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Inflammation of the liver: symptoms and proper diet

How to Treat Liver Inflammation

Dandelion infusions can help you treat inflammation of the liver.

Inflamed liver is the result of a reaction that occurs when your cells are attacked by substances or microbes that cause disease. Being a vital organ that performs several fundamental functions for health, we must be very attentive to identify a potential inflammation and treat it as soon as possible.

These are the main symptoms associated with liver inflammation , so if you are feeling any of them, consult a doctor for a diagnosis and, if appropriate, start treatment to combat liver inflammation .

Symptoms of liver inflammation


This condition occurs when the skin and whites of the eyes become yellowish due to the accumulation of bilirubin (a bile pigment) in the blood. The inflammation of the liver prevents remove this substance normally, so its accumulation pureasiangarciniareview is indicative of the disease.

Jaundice can also cause itching throughout the body, and in extremely severe cases loss of some brain functions.

Abdominal Pain

To recognize an inflammation in the liver , the pain should be felt in the upper right part of the abdomen. Pain and discomfort may or may not be accompanied by swelling in the region.

Patients often experience overwhelming and persistent pain, or severe and severe pain. In both cases, they are temporarily alleviated with the help of medications, but they return when the effect ends.

Change in urine and stool

The color of urine changes to a darker, more intense yellow due to the accumulation of bilirubin that the liver is not eliminating.

The inflammation in the liver can negatively influence the digestive process, causing constipation, irritable bowel symptoms or change in the characteristic of faeces, which can become lighter and contain a little blood syndrome.

Due to changes in metabolism, digestion and the ability of the liver to remove toxins,

There may even be constant and unexplained bouts of vomiting, a strong indicator of disease in the liver, if it is not accompanied by problems in the stomach or intestinal tract.

Fluid retention

The inflammation in the liver can also cause fluid retention in the legs, ankles and feet. This condition, in some cases, is accompanied by circulatory problems, which cause the liquid to accumulate and not be removed correctly. The region of the legs and feet is most affected simply because of gravity, but some patients may experience retention also in the abdomen. Diet to treat inflammation in the liver

An appropriate diet is essential to treat inflammation and keep the liver always healthy. Follow these feeding tips to prevent diseases in this organ so important to our body.

Avoid alcohol consumption as it can damage liver cells, causing swelling and scarring that can evolve into cirrhosis, a disease that can be fatal.

Maintain a balanced diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains, avoiding sugar, salt, white flour, frying and processed foods.

Bet on cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, butter cabbage, turnip and cabbage, which contain a substance called sulforaphane, capable of stimulating the activity of detoxifying enzymes in the liver.

Increase your intake of nuts and chestnuts. They are rich in selenium, Mineral with antiviral properties used by the liver to detoxify blood flow.

Eat more garlic, as this food is rich in sulfur, used by the liver in the process of removing toxins. It also contains selenium and allicin, compounds important for the proper functioning of this organ.

Add beet to the salad from day to day as it is rich in flavonoids capable of contributing to improved liver functions.

Eat more avocado, as this fruit helps the body to produce an antioxidant known as glutathione, used by the liver to filter waste and harmful substances.

Increase lemon consumption. In addition to being rich in vitamin C, it is famous for helping the digestive process and eliminating toxins.

Use more saffron to season your meals. Also known as turmeric, this spice helps the body digest fats and stimulates the production of bile.

These are the 10 mistakes that make your nails so weak

Most women love our nails. We love taking care of them and decorating them as one of the most fundamental parts of our body. And as we all know, hands are our letter of introduction in front of the world, and well-kept nails speak very well of us. However, in the process of embellishing our nails we make multiple mistakes that can make our nails deteriorate and lose strength, luster and vitality. That’s why today we want to tell you these 10 common mistakes that are destroying your nails, so that you look for healthier alternatives, that help you beautify, while simultaneously taking care of your hands.

Biting Your Nails


Biting your nails is a terrible habit, which not only destroys your nails, but also transmits bacteria to your mouth making you more prone to diseases. It can also create wounds in your hands where you can host various infections. A good option to stop biting your nails is to paint them, after seeing a beautiful job you may not feel like destroying it with your teeth.

Remove the enamel with your fingers

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In many occasions we use our fingers and teeth to remove the enamel from our nails. This is a mistake you should stop today. When you remove the enamel in this way, you are not only removing the color layer, but the top layer of the nail, causing it to decalcify and become weak and brittle. That’s why the ideal is to remove the color with enamel remover.

Cut the cuticles

Nobody wants to spoil your manicure by a few cuticles. However cutting them is not the solution as it can bring problems to the future. The most suitable option is to get a special oil for cuticle, this will soften and can be relocated using an orange stick. This is not only preventing injuries, but also taking care that your nails do not deteriorate.

Poor diet

of no use to you to fix your nails outwardly, if you have a poor diet that weakens them at the root. Nails feed on our bloodstream, and it is through what we eat that we receive essential nutrients. Include in your food, green leafy foods, and all those rich in calcium and other minerals.

Use of gels and acrylics

We can not deny that the use of gels and acrylics creates fabulous effects on the nails. However, this greatly weakens them, because the procedure involves an excessive polishing that ends up weakening the nails, removing important layers and leaving them weak and brittle.

Do not use base layers

We have all noticed that after removing our nails they leave a tone similar to that of the removed enamel. This is because you are not using a base coat, before applying the enamel. These bases serve to protect the nails of the enamels, and it is also highly recommended to know what the actual color of our nails, so we can detect possible diseases.

Drowning the nails

This does not mean that you do not touch water again, the point is not to go to extremes. However, when we constantly expose our nails to water, they are becoming weaker. In addition the enamel lasts very little, because the contact with the water inflates and falls. That is why the recommendation is to wear gloves for all domestic tasks that involve contact with water.

Using fingernails to lift objects

Sometimes we are surprised using our nails for things that should not be like opening cans of soda, or climbing our zipper. This causes our nails to weaken and break. So next time, make sure you’re using your fingers for this purpose and not your nails.


Using Harmful Chemicals

It is important that you keep in mind what types of products you are using for the care and beautification of your nails. Many products contain ingredients such as formol quite harmful not only for our nails but for our general health. The good news is that there are brands that have eliminated these types of harmful agents, these are the ones you should look for.

The excessive use of acetone

We know that with such a variety of colors, we are tempted to change every day of color. However, the main compound of nail removers is acetone, and this compound greatly weakens our nails. That is why it is advisable not to abuse it to take care of the health of our nails.

We hope this article helps you learn to take care of your nails, and stop making some mistakes that can be fatal if you want to have healthy and beautiful nails.

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Personalized Diet – The Most Effective Way To Lose Weight

Many times you have wondered, what is my ideal plan to lose weight? Where will I find the diet with which I will be able to lose weight definitively? What diet will take me from the beginning to reach my ideal weight ?, the answer is easier than you think. Through a personalized diet ! Today I will give you all the reasons why you will not die in the attempt and you will love a personalized diet.

That everyone has tastes for some foods and preferences, this is clear! And that what feels good to one, does not go to another too !, somo individual beings and in that individuality each needs specific needs to feed you without starving and find the motivation, perseverance, effort and will to achieve weight loss Effective way, Here enters as a great protagonist the personalized diet – The most effective way to lose weight.

Personalized diet “safe bet”

You need to lose weight right away! And between a thousand and one information on the Internet you are not so sure of which diet to choose to achieve your purpose, it is not just about paying, receiving a list and now! This is what would offer you a standard diet (for everyone ), Instead a personalized diet offers you several advantages that will make your adherence to the raised diet high, which guarantees at the same time greater success in your treatment:

What you like and what you do not like to eat

One of the first questions that I make my patients in my Diet + healthy  , they like and do not want to see in any menu because they never eat it and they do not like it !. In a personalized diet it is only possible to ask these types of questions and take them into account, this way you can say “Que rico! Today I have to eat grilled salmon with vegetables “, instead of a” I could not be! But if I hate salmon and I do not like it ,,, I can not continue with this diet !.

This is a very clear example of why at a glance when your diet is personalized is easier to follow, because it includes the food you like, because it also gives you options to change a food you do not like for another that gives you The same nutrients, for example if you do not like salmon, I recommend you try the mackerel that is great and also gives you omega 3 fatty acids …

What time do you usually eat breakfast, lunch or dinner?

This question is very important because it basically depends on the work schedules and the time of leave that you have to have lunch or to eat, this way the distribution of food is organized, Trying to make the frequency of intake more constant. It is also important to know if you eat at home, cook you or eat all day away from home. This way you can suggest the healthiest options if you are eating on the street, or healthy tips that you can take to your work to eat better.

Habits and customs

This part is very interesting and challenging! With each person here is carried out an important work and is to adapt your habits, hours of sleep food, sports, eating habits of food, how many fruits you eat, etc … towards continuous improvement, go correcting bad habits by Some better progressively and explaining why it should be done that way, which will allow you once you finish the personalized diet, learn nutritional education.

Professional Advice

Not all pages that talk about healthy eating or diets are given by experts in nutrition, the common denominator of the network seems to be the diets that sell people who have nothing to do with this profession, And who nevertheless dare to play with the health of the people and with their desperation to get lose 10 kilos in a week.

It is difficult to believe that a person of the ordinary can sell you a diet when you have no knowledge about it, it is clear then that you can not put into the hands of anyone, the vast majority of diseases are caused by inadequate food and unhealthy habits, At the same time if you already have basic diseases: cardiovascular, diabetes, high cholesterol, it is still more serious to carry out a diet without being in the hands of a multidisciplinary team, doctor, endocrine, dietitian, nurses.

Being in the hands of a person who does not have previous knowledge in nutrition and dietetics, will make all your health worsen. Do not fall into this trap! Because in addition these people usually offer miracle diets and you know what the final result will be.

A personalized diet in the hands of a nutrition professional will always be the safest option for your health, your pocket and your weight.

Adapted to your evolution

The personalized diet is not imposed rigidly nor imposed against wind and tide, in the way you can present variations, change of tactics so that the adhesion and acceptance are high, modifications in the way allow the first Obstacle do not decide to “abandon”, on the contrary are small bumps that must be overcome, with prudent modifications but that lead you not to deviate from the road, to lose the motivation and the effort that you have put. This way you will not throw in the towel because now instead of having breakfast oats you want a piece of bread better.

In addition you have to take into account other factors like:

The 3 enemies of the diet

The 3 enemies of the diet, to make a diet of slimming and to make it successful, must be overcome and also take into account three other aspects:


The process  (personalized dietary adaptation)

Well on the road to loss Of weight are passed through different facets and in each one of them the parameters established for the achievement of short and long term achievements must be respected.

Wanting to lose weight fast is one of the main mistakes and is one of the 3 enemies of the diet, raise unreachable goals that frustrate you more, not getting an expected result will make you faint in the attempt.

Today we will talk about the 3 enemies of the diet that prevent you from losing weight, so you do not fall into them:


This is a very clear signal that the diet you are following is inadequate, that you will not get any results and that your effort will be worthless.

Why not go hungry on a diet ?, very simple when you go hungry this means that the food you carry is insufficient and your body will try to retain all its energy, this causes a slowing of your metabolism which will make you lose a lot Less than you really should.

Eating salad lettuce every day is not the best way, because hunger takes you to pecking, pecking to skip your diet and ultimately the result is to give up!

The solution: accompany the diet of food with power satiating, nutritious, (Including lettuce salad accompanied by nuts, ham with tomatoes and fresh cheese).

Proteins play a very important role in maintaining and gaining muscle mass, do not forget to eat fish, skinless chicken, eggs, legumes, meat

The monotony

The monotony “kills” us, both in our personal life and at nutritional level !, we are bored to repeat the same foods, the same foods, the same preparations. You must refuse to cook boiled or grilled always, thinking that you can only eat this way so as not to get fat.

The solution : Change the way you cook! There are very healthy culinary techniques, rich and appetizing to eat without loading extra calories to your dishes. Choose to cook the wok, baked, papillote, braised or sauteed.I invite you to visit our recipes   and discover new dishes that maybe you did not know and are very easy to prepare.

Try to make each week a new and different food dish considering the presentation of the food, because you know everything goes through the eyes!

The 3 enemies of the diet

Usually when you do not see results it is because the diet is badly raised or your expectations are very high and can not be met.

The biggest enemy of a diet is the rush if you want to have a proper weight is not something that you should think in the short term, having a proper weight is a project of vital importance that we have to work and develop throughout our lives.

Do not we all want to be great at 30, 40 or 50 years?. Life expectancy is higher and the 50 years now are not the 50 years of our grandmothers, therefore we will be longer lives and to reach this Age with health, we must take care of our food and enjoy an adequate weight now!

The solution: healthy weight loss does not happen overnight !, Take your time and you must consider short, medium and long term goals according to the kilos that you must lose and this offers you a personalized diet.

Now, if what happens to you is that from Monday to Friday you are taking to raja table your meals and on Saturday and Sunday you have a beer here, a gin and tonic over there,. Then the problem is that you skip diet, You are not disciplined and constant and therefore you do not see  results: It

identifies what type of actions of our next listing prevents you from losing weight and works to change your habits to achieve the goal.

Do you have candy stored at home? : In a moment of weakness and anxiety for pecking or eating resort to sweet? To one to two or three ?. To avoid falling into this bad temptation I propose two solutions:

Always have these 5 foods on hand to fight the anxiety to eat Take out all the temptations you have at home because what you do not have at home, you do not eat it! 2. Do you keep eating fast food ?: Do you do great diet from Monday to Friday and skip Friday night, Saturday and Sunday having a few drinks, eating fast foods and even allowing you desserts ??? While slimming fast foods (hamburgers with potatoes , Hot dogs, pizzas and so on), liquor or sweets are incompatible with weight loss, why? Because they give you lots of calories and get you out of the way. Excess saturated fat, trans fats and monosodium glutamate, The calories from the cups and sweets change the biochemistry of your brain and you will be in an internal conflict of struggle! So it is important that you do not stray from the road and maintain a high adherence that gives you a personalized diet, also according to the latest research, people who eat at least twice a week fast foods are likely to gain between 3 and 6 kilos per month. Do not let the overweight come into your life and you find yourself calm and because you will be closer after obesity. Healthy + diet helps you from the beginning. 3. Do you sleep less than six hours a day ?:  Insufficient rest favors obesity, because it lowers leptin and increases ghrelin (this hormone stimulates appetite). If you want to know more information I invite you to read why sleeping a little makes us fat . 4. Eat sitting watching the TV:  the distraction of the TV or mobile do not allow you to control the amount of what you eat and this will make you overeat. Ideally, you should eat sitting in the dining room, with the TV off, enjoying the meal in the family spending at least 20 minutes to make your meal, chew well and slowly. You know, to change what needs to be improved and if you need help we can guide you on the right path! If a personalized diet is what you are looking for here we are here to help you! . The distraction of the TV or the mobile do not allow you to control the amount of what you eat and this will make you overeat. Ideally, you should eat sitting in the dining room, with the TV off, enjoying the meal in the family spending at least 20 minutes to make your meal, chew well and slowly. You know, to change what needs to be improved and if you need help we can guide you on the right path! If a personalized diet is what you are looking for here we are here to help you! . The distraction of the TV or the mobile do not allow you to control the amount of what you eat and this will make you overeat. Ideally, you should eat sitting in the dining room, with the TV off, enjoying the meal in the family spending at least 20 minutes to make your meal, chew well and slowly. You know, to change what needs to be improved and if you need help we can guide you on the right path! If a personalized diet is what you are looking for here we are here to help you! . To change what needs to be improved and if you need help we can guide you on the right path! If a personalized diet is what you are looking for here we are here to help you! . To change what needs to be improved and if you need help we can guide you on the right path! If a personalized diet is what you are looking for here we are here to help you! .