Should we do some stretching to lose weight calves?

Many people dream of having thin and thin calves, to embellish their silhouette and to appear in shorts or skirt without complex. Doing stretching will not lose weight calves, but in addition to a slimming diet, will help refine and refine.

Stretching helps to refine the calves
Once the weight loss is engaged, the targeted stretches of the calves will not only allow to gain flexibility and flexibility, but also to refine this area of ​​the body, to make it gain finesse and therefore aesthetic.

Getting rid of your big calves is done in several stages: general slimming diet, targeting areas of fat, exercises of refinement and elongation of the muscles and the silhouette.

What stretching or physical routine to choose for the calves?
Regular practice of Pilates and / or yoga will be one of the most effective and respectful approaches to your body to refine tru garcinia 360 not only the calves, but all the muscles and the silhouette.

It is important not to abuse sports that contribute to the hypertrophy of the calf muscles, such as basketball or handball, skiing or excess bodybuilding.

Running is one of the most effective sports for sural (calf) thinning, while facilitating weight loss, good body health and keeping the line in general.

Finally, to fight against the retention of water in this part of the body and thus contribute to refine the calves, regular and supported massages, coupled with the application of good essential oils, will help to go further in the “sculpture” calves.

To lose weight calves, a diet is essential
Losing weight in the calves involves following a slimming diet that will favor the melting of the body fat in general (it is impossible to target).

Low carb diet or high protein, HIIT training or intermittent diet will help to effectively lose extra pounds by targeting body fat, not its musculature.

It is through this change of diet, coupled with good physical activity, that the calves will lose weight as the body is refined.

In any case, losing calves and transforming them until you achieve a result that satisfies you personally is entirely up to you.

Sports regime: authorized foods

Following a non-vegan sports diet – whether you are a man or a woman – requires a strict menu, starting with a high-protein menu. As the man is not equal to the woman, he will have to eat more chicken breast, egg white and cottage cheese.

You will quickly find that it is easy to incorporate authorized foods and beverages into a sports diet and forget about unauthorized foods (such as milk, milk bread, salad dressing, fat and sugar. focusing on eggs, lean meat, starchy foods, vegetables and fruits!

List of foods allowed per meal in a sports regime
On the menu of a sports diet, it all starts with a full breakfast. Of course, you will forget milk (too rich in fat and difficult to digest) rapid trim keto and milk bread (non-natural sugar and fat). On the other hand, throw yourself on the fruits, especially on the banana, – which thanks to its 3 natural sugars – brings endurance during the sporting effort.

And after drinking your coffee, eat cottage cheese – having carefully chosen it based on 100% skimmed milk – and a choice of slice of ham or an egg (for protein intake).

At lunch, the authorized foods are:

At choice, 1 lean meat or ham or 1 egg cooked hard. Cooking the egg is essential, as a hard egg – with egg white and yellow – guarantees a higher protein content than an omelette. In addition, eating a hard-boiled egg requires a higher calorie energy for digestion.1 Chinese bowl of starch (pasta, rice), whose slow sugars and carbohydrates are the best friends of the sportsman – woman or man – thanks to their contribution to energy.200g of celery cooked steam or carrots steam, for their slow sugars. No salt or vinaigrette.1 piece of cheese at 30% fat (goat or sheep’s milk)

At dinner, which will not be vegan either, here are the foods to consume:

1 plate of approximately 150 g lean meat (chicken breast, turkey, veal) or fish (cod, bream, salmon) or ham (lean pork, chicken, turkey) Green salad (lettuce, batavia, spinach, watercress ) at will, without vinaigrette, with if you wish 1 fresh tomato or fresh celery.1 homemade fruit salad without sugar. All fruits, including banana, are permitted.1 Light yogurt in 0% fat milk (or vegan yogurt with soy or almond milk).

Drinks are: coffee, tea, fruit juice, vegetable or fruit juice (spinach, celery, nettle, orange, raspberry, blackberry, currant, raspberry …).

Quick menu with authorized foods for women and men
The express breakfast of a sporty woman as a sports man will be composed as follows: coffee or tea, white cheese and whole egg, then a banana. On the lunch menu, alternate lean and starchy meat (chicken breast or turkey), with ham and vegetables (celery, spinach). At dinner, lean meat or ham with salad without vinaigrette (or replace the oil with cottage cheese). To vary the ham or chicken breast, double the portion of egg white or chicken breast, but not that of starch. Also forbidden to crack during the day, especially in the afternoon, for industrial drinks or a bread with milk.

Finally, the list of foods allowed under a sports regime is rather long. And you can easily concoct a quick menu with extra simple recipe. Banish simply saturated fat and fast sugars, focusing on natural foods without fat, sugar and without adding vinaigrette.

How to lose 6 pounds in 20 days?

After a pregnancy, when the weather is good or to find the line, it is sometimes necessary to lose weight quickly. Better nutrition, sport practice or slimming program, how to lose 6 pounds in 20 days?

Our tips and advice to lose 6 pounds in 20 days
Whether you are a man or a woman, sometimes you have to lose weight fast and efficiently to get back into shape. To lose weight quickly without depriving oneself and without taking back weight several options are possible:

Sport: Regular physical activity is great for getting back on the line. You can easily burn calories by doing cardio or running.
Diet: a vegetable diet based on fruit and vegetable consumption for a week can lose several pounds.
Follow a slimming program: based on balanced menus, slimming programs can lose belly quickly. Ideal after childbirth or for men
Sports programs
If it is possible to lose 6 pounds in 20 days, it is also imperative to practice physical activity so that the lost fat is replaced by muscle.

Intensive programs allow tru garcinia 360 you to make cladding movements to form abdominals and lose belly fat. One can also follow programs combining fitness, bodybuilding and cardio exercises. Sheathing times are essential for strengthening the abdominal belt and for the muscles of the lower back. They will help you practice other movements without hurting yourself and working the rest of your muscles.

The slimming programs
The slimming programs and other slimming diets allow to lose weight quickly. High protein diets like the Dukan diet or low calorie diets make you lose 6 pounds in less than 20 days. The hypocaloric option like the consumption of cabbage soup allows you to lose 5 kilos in one week. After the rapid weight loss phase of the first week, it’s a good idea to head to programs like Weight Watchers to keep losing weight while balancing your menus and learning to eat healthier.

These slimming programs must of course be respected to the letter and for a short time so as not to cause deficiency. They must be accompanied by good eating habits such as the elimination of snacking and the practice of physical activity.

Excess sugar may impair neural connections

A glass of juice or a soda can to accompany the meal, a dessert after lunch and a chocolat in the middle of the afternoon. It is already part of our routine to include sugar doses in the diet. But too much sugar is a poison to health.

Obesity, high cholesterol, risk of depression and stress are some of the consequences of overconsumption of sugar. In addition, the substance may affect the connections between neurons.

From the neurological point of view, sugar reduces our ability to make decisions, besides being considered by experts as a drug, causing addiction in the body.

This happens because, when it reaches the brain, sugar induces the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that activates pleasure-related areas, the same as when alcohol and drugs are consumed.

The brain uses sugar as an energy vito brain molecule and, to perform its functions daily, consumes 25% of the glucose available throughout the body. But in excessive quantity it generates a vicious circle of dependency, almost uncontrollable.

In Brazil, it is estimated that today 33.5% of children are overweight or obese, and in every five obese girls and boys, four will maintain this condition in adult life.

The situation is alarming and should be taken seriously by parents, teachers and educators. Knowing what we are providing to the body is essential for health, so there must be awareness and attention to the ingredients contained in each food.

Feed your brain well

Maintaining a balanced diet, coupled with the constant practice of physical exercise, results in a more beautiful skin and an ideal body, but the interesting thing is that this also impacts the brain.

Everything that makes up the brain originates in food, such as proteins, vitamins that keep living cells and minerals that participate in the electrical balance. That is why, the more diverse the diet, the better the brain’s performance.

In addition to proper nutrition, it is important to take good care of the brain. The practice of cerebral gymnastics activates the neurons and creates new networks of connections, potentializing their cognitive capacities like attention, concentration and logical reasoning.

SUPERA, Brazil’s largest brain gymnasium network, has trained 30,000 students of all ages. The method is innovative and includes the practice of the abacus, millennial instrument of mental calculation, board games and group dynamics.

Benefits to Your Brain and Your Life

Who would not want to have keen memory, greater power of concentration and more focus? Brain activities can be potentiated and developed through brain-stimulating exercises.

The method created for this purpose is gaining adherents throughout the world and is being called Brain Gymnastics. Brain gymnastics consists of training and stimulating the brain. Challenges are an important tool to instigate the brain to think.

Excels and you at Disney
The power the brain has to grow stronger when it is challenged is what makes its health conditions better. Stimulating the brain with intellectual activities consolidates the synapses – connections between neurons – and forms new ones. Hence, the importance of gymnastics to the brain. And according to Benito Damasceno, professor of neurology at Unicamp (State University of Campinas): “Any intellectual activity is valid to develop the synapses.”

The advantages of putting the brain intell x pro to work are numerous. Among them is the increase in the capacity to learn. A brain that is constantly stimulated keeps the will to learn more and more. He is thirsty for new information every day. Who guarantees better functioning of neurons, also ensures more efficiency in tasks that require agility in brain responses and more overcoming in the face of difficulties. Seeing multiple answers to a single problem is also a benefit of brain gymnastics. And the more the brain is used, the more protected it is from disease and degeneration.

Because Danzaterapia is recommended

Today there are many people with different types of diseases, who should know how effective dance therapy is. Better known as a type of psychotherapy that involves the development of physical movements, with it you can experience moments of relaxation and emotional. In such a way that an hour could pass in which no evil is remembered. Therapists recommend its elaboration in hospitals, ancienatos, orphanages, prison, special institutes, mental health centers, etc. It generates a positive self-esteem in the human being.

Benefits of dance therapy
It helps people who have been victims of a violation, to get ahead and talk about what happened.
It is highly recommended in children and adults who have cancer or some other terminal illness. Because it changes their  prima male enhancement emotional state, makes them forget the pain and allows them to get ahead with the disease.
It is very useful in people who do not know how to dance or who are in a wheelchair. Because it is about moving any part of the body to the rhythm of the music and they could do it in groups or individually.

The most used worldwide are:

Relational technique of objects: it consists in helping the patient, at the moment when he is dancing, to remember a problem that he had with his parents or those that were abandoned, allowing him to get out of that fear or resentment that he has inside.
Jung technique: it is done taking into account the thoughts or dreams that the patient has had in his life. The patient’s movements are originated according to his inner pulse, and the therapist observes and controls him without criticizing the dance.
Freudian technique: it allows to express any feeling of pain that has never commented, expressing it through dance.
Anyone who wants to perform a dance therapy should have an open mind, lose the fear of facing reality. Be willing to express every sad or emotional feeling that has occurred in your life.
It does not matter that whoever runs the dance is not a professional dancer, but he should have a psychological training to be able to help the patient.
If you do not know how to dance do not be scared, you do not need to be an expert. You could perform the movements you want.
Note: the technique of dance consists in opening the patient’s mind. Creating a positive environment in your life, when you dance you could imagine, that you are in a beautiful place that you have always wanted to visit.

Papillomavirus (HPV): most common sexually transmitted disease

The most frequent of all Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) is the Human Papilloma Virus

(HPV) It is estimated that approximately 75% of the sexually active population has been infected of some type (there are more than 140) at some point in their lives. The most important thing is to differentiate between ionicx testo infection and HPV disease, since only a small percentage of infected people will have clinical manifestations.

These manifestations or symptoms are:

1. Dysplasia: associated with high-risk HPV; in women, it usually takes place in the cervix or cervix; in men, in the rectum. Of the “bad guys”, the most frequent are 16 and 18.

2. Condylomas or warts: It is associated with low risk HPV and they leave in 10-20% of cases.
Its contagion occurs in direct contact of skin and mucous membranes, always for sexual intercourse, including oral sex. It is not related to being immunosuppressed, but the immune system can eliminate the virus when it is already infected. Although the protection is not effective in its entirety, condoms should be used.

Since there is no treatment to eradicate the virus as such, prevention is very important. Two vaccines against HPV have been available for years (bivalent vaccine for 16 and 18 and tetravalent vaccine for 16, 18, 6 and 11). Vaccination is recommended in adolescent women and in the opinion of many experts, vaccination would also be advisable

in adolescent males, before initiating sexual relations, as is already done in other countries.

New vaccines are currently being studied, with a wider coverage for high-risk types.

Do you know anyone who has suffered this infection? Do you think that prevention continues to fail?

Acknowledgments: Dr. Teresa Puerta López, President of the ITS Group of the AEDV (Spanish Academy of Dermatology) and dermatologist of the Sandoval Health Center in Madrid.


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) continues to be the leading cause of death from the disease worldwide. Doctors regularly encourage patents to eat well and exercise a lot. Doctors also prescribe heart medications that can be expensive and are often associated with unwanted side effects.

Food supplements can often be a powerful and affordable weapon in the fight against cardiovascular disease. February is National Heart Month and it’s the perfect time to see if you could benefit from adding cardiac supplements to your stack! Here are some of the best.

1. Thiamine (vitamin B-1)
Sometimes called an “anti-stress” vitamin, thiamine plays an important role in boosting the immune system and improving your htx me body’s ability to handle stress. Thiamine also helps to keep your heart muscles elastic and work smoothly so your heart can pump to maximum efficiency

A 2012 study of patients with chronic heart failure showed that thiamine improved heart function in as little as four weeks. [1] If your diet is low in meat, dairy, or B-enriched grains 1, keep your ticker healthy by adding a multivitamin containing about 100 milligrams of thiamine

2. Magnesium
The highest levels of magnesium in your body are in your heart. It is therefore not surprising that low levels of magnesium are closely associated with cardiovascular disease. A data study of more than 500,000 participants found that those who consumed more magnesium had a lower risk of developing atherosclerosis, hypertension, and heart disease [2]

You can get magnesium from foods like whole grains, nuts and vegetables. But research suggests that most people do not get enough magnesium from their normal diets. By taking a magnesium supplement of 400 to 800 milligrams a day, you can make sure your heart has the magnesium it needs to function properly.

3. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)
Found in almost every cell in your body, vitamin coenzyme Q10 helps convert food into usable energy. It also acts as a powerful antioxidant, protecting your heart from potential damage during times of high stress. [3]

Your body naturally produces small amounts of CoQ10. This ability decreases with age, so taking a supplement may help prevent the onset of cardiovascular disease. While more research is needed in this area, adding 100 to 200 milligrams of CoQ10 per day can help offset a natural decline in production levels and support a healthy heart. [4,5]

4. Green tea
The powerful antioxidant properties of polyphenols (a fancy name for compounds found in green tea) help reduce the damage of free radicals to cells. Polyphenols also inhibit the development of plaque on the artery walls, potentially reducing your risk of heart attack and stroke

If you drink three or more cups of green tea a day is not your thing, supplementing with 300-400 milligrams of green tea extract should produce the same benefits

5. Omega-3
You’ve probably heard that two omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, are good for your health, especially for your heart health. This is partly due to the ability of these acids to reduce the risk of plaque build-up in the arteries and to maintain healthy blood pressure [6,7]

The problem with most American diets is that they do not get enough omega-3s and too much omega-6, which can increase the risk of inflammation and heart disease. A healthy ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 is about 2: 1. If you do not eat fatty fish a few times a week, consider supplementing with 500 milligrams of EPA and DHA to protect your heart.

6. Red beetroot
Nitrates are great. They can improve your exercise performance. They can give your muscles that fuller, more “pumped” look. And they can lower your blood pressure and improve your heart health.

Nutritherapy for weight loss

Overweight is a form of disease that now affects millions of people around the world. However, being still much easier to treat than obesity, overweight problems can be solved by various means. Nutritherapy is one of the easy-to-follow techniques to lose weight effectively.

What is nutritherapy?
Nutritherapy is a technique that appeared in the United States almost fifty years ago. It consists of using foods for their medicinal properties. It’s a term that can look like nutrition, to a few things.

However, nutritherapy is used bio x keto more as a dietary supplement than a healthy and virtuous food only. It aims to look for the pharmacological benefits of a particular food. To lose weight, it is a real ally and its effects are fast and effective.

An effective diet to lose weight
The technique of nutritherapy allows to target with the right foods, the problems of the body. During the consultation, the doctor detects the real sources of weight gain.

Once the problem is detected, a prescription follows and it is often based on magnesium in case of digestive disorders, or omega 3 to reduce the level of triglycerides (the fat contained in the blood) to thereby contribute to solve overweight problems.

The sportsman’s diet and the nutritherapy
Nutritherapy is a kind of pharmacological treatment based on nutrients, it is obvious that it goes with the nutritherapy. Many specialists are positive about this technique which is also a kind of dietary supplement.

For true athletes who spend a lot more energy than people just doing regular physical activity, nutritherapy is an indisputable asset.

Nutritherapy applied to lose weight
For a better weight loss, it is necessary that the nutritherapy is well applied. It is therefore essential to first identify the problem in order to know the appropriate solutions. We strongly advise you to consult the Family Guide for Health Foods, published by Dr. Jean-Paul Curtay and Dr. Rose Razafimbelo, which contains what is good or bad in a food in order to use this one. ci wisely, especially to lose weight effectively.

Nutritherapy is an excellent method to quickly lose weight. In addition, the virtues of this method by health are also very remarkable. Moreover, it is suitable for everyone, children and adults and even pregnant women. Being a technique that explores all the pharmacological benefits of a food, totally natural, it is therefore a discipline that is perfect during pregnancy.

Seignalet diet: banned foods!

The Seignalet diet is a hypotoxic diet also called paleo diet. It consists of feeding in the same way as our ancestors 5,000 or 10,000 years ago. The principle is to eat raw food at most: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, etc. Let’s discover together the forbidden foods of the Seignalet diet.

List of prohibited foods from the Seignalet diet
The Seignalet regime prohibits:

Wheat, oats, barley, rye corn and all products in which these cereals are used.
Animal milk, whether from cow, goat or sheep, and all derived products.
Refined oils and cooked fats
Beer since it is obtained from cereals
Canned foods and other prepared dishes
Milk chocolate
Refined salt and sugar
What to eat in the Seignalet diet?
At first, it may seem complicated to completely change your diet. But over time, you will soon start to experience benefits. In addition, mega lean forskolin the Seignalet diet focuses on healthy and natural foods packed with nutrients and vitamins. It is therefore allowed to eat:

Rice, buckwheat and sesame and their by-products
Soy and all its derivatives
Slightly cooked or raw meat, fish, seafood, shellfish
Raw meats
Fruits, fresh vegetables
Unrefined sugar, honey, agave syrup, maple syrup
Oil obtained by cold pressing
Condiments, unrefined salt, gomasio
Coffee, tea and some distilled wines
Dark chocolate
The main principles of the Seignalet diet
Before starting a diet for weight loss, it is better to be well informed about the consequences it will entail. This dietary method is not benign. It will consist of removing all animal milks and their derivatives, all cereals except buckwheat and rice and cooking at low temperatures and eating raw foods.

Following the precepts of the Seignalet diet, you will discover another method of food that our ancestors followed. Satisfactory on more than 100 diseases, this diet will bring you weight loss and benefits.