Epididymitis: causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention

The epididymitis is an inflammation of the blue fortera epididymis, a tube located in the back of the testis. The role of the epididymis is to store and transport the spermatozoa.

In some cases, this tube may become inflamed resulting in testicular pain and swelling of the testicles. Epididymitis, although it can affect men of any age, usually affects men between the ages of 14 and 35 years.

Once diagnosed with epididymitis, it is normal to wonder if epididymitis is a sexually transmitted disease.


Is it a sexually transmitted disease?


Epididymitis is NOT a medical condition of sexual transmission. However, bacteria that cause inflammation of the epididymis, in most cases, are sexually transmitted bacteria.

Among sexually active men, chlamydia and gonorrhea are the two most common causes of epididymitis.

Other possible causes of epididymitis include:

Various infections in young children and other men who are not sexually active can cause epididymitis.

Chemical epidemics when urine flows back into the epididymis. This usually occurs due to force or lifting heavy objects.

Trauma to the groin area.

Urinary catheter use.

The tuberculosis . In rare cases, tuberculosis can lead to epididymitis.

Certain medications, such as amiodarone.

Surgical procedures of the groin area, prostate, bladder, etc.
In cases where epididymitis is caused by sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia or gonorrhea, you should inform your partner, so you can get the necessary medical help and treatment.

In addition, you must abstain from having sex until the swelling is cured.

What are the symptoms of epididymitis?

Pain in the scrotum

Sensation in the scrotum

Swelling of the area of ​​the groin and testicles

Lameness when walking due to pain

Burning sensation when urinating

Redness of the scrotum area

Heat of the scrotum



fluid accumulation in the scrotum

Abnormal secretion of the tip of the penis, which may be transparent, white or yellow
Only one side of the scrotum is affected, although it may rarely be bilateral epididymitis . The pain is usually more intense in the back of the testicles, but as the inflammation progresses, it tends to spread to the entire testicle, the overlying scrotum and sometimes even in the groin.

When to See a Doctor

If you notice pain in the groin area, you should seek immediate medical help. This pain may be caused by an inflammation of the epididymis, but may also be caused by testicular torsion.

Also, seek medical help if you have a burning sensation when urinating, an abnormal discharge from the penis, pain and swelling of the scrotum, etc.

How is epididymitis diagnosed?

The diagnosis of epididymitis is made based on your medical history, sexual activity, and physical examination. The following tests are also often recommended:

Urinalysis Urine



tests Laboratory tests

Ultrasound of the testicles

Gammagraphy, etc.
How to treat epididymitis

Although epididymitis is not a sexually transmitted disease, it can be caused by sexually transmitted infections. Antibiotics are usually needed. Be sure to take the medications as prescribed by your doctor.

Treatment of epididymitis may take a couple of weeks. In order to relieve discomfort, you will need to take some rest in bed, apply ice packs, support the scrotum with an athletic leash and even take painkillers.

In cases where the infection is not fully treated during the checkup, the doctor may prescribe another antibiotic treatment. Sometimes, it can take up to three months for the epididymitis to be completely treated.

In cases when an abscess is formed, surgical treatment is necessary. In these cases, the partial or complete epididymis should be surgically removed, a procedure known as epididymectomy.

The following two remedies for epididymitis may also be helpful.

Take a seat

In order to relieve the signs and symptoms of epididymitis and speed recovery, you can fill the bathtub with about 30 cm of warm water. Once the tub is filled, sit there for about 30 minutes. Taking a sitz bath will help you recover faster.

Treats Medicinal Herbs

Three herbs have been found to be useful in the treatment of epididymitis.

Pulsatilla – It is available in the form of an infusion or tincture. It is well known that the herb Pulsatilla helps reduce inflammation.

If you want to prepare an infusion, take a teaspoon of dried grass and a cup of water. Boil the grass for about 15 minutes in the water. If you want to use it as a tincture, you can use 1 or 2 ml of tincture three times a day.

Horsetail – This is another herb, with great anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. With horsetail leaves, you can prepare a cup of tea.

Echinacea – Herbal medicine can be used to make tea. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Tips for Getting Pregnant

Tips for getting pregnant: You may blue fortera feel like getting pregnant, as here we will teach you some tips to get pregnant, as well as some tips on when you should think about going to a fertility specialist.

Tips for getting pregnant: Check with your doctor and consider genetic testing

You get more chance of having a successful pregnancy if your body is ready to conceive. To find out if you are fit to procreate a baby and understand what changes may help you, schedule a preconception checkup with a doctor or midwife.

Tips for Getting Pregnant: The Best Tips for Having Your Baby

The most common is that you do not solve a health problem immediately, but taking these steps as soon as possible will help you to get a healthy pregnancy .

It all depends on your family history and genetics, the doctor could do some genetic studies . This is to verify if you and your partner are carriers of dangerous diseases such as sickle cell anemia and cystic fibrosis, among others.

Among the tips to get pregnant this might be the most important thing you can do to be sure of having a baby with optimal health. And what these studies need is analysis of saliva and blood. Most often, health insurance covers the costs of these.

Start taking folic acid for at least a month before you start trying to conceive. With this you could drastically reduce the risk of some birth defects. Other tips that may help you conceive a baby include the following:

Leave behind bad habits like tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.

Get a balanced diet and maintain a proper weight.

Limit your caffeine intake, 300 milligrams a day to be the cap, (about two large cups or 16 ounces of coffee).

Research more things you can do to start a pregnancy in the best possible way.

Tips to get pregnant: Find out when ovules

The main tips to get pregnant, is to take into account when you have ovulation.

You release one ovule a month, and your most fertile lapse will be a few days before this happens. If you know when you ovulate, you and your partner can do the sexual acts on the days when your probability of getting pregnant is much greater.

If you find that you have irregular periods for several months, identifying ovulation is more complicated. Ask your doctor for recommendations. And the last tips to get pregnant that we will bring you today will be:
Once you identify when the ovum is released from the ovary, you can schedule intimate relationships on your most fertile days: a few days before ovulation until the day of the ovulation.

If you are not sure when your fertility time is, we will tell you a change that always works: have sex with your partner almost every day or every other day during the middle weeks of your menstrual period. In this way you will have healthy sperm waiting inside your fallopian tubes for the totality of the days, ready to do yours once your egg is detached.

A tip that you must take in order for the tips to get pregnant work for you, if you and your partner are agreed to have sex until your most fertile lapse occurs, be sure not to go through a long period of drought.

Your partner should ejaculate at least once in the predecessor daysto your most fertile period. Failure to do so may result in an accumulation of dead sperm in their semen at the time of action, and dead spermatozoa do not have the ability to fertilize the ovum.

Note: Most of the vaginal lubricants found in the store, and also homemade, are made from olive oil , so it can prevent sperm from acting quickly. If you want to use some lubricant, ask your doctor to prescribe one that does not affect your fertility. With this note we finish the tips to get pregnant for today.

5 keys to improving your relationship based on emotional intelligence

Today we talk about emotional intelligence in the couple. Factors that impoverish the relationship, consequences and suggestions for improvement.

This post is not only for couples, it can also Testo Boost RX be an inspiration for you, if you are single / discover a new partner with whom you would like to share your life and cultivate your emotional intelligence.

What does Daniel Goleman say about Emotional Intelligence?

“Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognize our own feelings, the feelings of others, motivate ourselves and properly manage the relationships we sustain with others and with ourselves.”

And taking note of Daniel Goleman’s definition of emotional intelligence

Did you know that in a relationship it is necessary?

#. Express feelings

Although you have, two years or ten years of relationship, it is essential, express your feelings sincerely , both what you like and what you do not like the relationship. Expressing feelings helps you to be more coherent with yourself and facilitates communication.

#. Cultivating your friendship

It is essential to cultivate your friendship so that the relationship lasts in time. It is not just about being lovers and companions in coexistence.


You become friends who talk a little bit, friends who listen, friends who understand, friends who discuss but resolve their differences. Friends who have fun and rely on moments of downturn and moments of rush.

#. Keeping the flame on

The flame of a relationship is not maintained by itself and not by magic.

It requires both of you to be willing to work constantly for your emotional connection. The illusion, the good vibes and the desire to make things work, depends on both. “Another way to live your emotions is possible”

#. Forget about your powerful emotional intelligence

A relevant problem is when you forget or repress your emotions and feelings.

Each one looks the other way and you do not look within you to deepen in your own emotions and feelings. For example: make you do not care about your emotions, mask them or repress your feelings.

It is important that you each work with your emotional self-knowledge to give you the opportunity to relate with more assertiveness, serenity and awareness.

#. Fears

Fear of expressing your emotions in coexistence.

So you are cold, coarse, overly rational, distant verbal and bodily.

They influence society and limiting beliefs about the expression of feelings.

Examples: “are nonsense”, “are nonsense” or “that is for teenagers in love”. “It’s pure sentimentality of pink novels.”

Fear of expressing your feelings causes you to build a breastplate around you and influence the relationship to deteriorate very quickly.

#. Education

Poor affective education.

The affective education you have received throughout life (family, society and culture) influences the expression of your emotions and feelings.

I do not know the importance of the emotional education received, but it is a “key” factor in the later affective life that you share with your partner and children.

Some authors call it “emotional illiteracy”

Difficulty naming your emotions and expressing what you really feel.

Do not give importance to your emotions and repress your feelings.

Not knowing how to express affection through body language and words.

Problems to put yourself in the place of your partner and even apologize and reconcile. If you have been through a traumatic or painful situation that you have not completely overcome, it can also be a factor that influences your life as a couple. #. Look at the straw in the other’s eye Negative criticisms and constant reproaches. The excess of constant criticism and reproaches influence the appearance of feelings, such as: anger, anger, frustration, apathy, isolation, among others. The problem is that when these feelings are accumulated and the underlying problems are not resolved, mistrust, conflicts, hopelessness and the relationship ends up getting cold. #. Bring stress to the limit Let stress take control of your lives.


A stressful rhythm of life, brings with it that you do not have time to be together, there is no attention, nor is there time to talk with tranquility and to solve your problems.

By not managing the stress and not paying attention to your feelings, there is possibility of an emotional overflow.

It can be avoided with relaxation techniques, looking for strategies to reduce stress and dedicating time to connect emotionally and positively. What happens at the individual level when these factors are present?

#. Emotional blindness: you do not want to see what is happening inside you and you look away or you throw balls out. Difficulty understanding the couple emotionally.

#. Lack of attention and dispersion.

#. Increases anxiety.

#. Physical and mental exhaustion.

#. Mental and corporal tension.

#. Excessive

#. Increased tensions

Seen online: blog about nutrition, dietetics and health

More and more people are concerned body boost garcinia about what is known as ‘ healthy living ‘, a combination of active life and a healthy diet.

Surely if you are one of these people you are looking for information in specialized blogs external to facilisimo.com like me to find advice and complementary information. That is why today I would like to recommend one of my favorites: Nd Salud .

Image 1

Do not you know him? In the blog of Pablo A. López, dietician-nutritionist Andalusian, you will find all kinds of information on nutrition, diet and guidelines to follow a healthy diet . In his last entry, for example, he points out to us nine fantastic tips dedicated to the relatives of patients with Eating Disorders (TCA) for the summer.

In addition, additionally, in this blog you will find a section dedicated to seasonal foods (in this case spring) to know what they are and thus to consume them enjoy their advantages. Also another section dedicated to the food pyramids according to the population group, etc. which facilitates the monitoring of a healthy diet .

As you can see is a blog to follow every day , I encourage you to take a look.

Foods that should be eaten together to maximize nutrition benefits

If we know how to properly combine rapid relief cbd oil foods, we will enhance the absorption of nutrients into nutrition benefits in our body.

1- Iron plus vitamin C

Iron is an essential nutrient, there are two kinds of iron, one (iron Hem) found in meats and shellfish , and the other (non-Hem iron) is present in chickpeas, green leafy vegetables and other plants.

Image 0

It happens that the iron containing chickpeas, green leafy vegetables and other plants, is not so easily absorbed, it is because it comes into play foods rich in Vitamin C (such as citrus, peppers and strawberries), which allows that type of iron is more easily absorbed.

How to use:
Add lemon vinaigrette to a spinach and strawberry salad. You can also add chopped red peppers to the chickpeas as an accompanying dish. When these foods are mixed, try to avoid tea and dairy products as they inhibit the absorption of iron.

2- Lycopene more “good fats”

The lycopeneis the pigment that gives to the fruits and vegetables, like the guava that red color, to the watermelon its bright color. Powerful antioxidant, studies indicate helps prevent heart disease and certain types of cancer. Because lycopene is fat soluble, the digestive tract is able to absorb the best when accompanied by fats. Researchers at Ohio State University found that when people ate tomatoes and avocados together, they absorbed 4.4 times more lycopene.

Eat red foods together with those that contain healthy, unsaturated fats. Salsa and guacamole make a recommended pair. Salad of chopped tomatoes, garlic and olive oil.

3- Sulforaphane plus Selenium

Sulforaphane is a plant compound in cruciferous vegetables; when it enters the bloodstream, can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. The Selenium is a mineral found in fish, meat, eggs, nuts and mushrooms, it binds to proteins in our body to produce antioxidant enzymes that protect us from free radicals.

Beef and a bowl of broccoli. Or make brussels sprouts roasted with ground Brazil nuts, which are a very rich source of selenium.

4 – Folate plus vitamin B12

Folate, found naturally in vegetables and beans, and B12, present in animal products, help produce new cells. Excess folic acid and little B12 may have a negative effect on their mental agility, one study found that people with this imbalance scored lower on cognitive function tests. So in this case, be prudent.

For breakfast, an omelette with spinach. For dinner, cook a salmon fillet with a garnish of asparagus, and try to limit the amount of alcohol you drink, which can hinder the body’s ability to use vitamins.

By following these right tips and including various foods that combined facilitate the absorption in the body, we will be healthy.

How to Remove Liquids and Lose Weight Fast with Turmeric and Lemon

Losing weight is one of the most repeated kotolena cream goals among the population around the world, since factors such as poor diet and sedentary lifestyle only increase the number of people who are overweight each year , with the resulting risk to health.

In today’s article we will learn how to make a simple low calorie infusion that coupled with a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition, will help us achieve the goal of losing weight in a healthy and completely natural way .

To make this infusion we will use only 3 ingredients: green tea, a plant with great antioxidant power that helps us to accelerate metabolismand with it the burning of fats; turmeric, a spice with great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities that is ideal both to lighten digestions and reduce abdominal swelling; the last ingredient is lemon, a delicious citrus with great antiseptic and purifying properties that will help us to eliminate excess fluids and toxins from the body, thus favoring a better functioning of our body and the burning of fats.

Turmeric and lemon slimming tea

1. Prepare green tea and, when it is set, add half a teaspoon of turmeric to the mixture. Let stand for 5-7 minutes.

2. Once you remove the tea bag, add the juice of a squeezed lemon and sweeten it with a little honey if necessary (you can also add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to increase even more its effectiveness). Shake well and drink a cup on an empty stomach for 2 weeks . After that time you can start taking it every other day or continue taking it every day, as you prefer.


In addition to helping us lose weight, this tea is ideal for improving our digestive system, preventing premature cell aging as well as cleansing our body of the toxins that accumulate day by day in it due to poor diet, environmental factors and the stress itself.


– If you suffer from non-severe liver problems take this remedy every other day or with two days rest in between to avoid an over-saturation of the liver.

– Do not take if you have gallstones or if you are taking anticoagulant medications.

A highly requested topic in consultation: Bio-decoding

We know that every human being has body slim down garcinia a program of survival and adaptation to everyday unforeseen events. The body itself has all the resources for its recovery, thus being able to find the origin of the disease and treat the cause. Once made the awareness of the triggering origin that emotion, by the mere fact of watching it noticeably reduces its adverse effect. The body has its own language and you have to know how to listen and decode.

A highly requested topic in consultation: Bio-decoding
According to Christian Flèche, in a course that I did with him, it is in the body that lies the root of all our problems. We have to look for the event, he calls it the bio-shock :

A highly requested topic in consultation: Bio-decoding

– That caught us unawares.
– That at that moment did not know what to do, could not find a satisfactory solution.
– That took place at a precise moment.
– Lived dramatically in my physical, inner body.
– Living alone, I felt alone, not understood, my emotion was not recognized.

At the time of bio-shock we cease to be intelligent, we can not access thought, we respond with archaic, biological reactions, unconsciousness. The biological programs that are in our interior from the origin of the human being are expressed. They are the ones who have allowed us to be alive today. Emotion is the trigger of these schedules.
The bio-shock follows the biological sense provoking reactions whose first objective is to tell us something, is the language of emotions that I express to the outside (fear, rabid, distressed …) through my gestures.

We are looking for a solution. In the minutes that follow the body will release stress hormones such as adrenaline, cortisol, which make our whole consciousness, the mind is in a state of wakefulness to have access to all the options that have already worked in our personal past or of our species.

We are the sum of events that have taken place since the origin of life.

Thus, finding the precise moment of the bio-shock is a fundamental information in the Biodynamic Decoding therapy, which is part of the large family of brief, emotionally oriented Therapies, using the body’s Biological Code.

Do not we insist on knowing what is happening to us? Why do I feel this way? What has happened to make me feel this? There are different emotions: Fear, anger, sadness, disgust, humiliation, devaluation … Expressing them is important.


Bio-Neuroemotion or Biodescoding considers that diseases are triggered by certain hidden emotions or unconscious programs, and that each illness corresponds to a certain emotion.

What does Biodescoding do?

If we start from the symptomatology of the disease, it studies the biological programs that nature has to adapt to the environment. It accompanies the person to find the essential emotion (resent), which is associated with the symptom (illness) and by releasing that emotion, which is in the unconscious, favors healing.

Try to get the person to the next paradigm: What has brought me here? Each person has their resentment (their hidden emotion) and you have to know how to find it.

Memorized Cell Biological Cycles.

– The Meaning Project.
– Brotherhood ranks and transgenerational analysis.
– Memorized Cell Biological Cycles:
Discovered by Marc Fréchet, professor of clinical psychology. He observed that the many repetitions of events that happen in life (symptoms, trauma, shocks, etc.) become recorded cycles memorized in our cells. Its scientific method allows one to become aware of one’s own memorized cycles.

Example: When we suffer a great shock and conflict is not resolved, the brain stores it as a program in the cellular memory as a belief. This belief is destined to be repeated in time through other events that will have in common the essential emotion (resent resemblances). This will occur on a precise mathematical date that will match the date of the primary event.

What do we really know about transsexuality?

Do we believe that in society it is clear what transsexuality is exactly?

On numerous occasions it is heard that transsexuality means being born in a wrong body. And I wonder … Are there correct bodies androdrox and incorrect bodies? The shots do not go around …

Other times, transsexuality is confused with transvestism, this being the fact of dressing with elements characteristic of sex socially established as “opposite? contrary? (as I have said on other occasions, you have to see the meanings and messages that transmit the words that are used so often!).

Transsexuality means that the sex assigned at birth is not the same as the sex that the person feels he / she belongs to (or sex he feels he is).

If we conceive the human being as a clear example of the diversity existing in nature, if we could remove the mental hermeticism that has been instilled from very small, if we could overcome the excessive reductionism that involves understanding that a man is synonymous with penis and a woman synonymous with vulva, perhaps one day we would come to understand that there are no mistaken bodies, but people with different characteristics, whose belonging to one sex or another would not be determined by their genitals, being able to occur, within the wealth and diverse human reality, men with vulva and women with penis.

Sexologist Joserra Landarroitajauregi says that the sexual identity is usually clear at two or three years and does not depend on what we have between the legs but in the brain. It is worth noting here, then, the distinction we usually make between sex that we have (genitals) and sex that we are (what we feel), and therefore, these two circumstances will not always tell what socially is expected to be a man or a woman.

Another thing is that the person in question wants or has the individual need to do what is in his hand so that his body, his appearance and his sense sex go hand in hand, eye! socially, since the fact that a person does not consider necessary that genitals, physical, etc. and felt identity express the same, does not mean that they follow opposite, contradictory or incompatible paths. Nothing is further from reality!

Tecotherapy and vaginismus. Types, treatment effects and results

Vaginismus is the involuntary contraction alpha hard reload of the muscles of the lower third of the vagina (pubococcygeus and sphincter) that causes a total or partial closure of the vagina. The main symptoms are pain, burning or discomfort during sex, a gynecological exam and / or the use of tampons.

There are two types of vaginismus:

Primary primary vaginismus occurs when a woman has never been able to have sex or achieve some kind of penetration.

Secondary vaginismus occurs at the time when a woman feels unable to achieve vaginal penetration despite having done it with total normality previously.
Although the causes may be psychological, we will focus on the physical ones such as childbirth, hormonal changes (especially at menopause), vaginal dryness, abuses, surgeries or recurrent infections.

Treatment of Vaginismus with Tear Therapy

The treatment of Vaginismus can be done in capacitive mode, either in manual mode with external electrodes or the intracavitary electrode MJS or in automatic mode with the plates.

The effects achieved with this technique are the reduction of pain and inflammation, the increase of metabolism and the improvement of trophism, the optimum rebalancing of muscle tone and an early mobilization.

Characteristics to be a good lover

How to be a good lover? There is not yet a magic zmass testo boost formula that indicates the result of the perfect relationship of bodies in the bed, but with certain habits that apply and a little understanding, the sex life can be fabulous and you become the lover 10.

We all have asked that question, How to be a good lover? The first thing to keep in mind is that sexual satisfaction is not found in the quantity of relationships but in the quality of each one of them, and to understand that the sexual vision is different between men and women.

Men, on the other hand, have a more carnal sexual development and women achieve sexual pleasure in a more affective way.

When it comes to being a perfect lover, communication is vital, whoever wants to be recognized for his or her amatory skills should establish and develop fluent communication with the partner.

Conversation in bed is as important as sex itself. Talking about tastes, fantasies, places, in short everything you would like to realize, has more value than the act itself, because this shows the interest in mutual complacency, which will also lead to work on achieving it.

Who does not want to become the ideal lover?

Sex is a part of the lives of most adults and this aspect is so important and necessary why not strive to be the best?

These aspects characterize those who are good lovers. Take note of each one of them and start practicing if you still do not.

How to be the best in art of love? This question demands putting all the senses to work during sex, not just the sexual organs.

Saying nice words always in order to flood the couple. A good lover is not only focused on the physical part of the relationship, but also includes during the act, strengthening the emotional part.

The good lover is not egocentric in bed, he is not thinking about his personal satisfaction, but works on both, is more always strive to please his partner first.


Good communication has to go from beginning to end, from before and after, attention and good manners can never be left out. Do not miss the “good sexual and sensual education”.

The perfect lover seeks a balance between the affective part and the quality of sexual contact. That is to say it does not do much if you have a good sexual performance, but express what you feel, the one complements the other.

A good lover worries about reading and investigating new ways to surprise in bed, does not allow routine because monotony leads to uninspiring sex. So if you know the couple’s tastes always a world of new and exciting possibilities.

Being a memorable lover involves walking through the body of the other person introducing different zones to the pleasure, always looking for those that respond with greater stimuli to the most shocking caresses.

Every lover takes his time to make love. He does not let anything interrupt him, he is not in trouble, he is present in what he is doing, he is completely dedicated to fulfilling and playing a good role.

Being considered is a quality that distinguishes a good lover. To be good in bed it is imperative that the person understand that the person who accompanies him has his own tastes and needs and that not always what excites him will excite the other person. If you can not give a space so that who is with you also enjoy, then, definitely you are not of the good ones.

The best of lovers knows how to take advantage of the moment and get the maximum benefit. It is important that they know how to distinguish different situations and how to behave in them as the case may be. A truly good lover will know that there are moments when the excitement can unleash, and there are others where calm and slowness will be better taken advantage of and give better result.

Security and trust are impregnated with great lovers. They will always know how to handle situations, even when they become adverse, simply because they know what they are doing.