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Know the most important training variables for muscle growth

Know the most important training variables for muscle growth

Knowing the appropriate multi-joint vital force enduromax exercises to include in your training is a good start, but to optimize hypertrophy, there are other variables to consider. Here is a brief summary:


The intensity of the training is not about the “hard” way of exercising; it is related to the weight that is being raised compared to that of a single maximum repetition for that movement. The conversion of that percentage to the number of repetitions, the scientists of the exercise have determined that to obtain the maximum of the growth of the muscle, you choose a weight in which you can do 6-12 repetitions with good form, reach muscle failure within that target range. If a weight is too easy or too large, it adjusts accordingly in your next series.

Within this range, there are some ways to manipulate your training to instigate more than just one mechanism for muscle growth. “To build muscle, I like to start with a range of 6-8 repetitions, and then do a dropset by quickly reducing weight by 50 percent and reach a second point of muscle failure,” says the trainer-training staff and spokesperson RSP Kieon Dorsey. “It gives me the best of both worlds, having the stimulus of the strength of a heavy set, and then with the muscles already fatigued, the formation of a superior muscular pump with the dropset. I will do this for 4-5 series. ”

The volume

A higher volume, multiple protocols together showed to be consistently higher in simple sets with respect to muscle building, ie, due to their ability to raise testosterone levels. Often, this requires that you follow a shared routine in which you can make more games in total for each part of the body to follow a whole-body routine in which less space is carried out for each muscle group.

Train the failure

Training the failure means that you do repetitions to a point where you can not complete one more repetition of the good form. This technique has been shown to create an anabolic stimulus to train below this threshold.

Rest periods

This variable between series seems to have little effect on growth, but do the rest intervals for about 60-90 seconds between moderate series, this maximizes the hypertrophic response. Spending too much time has actually been shown to be counter-productive for muscle gains, since it reduces accumulated metabolic stress in general, a marker of hypertrophy.

4 Train the target muscle at different angles

Since a large volume of protocol growth further increases the muscle (it is relative, of course, because you can do more too), it is important to add exercises that work different muscle movements that you already do.

For example, if you do a bench press on a flat bench, followed by dumbbell presses on a flat bench, the pectorals are worked at almost identical angles. The best options to include in your training would be inclined to or reject the presses.

In the same way, the day of biceps, do standing bar with curls followed by curls of barbell while standing repeats almost the same biomechanical movement. The Preacher with curls, however, focuses on the short head at a higher level, while the sloping bench curls focus on the upper part. Even the supination of the wrists of twist with palms upwards from a neutral with initial position grip adds a bit of variety.

“Adopting a multi-angle approach to your training is essential to maintain not only a balanced physique, but also to build the maximum size,” says Bartlett. “A simple adjustment like changing the grip, the angle of inclination, or the position will make significant changes in the way the muscles are recruited during an elevator, and therefore affect overall growth.”

5 Challenge yourself in the gym

During the first month of training, you probably have noticed a bit of progress that the novelty of the training has created great gains. Over time, however, your muscles stop responding to the same exercises.

This is where many weightlifters begin to lose their form. The program that has given rise to initial muscle gains begin to be less effective, since the body adapts quickly enough to the stimulus that arises. The fact is, that you need to continue increasing the degree of overload continues to see continuous improvements. Often, this means that you have to increase your weight as you get stronger, but it can also mean handling other training variables such as reps and rest.

Physical Games And Fitness Of Lee Haney

Cable Crossovers

Once Lee Haney was out of competition mass cut pro for about eight weeks, he added crossovers after the dives as another isolation movement. I did not really feel that I needed it in the off-season, but as I got closer to the show, I added this as another way to point to the pectorals and pump more blood to the area so it would look that full.

For this movement, Lee Haney performed three sets of fifteen repetitions each. “There was no need to train very heavy here, so I never went down to less than fifteen repetitions.

Physical Games And Fitness Of Lee Haney.

For the second year, Lee Haney and his team are receiving the Lee Haney Physique and Fitness Games in Atlanta, Georgia. Although he is a former Mr. Olympia winner, the event is much more than a bodybuilding show. They wanted an inclusive atmosphere that presented many different disciplines of fitness.

Lee Haney said: “We have a lot of power and energy this year, we have an NPC National Qualifier for bodybuilding, bikini and figure, there will be strongman, and arm wrestling along with an expo. Our goals are to make everyone feel invited and let them know that they can be part of our fitness culture. We enjoy and appreciate all aspects of fitness. ”

We also recommend that you read. . . 5 Powerful Spartan Workouts Made from the Comfort of your Home.

When asked what he personally was excited to see at his event this year, he did not hesitate to respond.


“I really like the Classic Physique division. It gives an opportunity to all those individuals who want to compete but can not try it in open bodybuilding. There were some men of those guys who tried Physique, but they were too big and the judges had a hard time sorting where to put them.

With this new division, it is another great option for athletes to be part of our sport and the judges have a clear criterion on how to judge their physique. I am very excited to see him this year. ”

This event that Lee Haney performed also served as a fundraiser for “Haney’s Harvest House,” an organization he founded to help young mentors and men to succeed in adulthood.

A Routine to Train Made by Lee Haney.

This training routine was left by the eight-time champion of Mr. Olympia Lee Haney, where he describes only a little of the training that said champion carried out.

Day Monday: Chest, Biceps And Triceps.

Press with flat bar or dumbbells: Perform four series of six and eight repetitions.

Press with inclined bar or dumbbell: Perform four series of six and eight repetitions.

Barbell or dumbbell curl: Perform four series of six and eight repetitions.

Curl preacher or inclined curl with dumbbells: Perform three or four series of six and eight repetitions.

Flexion with cable: Perform three or four series of six and eight repetitions.

French Press / extensions with bar lying down: Perform three or four series of six and eight repetitions.
The final repetition of each of the series should be a challenge in you, if you are going to increase the weight in each of the series, then you should have the support of a training partner to help you do an additional repetition or forced or to make a trap to reach the last repetition.

It is not good to cheat on preacher curls or dumbbell curls, because you can hyper extend the elbow joint or tear the biceps. It is good that you only get to what is known as a positive failure.

On Tuesday you must rest to give chance to your muscles that grow optimally. (Free Tuesday)

Wednesday is to train the legs:

Leg Extensions: Perform three sets of twelve repetitions each.

Leg Press: Perform three or four repetitions of eight to ten repetitions each.

Sentadillas: Perform four series of six to eight repetitions each.

Deadlift with stiff legs: Perform three or four repetitions of six to eight repetitions each.

Leg Curl lying down: Perform three sets of six to eight repetitions each.
The pyramidal weight as always runs and should immediately stretch between series; not only in the quadriceps, but also in the tendons and the inner area of ​​the thighs. Only do leg curls every two or three leg training. Keep in mind that deadlifts with stiff legs may be more valuable to increase muscle mass.

“Do not forget that challenging yourself can lead you to do things you’ve never done”

Remember that Safety is First:

5 Strategies to obtain gains in strength for people over 40

5 Strategies to obtain gains in strength for people over 40
No, not necessarily those over 40 go in bioflex pro free fall, but if they have to make modifications to their training to match the change in their physiology.

I have had the privilege of training with several high performance athletes from my country and Latin America. You may be surprised to hear that several of them are over 40. A couple of them have achieved world class feats in terms of strength in their 50s: One became the first person over 50 to make a deadlift of more than 800 Libas (804 to be exact) the other continues to participate and winning in Strongman competitions at 55.

It does not make much sense to heed those comments that the human body is going down for those over 40. Being 40 years old does not stop you from moving forward.

Based on my experience with these great athletes, I will share with you 5 training strategies that can help you continue to gain strength during your golden years. But first you must adjust your mentality to one that accepts that you can still achieve feats and that you still have a way.

Although you may not aspire to work your body to the level of an elite athlete, that does not mean you should hang up your training belt and gloves.

Let’s take a much closer look and let the profits keep coming.

5 Strategies for those over 40 to improve their gains in strength

1 – Have a way to exercise properly

Any technical analysis of the form decreases the focus on the target muscle group. When you suffer when performing an exercise, not only increases the possibility of injury, you are practicing with the wrong technique every time you do the lifting. Repeating bad form aggravates the movement pattern, moving away from your goals.

5 ways for those over 40 to improve their gains in strength

Strength is a skill. To develop that skill you need to train it again and again with a perfect technique. Those over 40 who are training to gain strength should not allow their technique to acquire bad form during a set. Training for strength requires that you be a teacher with movement.

Advice for those over 40: It is essential to make the correct movement pattern with consistency. The side that falls short of energy is the one that begins to fail first; when you begin to lose the form of exercise due to fatigue. The set ends Fight another day.

2 – Avoid using very large weights when doing single-joint movements

Your elbows, shoulders and knees are more vulnerable to injuries for those over 40. Years of continuous use in the cartilage surrounding the joints takes its toll. The movements of a single joint affect the joint in a more direct way, this happens because the weight is not distributed among multiple joints, which could be problematic if you are lifting a lot of weight.

I’m not telling you that you should avoid isolation exercises; I’m just recommending that you maintain a strict form when you do isolation movements and that you use a moderately heavy weight. Avoid cheating on curls, skullcrushers or sidelifts to improve your personal records. Let your exercises to measure strength be compound movements such as squats, presses and pulls.
When I work with bodybuilders over 40, I often include between 4 and 5 seconds of eccentric (negative) movements to help them develop the brain-muscle connection. The movements of a single joint are not based on moving a weight from point A to point B as fast as you can be based on working a specific muscle in the most effective way possible.

Advice for those over 40: Register your training sessions. As you get older, your body takes more time to recover, so you may find it necessary to stop your training frequency a bit. If you register your training sessions you will also be able to identify which movement of isolation feels best for your multi-joint movements. Take notes carefully so you can also identify which exercises may be contributing to joint pain.

5 Strategies for those over 40 to improve their gains in strength

3 – Warm up before training

Warming up should not be underestimated by any athlete, but for those over 40, the consequences of not heating up are more significant. A loss of range of motion or flexibility, for example, can increase the risk of the muscle tearing.

Proper warm-up improves your physical abilities, translates you to the right mindset and decreases the risk of injury.

4 delicious and healthy microwave recipes

4 delicious and healthy microwave recipes

Today we will continue with the delicious cbd gummy bears microwave recipes that we all love for its speed, simplicity and excellent taste.

The days of spending hours enslaved in the kitchen are over, here I show you culinary alternatives to surrender to time. Because time is money, is not it?

4 delicious and healthy microwave recipes

1 – Nut Brownie

You will fall in love with this sweet, it is perfect for all occasions. Enjoy a sticky brownie made just for you. You never imagined that there would be microwave recipes for chocolate candy, right?

Enhances protein: If you want to make this microwave recipe even better, add half a tablespoon of chopped whey and a few extra tablespoons of water to make sure the brownie does not dry out when you cook it.


Cocoa powder, or at least 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder

Wheat or oat flour, between 1-1 / 2 tablespoon

Coconut sugar, 1 tbsp

3 tablespoons of water

Greek yogurt, 1 tablespoon

Crushed walnuts, 1 tablespoon

Chocolate chips

Sea salt


In a bowl, add the cocoa powder, wheat flour or oatmeal, Greek yogurt, coconut sugar and a little water. Mix them

Add the crushed walnut and chocolate chips to make everything richer. If you think the dough is very thick, do not worry. Just add a few tablespoons of water until it softens more.

Spray the inside of a bowl with coconut oil and pour the dough. You can add a little crushed walnut and chocolate chips on top too.

Put the mixture between two and three minutes. Let the brownie cool for a minute or two before eating it.

Increase the range of flavors with a small pinch of sea salt and enjoy.

Nutritional content

Serving size: 1 brownie

Calories: 386

Fat: 22 grams

Carbohydrates: 44 grams

Protein: 11 grams
2 – Turkey BLT in microwave

Who does not like a good BLT? This is one of the most delicious microwave recipes there is, it will satisfy your hunger and palate with a combination of turkey and bacon that will surely boost your profits.

Power it to define: Replace the wheat buns with mushroom caps. Here we will show you how to do it:

Remove the stems of two large Portobello mushrooms, and remove everything inside using a teaspoon. Spray the layers with olive oil and cook in the microwave for 30-45 seconds.

Once cooked, put the layers on a napkin and let them dry for two minutes.


5oz of ground turkey

2 slices of bacon

1 slice of low-fat cheddar cheese

1 whole wheat bun

Italian seasoning, 1 tablespoon

Half a tablespoon of garlic

Chopped paprika, 1 tablespoon

Onions, chopped into small pieces, a quarter cup

A pinch of salt and pepper

Diced lettuce, tomato and mustard to decorate



In a bowl, apply the Italian seasoning to the turkey, apply the garlic, chopped paprika, onions and salt and pepper.

Chop the bacon in half and create a small grid of bacon for your burger.

Cook the bacon in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes. Be careful not to let it burn. Let the bacon cool and harden

Leave the fry in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes. After that, put a piece of cheddar cheese on top and cook it for an additional 30-45 seconds.

Finally, hamburger gun. Put the dicjón, the lettuce, the tomato, the fry and the bacon grid on the bun.

Nutritional information

Serving size: 1 hamburger

Calories: 447

Fat: 20 grams

46 grams of protein

Microwave fried rice

There is no need to order this food over the phone, you will do it yourself tonight. Turn this meal to take away in a healthy and friendly delight of your favorite classic Chinese food. Almost that you do not have to work to do it. This is one of the best microwave recipes you will find.

Increase protein: Add chopped chicken or shrimp, chopped and cooked to rice.


Two cups of cooked brown rice

Peas and frozen carrots, 1 cup

Chopped red onions, 2 tablespoons


Regular onions, chopped to decorate

2 eggs

Chopped garlic, 1 tbsp

Low sodium soy sauce, 2 tablespoons

Sesame oil, 1 tbsp

Rice vinegar, 1 tablespoon

Chopped ginger, 1 tbsp


Cook the instant brown rice in the microwave.

Toss the eggs in a bowl. Add the garlic, the low sodium soy sauce, the rice vinegar and the sesame oil. Mix everything together.

Pour cooked rice in a large glass bowl. Put frozen peas and carrots in the top, also a few tablespoons of red onion.

Is it good for the bones?

Is it good for the bones?

Yes, because it contains several nutrigold garcinia cambogia gold beneficial nutrients essential for bone health.

Among them we have calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and proteins.

The most impressive factor related to calcium content is that chia seed provides 18% of the recommended daily amount.

This means that it contains more calcium than many dairy products, making it a healthy alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or just do not like dairy.

Does the chia seed give energy?

It is believed that ancient cultures, such as the Mayan culture and Aztec (in Mexico), used the seeds as a source of energy to improve their performance during the day.

A study with six participants who took Gatorade (a rehydrating drink), or a 50% mix of chia seeds / 50% Gatorade.

They ran for an hour on a running machine plus another 10 km on the street.

Both groups resisted the same.

This means that the chia seeds provided energy to those who took Gatorade with chia seeds.

You can also make your own energy drink with simple ingredients: Use coconut water and add 1 to 2 teaspoons of chia.

Coconut water and chia seeds have properties that benefit the rapid repair of muscles.

Are they good for the muscles?

Yes, chia seeds benefit the muscles, as much as they benefit the bones and other organs.

We all know that proteins are the basis that strengthen muscles, and chia seeds contain the best quality protein.

It is said that the proteins in chia are of better quality since they are in the form of amino acids. Amino acids are molecules that make up proteins.

Since chia provides the essential amino acids, our bodies can make use of them without exception and form proteins within our body.

Generally chia is compared to eggs, since ¼ cup of soaked chia (1 tablespoon of dried chia and 1 tablespoon of water) is equivalent to consuming a large egg.

Note: Use the chia seeds as a supplement to your diet, avoid replacing other nutritious foods with chia.

Improves regeneration before burns

Prevents skin cancer

Precisely by curbing the effects produced by vitalife hemp solar radiation, the oil also helps in preventing cancer, also by the presence of melanin, as well as its regenerative and antioxidant power, which can attack free radicals.

Improves regeneration before burns

When suffering a burn, our skin can take a long time to return to be healthy, but Rosehip oil, it helps us a lot, because it increases the regeneration after suffering a burn, thanks to its properties and antioxidants, something that has been determined in Several studies, by demonstrating that accelerates healing, color regeneration and elasticity.

Reduces scars of operations

How can you tell, Rosa Mosqueta oil, helps in the regeneration of the skin and healing, so it is an important ally, after a surgical intervention.

Eye, that the oil is not only good for the skin, its properties also help our hair, by helping in the restoration:

If we apply a few drops of the oil to the roots of the hair, and let it work, just before washing it, we can have it more hydrated and less brittle, that is, we will have healthier hair and we will avoid losing it.

Finish eczema

If we apply Rosa Mosqueta oil, we will also help the hair if we suffer from eczema, something that appears due to bad care, some chemical product or stress.

Strengthens the Immune System

The oil also has medical uses, because the fatty acids and the vitamin that it contains, help us to improve and strengthen the immune system, besides that we can stimulate the circulation.

Prevents heart disease

Several studies have indicated that people who have consumed beverages with Rosa Mosqueta, can reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease by avoiding high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Reduces arthritis pain

The oil has shown that it can be used to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis or arthritis, being a very effective analgesic, as has been investigated in several studies, such as the one carried out at the Frederiksberg Hospital in Denmark in 2008.

Prevents diabetes

The consumption of Rosa Mosqueta, can help regulate blood sugar levels and keeps cholesterol controlled, according to studies conducted in 2011, a series of mice.

In addition to all this, the oil also helps us:

Decreases gallstones

It attacks depression, thanks to its relaxing and antidepressant effects, which will help us a lot

Improves urinary infections

It has a laxative effect

Improves digestion

Relieves cold symptoms, for its rich presence of Vitamin C

The infusion of the petals manages to clean the bladder and kidneys

It is diuretic

Powerful antioxidant

They advise it for smokers

Reduces the pain caused by gout. It improves those cases and those of high uric acid.

Reconstitute the tissues.

Reduces inflammation

How to use rosehip oil?

To take advantage of all the benefits and properties of rosehip oil you have to know how to use it.

When talking about oil, we must make clear, the way we can use it, to take advantage of all its benefits.

The oil can be used on the body, hands and face, during bathing, or after showering.

In addition, it can be used after waxing as a basis for makeup or before going to bed.

The idea is to apply with clean skin and use it daily to get better results.

We have to apply by drops, a small amount in the area and with circular, gentle massage until the skin penetrates.

To see results we must wait about 30 days.

We can even use the oil after exposing ourselves to the cold or the sun. While for the hair, we can apply a small amount, with an emphasis on the ends, in addition to distributing them all over the hair, with a gentle massage, which will make it shiny and silky.

Another point to note is that oil is recommended for pregnant women in the last trimester of pregnancy, which prevents stretch marks.

Eye, that the oil we can add it to any cream of the skin, to be able to repower its effect, so much humectante or of cleaning.

In food, there are also many ways, in which we can take advantage of this fruit of eternal youth, such as cakes, sauces or jams.

Apart from all the benefits, best of all, there is no contraindication of Rosa Mosqueta, so we can all use it.

How do you realize, it is an ideal alternative, so we can be much healthier, both our body, and skin and hair.

The 12 best foods to relieve muscle fatigue

The 12 best foods to relieve muscle fatigue

There is nothing worse for athletes daily choice hemp oil or regulars at the gym than muscle fatigue appears shortly after starting their training routine. It is simply frustrating not being able to fulfill the planning that you had made.

But as all the problems that may arise has its solution. In the case of muscular fatigue (1) the key is in the food you follow or the diet you are attached to. If it is balanced and with all the nutrients you do not have to worry. Otherwise it is time to review what you eat and especially when.

You should not take fatigue lightly, the moment you appear you should stop. However frustrating it is, it is the best you can do. In this way you will avoid injury, which is certainly much worse, since you must be inactive for a while.

The happy lactic acid plays a fundamental role in the appearance of fatigue. When you exercise the body looks for the deposits of fat and glucose that are in the body to look for energy. When this happens, this chemical is produced.

Reasons why muscle fatigue appears

There are many reasons why muscle fatigue may appear. If you arrive just at the beginning of your exercises you should take your forecasts. Something is not right. Some of them can be:

Bad design of the exercise routine

Unbalanced power

Poor hydration


Bad eating habits

There is no adequate rest before training
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Foods to avoid muscle fatigue

We have already said that feeding is very important to avoid muscle fatigue. There are several that thanks to its chemical composition, vitamins and minerals help a better oxygenation not only cerebral, but also muscular.

Perhaps the most important of all is not even solid and is none other than water. Many people, even regulars, do not take hydration very seriously.


If you do not ingest water constantly, it will be inevitable that fatigue will appear and it will undoubtedly be very fast.

Beyond hydration, these are the foods that should be a priority in your diet if you do not want fatigue to ruin your exercise routine:


With a large amount of fatty acids that are processed better in the human body. It also provides energy.

It is one of the proteins of vegetable origin that exists. Almonds and walnuts are the ideal snacks for people who like to exercise, also as a complement in breakfasts. Its high content of iron and zinc are beneficial for the organism.


Due to its great water content, it greatly favors the previous hydration process that you must have before beginning to perform your exercises. It also has a large amount of iron that is important to raise the body’s defenses.

A large immune system prevents people from getting sick and free radicals can not act.

Pumpkin seeds (2)

One of the best foods to avoid and control the appearance of lactic acid is this. It also lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, so it protects the cardiovascular system.


For its anti-inflammatory properties garlic is basic and fundamental for athletes.

They should have him as an ally. Above all it is very rich when used as the seasoning of your proteins, not only will it give you a great flavor, but it will also give you several important nutrients to prevent you from suffering some injuries. Also in the reduction of lactic acid in the blood by promoting muscle oxygenation.


Full of vitamin C will help keep you healthy and strong. Together with garlic it can be the ideal condiment for your meals. You can also add it in some energizing or nutritious shake in the snack.

Avocado or avocado

Possessing a respectable amount of healthy fats should be present in the daily diet of an athlete.


Provides energy that will help when performing the exercises. You can do more repetitions and thus achieve the goal that you have drawn. It also controls the level of lactic acid in the body.

There are many reasons you have to consume it in your diet.


With a lot of carbohydrates are very beneficial for people, especially for athletes. Chickpeas provide the body with a large amount of energy, which undoubtedly helps when performing exercises. They also have a large amount of vitamin B and magnesium.

Green tea (3)

Known for its antioxidant properties helps to have good oxygenation and that your body works perfectly to be without free radicals. In this way mental fatigue does not appear, which will send the signals to the muscles. It also helps in the oxygenation of muscle fibers.

The 10 best foods to increase muscle mass

The 10 best foods to increase muscle mass

In this post we will tell you which are titanax the best foods to gain muscle mass

that you should incorporate into your diet if you want to see results.

How to gain muscle mass? It is achieved with discipline and with routine in different fields, it is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks for those who are beginners in the fitness world, and even more so if their goal is to reach bodybuilding.

Exercises and training is the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind; lift all the possible weight, do not stop training and literally dedicate yourself to the gym. But it is also essential to lead an orderly life, get used to workouts and routines accompanied by a strict diet.

While there are those who only drink milkshakes and eat bars, this is the most direct way to look for a serious health problem, since these preparations do not contain all the micronutrients that the body needs.

Then you will be asking yourself:

“Can not I take protein shakes?”

Of course you can take them but you should not substitute any food with them, they should only be a supplement to your balanced diet.

When it comes to making your own dietary plan, you have to look for effective foods from the point of view of their energy release and belonging to all nutritional groups.

You must consume a good amount of protein, but also complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables with a good supply of vitamins.

Here is a list of the best foods to gain muscle mass:

What are the best foods to gain muscle mass?

The best foods to increase muscle are:


We could not start a list of the best foods to gain muscle mass without naming the egg. Especially at breakfast, cooked with low fat because in addition to its protein content whole eggs provide other important nutrients to the diet, are rich in vitamins and minerals, contain a good amount of lipids including cholesterol and provide a small amount of carbohydrates

Whole grains

Like wheat, rye, millet or quinoa. These are a secondary source of complex carbohydrates that produce energy and fiber.

Specifically, quinoa has a high content of proteins and carbohydrates that when mixed are ideal for muscle structure.


Excellent food for breakfast, either in the form of flakes, bread or even as vegetable milk. It gives energy, helps metabolize nutrients and is highly digestive.

The blue fish

A list of the best foods to gain muscle would not be complete without the fish.

They must be the main source of protein. Use salmon (one of the most recommended), mackerel and tuna. All these are rich in Omega 3 that allow the production and repair of muscle tissues.

A canned tuna in vegetable oil for dinner or for lunch as a snack is ideal to fill both the belly and muscles.

Chicken, white meat

Rich in iron, essential mineral for the practice of any sport, if you are looking to gain muscle. The chicken breast and the turkey are the best, they are practically the meats that you should consume every day.


At least twice a week, in stew or in salads. They are the only foods of vegetable origin that provide a large amount of proteins, such as soy.

Lentils and chickpeas contain a lot of iron, which as mentioned above, is an essential mineral in this task of gaining muscle.


Like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans or mushrooms, since they have a lot of antioxidants and are foods without any fat content.

In addition, it is the vegetables that will make your dishes a more tasty and varied meal, as it is mandatory to always consume chicken and turkey and with these you can vary and mix your menu.


Rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, such as pineapple, strawberries, kiwis, apples, pears, papayas, avocados or black grapes. The nutrients in the fruits are so high and positive that they practically go directly to the muscle tissues, allowing them to function more and better.


Like almonds or nuts, they can be slightly salty, since you also need an extra supply of sodium.

There are also nuts that come from dehydrated fruits like raisins that offer many benefits for our body and our health.

Foods that will help you lose weight without the need for diets

Foods that will help you lose weight without the need for diets

To lose weight without dieting you must adrena thrive learn to eat, learn to compensate for excesses and above all to feed yourself in a healthy and balanced way. What foods help you lose weight without dieting? Know them!

For many the word diet is already “terror”, to associate it with restriction – to go hungry – to suffer-etc, but nowadays to reach your ideal weight the good and healthy go hand in hand, and finding the foods that conjugate these two characteristics you will be able lose weight with our The best foods to lose weight without dieting.

Only by eating the foods on our list without associating it with the diet can you lose the weight you want so much, look prettier and avoid the emotional wear and tear of dieting, perhaps as a result of failed attempts and bigger disappointments.

Today you will find a list of foods that help you lose weight naturally, you will be surprised by many of the foods that you will find in the list because they were always forbidden!
The egg is a high value biological food AVB, provides quality protein to satisfy you, help you maintain and gain muscle mass and has a very important vitamin B12. Also called Colabamina which plays an important role in our body, This vitamin is essential for the normal functioning of the brain, the nervous system, and for the formation of blood and various proteins. (metabolism of amino acids, fatty acids and carbohydrates), ie proteins, fats and sugar.

The egg is a food with which you can easily prepare delicious dishes, you can eat it with almost all foods and it is satisfying. This food is highly recommended to help you lose abdominal fat and as we have said before to care for and maintain your muscles (the more muscle mass you get a higher metabolism and active).

Now you must watch how you eat, it is not worth any way, look at the difference of eating it in a more appropriate way and get 800 calories eliminated every day.

2. Vegetables

They are rich, full of micronutrients and fiber, an important quality of food to maintain the feeling of fullness, to fight constipation and keep our intestines cleaner and therefore healthier!

A trick: serve in the middle of your plate vegetables, a little more than you are used to serve, with this ruco you will increase your satiety and even then the calories that you will be consuming will remain very low.

Here you have some delicious fresh vegetables to lose weight.

3. White fish

They barely contribute fat, but if proteins and micronutrients are ideal for dinner because they are light, nutritious and satiating, they also have few calories and many nutritional benefits. Include twice a week a piece of blue fish such as salmon or mackerel so you do not miss the omega 3 fatty acids, if these two I recommend at the time of the meal.

Avoid overflowing so you do not add more calories to your meals, not only because of the overflowing, but also because of all the oil that the overflow needs to be crispy.

Try baking with 1 cooked potato, an onion, chopped in rings, a spoonful of olive oil, a little vinegar, salt and water, it will be delicious!

Do not stop eating in December and it’s still fitness

Do not stop eating in December and it’s still fitness
Hurrah!!!! The month of December has arrived, optimal choice hemp oil month of joy, family reunion, friends and above all … food, lots of food and delicious dishes, and what we all wonder how to continue being fitness without stopping to eat at this time. Soon we will begin to see dishes and mangos that will make our mouths water, but if we abuse them, they can make us gain a few extra kilos. However, here we will explain how to continue being fitness without stopping to eat in December. And … well if we catch each other, nothing happens that in January we take them down doing exercises, that nothing stops us to have a good time in these dates.

Eat everything you want by calculating the macronutrients.

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Many people are unaware of a great truth: We can eat everything we want, as long as these foods do not exceed the macronutrients of the day. WE EXPLAIN YOU.

Each of us must consume a certain amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and even fibers every day. And the amount of these values ​​will depend on what we want to achieve, that is, what are our objectives when training (whether it is definition, volume or even maintenance).

Put more simply: We can eat everything we want in December, taking care that these meals do not exceed the daily values ​​of fat, carbohydrates, protein and fiber. The idea is that we fit our December menu in that table that values.



Let’s say that after taking our account of the amount of carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber that we must consume daily, give us these values: 180 grams of carbohydrates.

190 grams of protein.

55 grams of fat.

25 grams of fiber. We can eat what we want in December provided we do not exceed the daily amount of these values. Example:

At breakfast let’s say we want to eat a glass of milk with cereal. We must calculate the amount of milk and the amount of cereal we eat and how many of those values ​​it covers. Let’s say that 100 grams of milk contains 15 grams of protein, 4 grams of fat and 2 grams of carbohydrate; while 100 grams of cereal contain 4 grams of protein, 40 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fat and 4 grams of fiber. We took the bill and at breakfast we would be consuming:

Protein: 19 grams.

Carbohydrates: 42 grams.

Fat: 6 grams.

Fiber: 4 grams. If we subtract that to what we should consume daily, we would stay like this:

Protein: 190 g – 19 g = 171 grams.

Carbohydrates: 180 g – 42 g = 138 grams.

Fat: 55 g – 6 g = 49 grams.

Fiber: 25 g – 4 g = 21 grams. So we can continue eating what we want to fill the grams of each missing value. If we want to eat a whole nutella that contains: 40 grams of fat, 4 of protein and 50 of carbohydrates, we can do it.

The idea is that we square the meals in relation to the macronutrients that we should consume during the day. In order to do so, we can eat everything we want in December and continue to be fitness. What are you waiting for? You can download a macronutrient calculator on the internet, which will only ask you to enter your respective data and she herself will take account of how much protein, carbohydrate, fat and fiber you should eat in the day, depending on your goals.

Now if you do not want to calculate and think about kilos, grams and all that, nothing happens in January we get active again and we go down with exercises and a good diet that we will gladly prepare for you.
And in the company of the entire team of Sports Routines, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year, in family unity and health.