sheath for men: effective?

The diet is increasingly adopted by overweight people wishing to remedy their situation. Yet this alternative is sometimes dangerous. Indeed, we are tempted to do more than we need to lose considerable weight in a short time.

The consequences: discomfort, a radical shark tank weight loss metabolic disorder, etc. Today, to eliminate your belly fat, trust slimming belts (commonly called sheaths).

To wear on a daily basis, they will burn too many calories in your body, without any danger.

The flat belly sheath: a double slimming effect for men
On the one hand, let’s talk about the benefits provided by the slim, small or large sheath (it depends). Because of its thickness, the item will go unnoticed under your clothes.

You can wear it all day long, without your entourage noticing. Also, if you have not lost the desired weight during your treatment, you still have the option to wear the sheath, if you wish to enter your tuxedo body.

On the other hand, the sheath is so effective that you would be tempted to abuse it: for example, wearing it even at night. Error !

Abuse of the sheath easily causes discomfort in your abdomen. It is therefore necessary to follow the advice of a doctor and reduce the frequency of the wearing of sheath to slim down properly (safely).

How to live with the flat belly sheath for everyday man?
Although the sheath allows you to reach your goal in terms of weight, wearing it is not without consequence. First of all, you must know that it has a sweating characteristic. So, remember to clean it regularly to feel optimal comfort inside.

Do not forget that to take advantage of its slimming properties, it is always better to play sports and follow a healthy diet. Where to buy a sheath? In pharmacy, but also in some gyms. If you want tailor-made, buying online is also an interesting option.

The flat belly sheath: for whom?
Of course, this accessory for strong men acts on the abdominal area. The process is simple: wear the sheath for a set period of time and long enough to eliminate the maximum calories and fat from your body.

This slimming treatment is especially suitable for men who want to appear in their best light, during important events, and enter a relatively slim tuxedo.

A few words about the men’s flat belly sheath
Considered simply as a belt, the sheath is actually a much larger device that is installed on the abdominal area of ​​your body. Creating a compression effect, it will sweat this part of your body, so as to burn excess fat.

To lose weight effectively, do not weight loss shark tank hesitate to wear a heating jacket on your ventral part. Similar to a boxer, this time it will be necessary to wear it at the level of your bust. This accessory coupled with healthy diets, you will achieve your goal of weight loss in a relatively short time. The before-and-after effect will be remarkable.

Brazil nut to lose weight?

The brazil nut, sometimes still too little known, is the ideal partner of any diet to fight against cravings. Indeed, its nutritional qualities premier diet keto quickly give a great feeling of satiety and will help you to stimulate and maintain your efforts in your weight loss.

The Brazil nut: a nutritious fruit that can help you lose weight?
Many people mistakenly believe that eating this type of nut makes you fat. However, Brazil nuts can be real allies of thinness provided you moderate its consumption.

Indeed, there are nearly 200 calories per 100 grams of nuts!

It is actually scientifically proven that a daily serving of 30g of Brazil nuts is a real boost to lose weight because its energy intake is such that it quickly increases the feeling of satiety, playing a role of cut-hunger and thus limiting the consumption of other foods higher in calories.

The Brazil nut is urgently needed by all those who tend to get fat because they can not stop their cravings.

A single small Brazil nut for maximum benefits
Small but strong, the Brazil nut is full of nutritional qualities that help the body to work well. Very rich in trace elements, it helps to overcome any deficiencies by keeping an iron health.

Brazil nuts: how and when to eat them?
If it is eaten very well by itself as a snack or appetizer, the Brazil nut also goes very well with dishes such as a fresh and light shrimp salad or a zucchini cake. It is excellent for composing granolas and becomes indispensable for tasty and dietary cookies.

Finally, the Brazil nut is even available as a hot drink to warm during the winter evenings.

The origins of the Brazil nut
As its name suggests, this nut is native to Brazil, where it grows on trees with impressive dimensions.

If found in the wild in the vast Amazonian forest, the Brazil nut is now cultivated throughout the South American continent for its undeniable nutritional qualities.

Close to coconut in terms of texture premier diet keto reviews and taste, Brazil nuts are becoming more and more popular around the world, especially among sports and fitness enthusiasts.